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Highlights, India vs Australia 1st ODI: Mighty hosts register 66-run victory to go 1-0 up in the series

While Hardik Pandya (90) and Shikhar Dhawan (74) tried saving India's sinking ship, India managed to post just 308 runs on the scoreboard.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 27, 2020 18:42 IST
Adam Zampa registered his second-best figures on ODIs.
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Adam Zampa registered his second-best figures on ODIs.

Highlights India vs Australia 1st ODI 2020

Hello and welcome to our coverage of India vs Australia 1st ODI 2020 on indiatvnews.com. Aaron Finch-led Australia have defeated India by 66-runs to go 1-0 up in the three-match ODI series. After amassing a colossal total of 374 runs, the Aussie bowling unit was able to put pressure on the visitors during the run-chase. While Hardik Pandya (90) and Shikhar Dhawan (74) tried saving India's sinking ship, India managed to post just 308 runs on the scoreboard to hand the victory to the hosts. Australia's bowling unit, led by Adam Zampa's four-fer, scalped wickets at regular intervals to mount pressure on India in the second innings.

Batting first, Australia were propelled to a strong start by the opening duo of skipper Finch and David Warner. They stitched a 156-run opening stand to put Australia in the driving seat. Finch slammed 114 off 124 deliveries while Warner scored 69 from 76 deliveries. After the opening duo's departure, it was Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell who contributed with quick-fire knocks. Maxwell scored 49 off just 19 deliveries to boost the run-flow. Smith stole the show in the end with his whirlwind 66-ball 105.

Australia win by 66 runs

17:40 IST: Starc to Bumrah, Dot Ball! It's a wrap. India fall short of the target at the SCG. Dented by the top-order debacle, India manage to post just 308 while hunting a colossal total of 374 runs.

17:37 IST: Starc to Shami, OUT! Shami succumbs to Starc's yorker. He departs after a 10-ball 13 cameo. Jasprit Bumrah walks in to bat. That's the last thing Indian fans want to see.

17:32 IST: Josh Hazlewood is back into the attack to bowl the penultimate over.

17:28 IST: Maxwell to Saini, FOUR! Saini and Shami are taking on Maxwell at the death. Some late fireworks for Indian fans. The defeat, however, seems unavoidable.

17:25 IST: Maxwell to Shami, SIX! Shami goes big to gather some runs at the end.

17:22 IST: Zampa to Jadeja, OUT! Zampa hits the final nail in the coffin. Jadeja tries to clear the rope but Starc comes in the way. Seven down for the Men in Blue. Second-best ODI figures (4/54) for Zampa.

17:17 IST: Maxwell to Saini, SIX! A boundary finally comes for India. Saini provides fans with some late fireworks. However, the run-chase was rather over as soon as Pandya departed in the 39th over.

17:10 IST: Boundaries have stopped coming for India since Hardik's departure. Jadeja (15) and Saini (3) are currently dealing only in singles. India now need 116 runs in the last seven overs.

17:06 IST: Glenn Maxwell is back into the attack when the required run-rate has sky-rocketed over 13 runs per over.

17:05 IST: 250 comes up for India in 40 overs. With Jadeja and Saini in the middle, India now need 125 off the last 60 deliveries.

17:00 IST: Zampa to Hardik, OUT! India lose their last hope. Zampa shines with the ball yet again to turn the tide in Australia's favour. India would now be hoping for a miracle off Jadeja's bat. Hardik falls short of his hundred too.

16:55 IST: Cummins to Hardik! FOUR! Hardik pulls it towards mid-on as he reaches to 90 off 75 deliveries. Can he single-handedly turn the tide in India's favour? With Jadeja in the middle, fans will be hoping to not see a run-out like the Champions Trophy final.

16:53 IST: Marcus Stoinis won't be bowling further in the match. Looks like Glenn Maxwell has to step up with the ball too.

16:48 IST: Cummins to Jadeja, Dot ball! The pressure is building on the visitors after losing a well-set batsman. Only 1 run came off Cummins' over.

