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TikTok app downloads dip by around 50% due to negative reactions from people in India

TikTok has been facing issues in India due to which its userbase got affected in the country. Read on to know more

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New Delhi Published on: June 05, 2020 11:52 IST
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TikTok downloads in India

Popular or rather infamous short video-sharing app TikTok isn't really having a good time in India. The app had all the negative spotlight due to the kind of content TikTokers make for the platform. Another repercussion of the fiasco is that TikTok users have declined drastically in the country during March and May. Read on to know more about this.

TikTok users decrease in India

As per a report by Sensor Tower, TikTok downloads in India went down from 35.7 million to 17 million between March and May. The downloads are for both the Google Play Store and the App Store. This accounts for around 51% dip in the app's number of downloads in the country. 

However, TikTok has its share of goodness too. The video-sharing app is the world’s most downloaded non-game app in May and witnessed around 119 million installs globally this month, which is 2 times more than May 2019.

For those who don't what the TikTok debacle in India is all about, TikTok recently faced backlash in India when famous YouTuber CarryMinati roasted TikToker Amir Siddiqui, further escalating the YouTube vs TikTok issue in the country. This was further fueled when CarryMinati's video was removed from YouTube as it didn't comply with its policies and the appearance of a video posted by Faisal Siddiqui that well-endorsed acid attack. This led to Indians going against TikTok and hashtags such as '#BanTikTok,' 'TikTokExposed,' and '#IndiaagainstTikTok' began making rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Following this, the app's ratings went way down on the Play Store with negative reviews (although the ratings are back up) and various Indian alternatives came to surface. All this also happened to support PM Narendra Modi's vision to use home-grown products and services and due to the ongoing India/China issues.

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