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Google introduces four new search tools for students: Math solver, visual geometry help, and more

Google has introduced new features in its Search and Lens tools to support STEM students and enthusiasts. These updates offer step-by-step solutions for math and science problems, assist with geometry through visual explanations, and more.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: October 31, 2023 19:13 IST
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Image Source : GOOGLE Google's new tools simplify STEM learning for students and enthusiasts

In a bid to support students and enthusiasts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, Google has unveiled new features for its Search and Lens tools. These updates aim to provide better assistance in solving math, physics, and geometry problems, making STEM-related learning more accessible and intuitive.

According to Google's Product Lead, Rob Wong, these enhancements in Search and Lens are designed to empower individuals in visualising STEM concepts and effortlessly identifying the appropriate equations. These improvements facilitate a seamless learning experience, nurturing curiosity and knowledge acquisition among students, educators, and enthusiasts in STEM fields. 

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Step-by-Step Solutions with "Math Solver"

Google's "math solver" is the newest addition, offering step-by-step solutions to mathematical and scientific problems. Whether you're dealing with equations related to trigonometry, calculus, or other math concepts, you can simply input your equation into the search bar or use Google Lens to snap a picture. Initially available on desktop, it will soon be accessible on mobile devices as well. This feature uses Google's language models to help users tackle word problems effectively.

Geometry Made Simple with Lens

Geometry problems can often be challenging to explain with words alone. To address this, Google Lens comes to the rescue. It provides visual, step-by-step explanations for geometry challenges, making it easier for users to grasp geometric concepts and solve problems related to areas, angles, and more.

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AI Assistance for Physics Word Problems

Google's advanced language models step in to assist with high-school physics word problems. This feature aids in identifying both known and unknown values within a physics problem and helps users select the appropriate formulas to arrive at solutions. It simplifies the process of solving physics-related challenges.

Visual Learning for Over 1,000 STEM Concepts

Google has expanded its support for STEM learning by offering users the ability to explore more than 1,000 STEM concepts visually through Search. Interactive diagrams and 3D models are now accessible for subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and many related topics.


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