16:42 IST: Zampa to Dhawan, OUT! Australia finally break the partnership as Dhawan departs after scoring 74 off 86 deliveries. Dhawan took his chances but lofted it to Starc at mid-off. Ravindra Jadeja now joins Hardik in the middle

16:35 IST: Cummins to Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan flicks the ball to beat fine leg. Both Hardik and Pandya are eyeing their tons now.

16:31 IST: Stoinis doesn't complete his over as he leaves the field. Looks like he was struggling after bowling the first delivery. Glenn Maxwell comes in to complete the over. India now need 154 runs in the last 17 overs to seal the game.

16:25 IST: Stoinis to Dhawan, FOUR! Stoinis' short ball ploy doesn't work as Dhawan pulls it towards the boundary.

16:21 IST: Marcus Stoinis is back into the attack with Hardik (76) and Dhawan (59) in the middle.

16:20 IST: Hazlewood to Hardik, FOUR! Hardik pulls behind square for a boundary. The all-rounder can go on to script one of the best knocks of his career.

16:15 IST: The Hardik-Dhawan duo notches up 100-run partnership when it mattered. Can they stick to the crease until the end?

16:11 IST:  Starc to Hardik, FOUR! Hardik hits it again! A big over for India just when the required run-rate was started soaring. 

Hardik pulls the ball as 11 runs come off Starc's over. 200 also comes up for India.

16:07 IST:  Starc to Hardik, FOUR! Hardik whacks it through extra cover to hit a much-needed boundary. 

16:03 IST: Just 3 runs come off Starc's over. With the required run-rate climbing up over 8, some fireworks could be expected from Pandya's willow. India still need 190 runs to win.

15:53 IST: Starc to Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan plays it in the air but the ball falls short of Cummins to go towards the boundary. Hardik, Dhawan keeping India in the game with their half-centuries.

15:42 IST: Maxwell to Hardik, SIX! Hardik slams it again! Another maximum over log-on as Hardik brings up his half-century in just 31 deliveries. Can he stay until the end? Hardik has now hammered 3 fours and 4 sixes. Maxwell getting a taste of his own medicine.

15:40 IST:  Maxwell to Hardik, SIX! Hardik slogs a six over long-on to maintain a healthy run-rate.

15:28 IST: Stoinis to Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan also joins the bandwagon. The left-hander pulls it through mid-wicket to get to 41 off 42 deliveries.

15:24 IST: Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack.

15:22 IST: Zampa to Hardik, FOUR! A lucky boundary for India as the ball takes a thick edge off Hardik's bat to race towards the third man. 11 runs come off Zampa's over.

15:21 IST: Zampa to Hardik, SIX! You can't keep Hardik away from slamming sixes against spinners. He clears the long-on rope with a maximum. 

15:16 IST: Cummins to Hardik, FOUR! Hardik pulls a short one through mid-wicket. A much-needed boundary for India to keep the required run rate in check.

15:06 IST: Pat Cummins is back into the attack with Dhawan (33) and Hardik (1) in the middle.

15:01 IST: Zampa to Rahul, OUT! Zampa strikes in his first over to dismiss an in-form KL Rahul. India looking in deep, deep trouble after losing the first four wickets. Rahul tried to drive a full toss delivery through cover but it landed straight in Steve Smith's hands. Hardik Pandya comes in next to accompany Dhawan.

14:59 IST: Leg-spinner Adam Zampa comes into the attack after drinks.

14:53 IST: Rahul and Dhawan, leading run-scorers of IPL 2020, are in the middle. While Rahul had grabbed the Orange Cap with 670 runs, Dhawan was second in the list with 618 runs.Can the duo replicate its IPL heroics?

14:41 IST: Hazlewood to Iyer, OUT! Shreyas Iyer succumbs to the short ball too! There was no shot on offer from Iyer as he intended to duck it, but he puts the bat in in the last second and gets a thick top-edge. Alex Carey takes an easy catch behind the wickets.

14:38 IST: Hazlewood to Kohli, OUT! Short-pitched again and this time, Kohli fails to get on the top of the ball in time. Gives away an easy catch at short midwicket.

