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Tips on how to protect your smartphone from getting hacked

Your smartphone knows all your secrets, so following are some tips that can put a lockdown for hackers to gain access to your phone.

Suhail Sattar Written by: Suhail Sattar New Delhi Published on: June 19, 2019 16:42 IST
Tips on how to protect your smartphone from getting hacked

Tips on how to protect your smartphone from getting hacked

Smartphones these days potentially are no less than anything precious as they hold major personal details about users and haking a phone is nothing less than robbing. Smartphones can easily get robbed or stolen and comprise of valuable details that are targeted by criminals.

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In order to keep your phone and contents away from digital theft, the following are some tips on how to protect your smartphone from intruders and hackers.

Your apps and OS should be updated

Software companies constantly keep updating the apps and operating systems to fix bugs for improved security that helps guard the phone against vulnerability and hackers. Make sure your phone is always updated to the latest software update.

Always use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication can always be annoying, as it takes an extra step for users to work their way through but using passwords twice can offer an extra layer of protection if someone happens to have a hold of either one password.

Ensure using strong passwords

Making passwords again is something that annoys users as it gets hard to remember too many passwords for different logins, but having a strong password makes it difficult for hackers to crack through. The password should contain almost 16 to 20 characters with a mix of letters and numbers with both upper and lower case letters as well as symbols because easy passwords can be cracked with ease by hackers.

Try avoiding public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in public places can be an open invitation to all kinds of online misuse, so try using the phone on a private network and make sure your Wi-Fi is not open in public places.

Beware of spam emails

Hackers can easily invade your phone and access information via email inbox. One should avoid clicking on promotional links and emails with suspicious attachments.

Use Built-in device protection

Smartphones these days come with tracking services, so just in case you lose your phone, one can easily use device tracking services like Find My iPhone as well as Android's Find my Device features to track the lost phone.

Use Antivirus app

Hackers usually favor malware to steal passwords and account information, but users can counter it by using an antivirus app for enhanced security.

Never jailbreak your phone

Jailbreaking your phone exposes the device to malware and viruses making it easy for hackers as well to access your phone.

Don't use public chargers

Always charge your phone with a trusted charger as hackers can compromise public USB charging ports. Make sure you carry your personal charger while travelling.

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