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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 update brings Meltdown Map, 2v2 mode and more

Call of Duty: Mobile to get Season 4 with new Steel Legion update. The new update for Android, iOS devices also brings a new Meltdown map, 2v2 mode and much more.

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New Delhi Published on: March 27, 2020 16:22 IST
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Call of Duty Mobile gets a new map called Meltdown.

Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a major update soon that will bring a ton of improvements along with some much-awaited modes and features. Activision announced that it is set to begin the much-awaited Season 4 for the mobile game at the beginning of April. Alongside a new season, the update will bring add in a Battle Pass into the game. This update will also add a new multiplayer mode and even update the recently launched Warfare mode.

Ahead of the Season 4, the company has pushed a new update on Call of Duty: Mobile for both Android and iOS platforms. The update, called Steel Legion, brings a number of improvements and tweaks to the game. As the update is being rolled out in phases to avoid server issues, the update should arrive on your phone in the coming weeks if it hasn't arrived yet. Do remember if your friend has already updated the game but you have not then you will not be able to play in the same lobby until all players are running the same build.



Coming back to the update, the new season will offer an Industrial Revolution theme and it will also bring a new classic weapon called, Man-o-War with a new soldier named Ruin. The new ranked mode will get multiple changes including improved art and particle effects.

The update will also add two new modes, one of which is the 2v2 mode. As the name suggests, the mode will basically allow a total of four players in a 2 vs 2 battle in a small map. This will be fun for people playing in private rooms. Additionally, the update will also add a combination of Gun Game and the Team Deathmatch modes. The new Gun Game + Team Deathmatch mode will allow players to get new weapons with kills just like in normal Gun Mode. In order to make things interesting, the players will not be playing alone and instead will be teamed up like in the Deathmatch mode. 

Another major change that the players will notice is the introduction of the new Meltdown map. The map has been brought from the Call of Duty: Black Ops II and replaces the Scrapyard map in the mobile version. The new Meltdown map is now available in multiple modes including Search and Destroy, Team Death Match, Domination, Snipers Only, Gun Game and Free for all modes.

Activision has made a ton of in-game optimizations as well to make the gaming experience much smoother. Now, the users just have to wait for the Season 4 to begin, which is scheduled to begin from April 1 and run until June 1.





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