14:32 IST: Cummins to Kohli, SIX! That's poetry. Bottom-handed flick over backward square leg and a pose to follow it through, which should tell you how perfectly he timed it.

14:26 IST: Cummins to Kohli, FOUR! Charges down the track and slams it over covers! That's a trademark Kohli drive. Good comeback from the Indian captain.

14:25 IST: Cummins to Kohli, FOUR! Looks more controlled this time, Kohli. This one was short too, but Kohli comes on top of the ball to negate the chance of top-edge. The ball races away to midwicket boundary.

14:24 IST: Cummins to Kohli, DROPPED! Short-pitched from Cummins and Kohli pulls it, didn't get the distance and this should've been an easy catch for Adam Zampa at deep fine leg. However, the ball goes past his hands!

14:19 IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in.

14:18 IST: Hazlewood to Agarwal, OUT! Hazlewood gets the extra bounce and Mayank couldn't adjust to it. Never looked confident attempting the slice shot and gets the top-edge. Caught at backward point.

14:10 IST: Hazlewood to Agarwal, SIX! First maximum of India's innings! The ball wasn't wide enough but Mayank makes space for himself by going across, and whacks the ball over the cover boundary!

14:03 IST: Starc to Dhawan, FOUR! A similar delivery to the one bowled by Hazlewood to Agarwal in the previous over, and it gets a similar treatment. Dhawan drives it between mid-off and cover for a four.

14:01 IST: Hazlewood to Agarwal, FOUR! Cheeky! Short-pitched and Agarwal slices it over second slip.

14:00 IST: Hazlewood to Agarwal, FOUR! WHAT A SHOT! Hazlewood bowls outside off, not really a half volley but full enough for Agarwal to get down and drive it through cover and point.

13:57 IST: Starc to Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan didn't time it well but takes the advantage of the free-hit. Goes straight over the bowler's head!

13:55 IST: Starc to Dhawan, FOUR! That's brilliant wrist work from Dhawan. Gets on to the pad and Dhawan flicks it over the square leg.

13:53 IST: Starc to Agarwal, FOUR-WIDE! That's a big wide. Starc tries to angle it in for the right hander but goes way down the leg side. No chance for Carey behind the stumps.

13:45 IST: The players are out on the field for the chase. Mayank Agarwal and Shikhar Dhawan to open for India. Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over.

13:20 IST: INNINGS BREAK! Australia finish their innings on a strong total of 374/6. Aaron Finch (114) and Steve Smith (105) were at the top of their games, while David Warner (69) and Glenn Maxwell (41) pitched in with key contributions on the either end of the innings to steer the Aussies to the huge total. Pressure on India as we go to the innings break.

13:16 IST: Shami to Smith, OUT! BOWLED! An incredible innings from Steve Smith has come to an end. A yorker-length delivery and Smith goes across to drive it but misses the length completely.

13:14 IST: Shami to Smith, FOUR! Poor, poor from Shami. Full and outside off, and Smith has smacked it over the cover boundary. 

13:12 IST: Bumrah to Smith, 1 run, 100! Steve Smith has brought his 10th ODI century! He reaches the figure in only 62 balls, which is now the third-fastest fifty by an Australian batsman in ODIs.

13:10 IST: Bumrah to Smith, FOUR! Slower delivery, and Smith pre-meditated the sweep delivery. Goes down on one knee and shapes it towards square leg.

13:07 IST: Saini to Carey, FOUR! Poor length and line again. Short-pitched, slow and outside off, and Carey waits for the ball before smacking it square.

13:05 IST: Saini to Smith, SIX! Inside out over covers! Smith is moving closer to his century. Into the 90s!

13:03 IST: Only 12 runs off the last two overs, which is a massive improvement. Steve Smith needs to take charge to ensure a big finish for Australia.

12:55 IST: Saini to Labuschagne, OUT! Slower delivery and there's no real timing from Labsuchagne. Caught at long on.

12:50 IST: Shami to Maxwell, OUT! Finally, a catch on the boundary line. Little full from Shami and Maxwell fails to time it with perfection. Generates enough power to clear mid-on but fails to send the ball past the boundary line.

12:49 IST: Shami to Maxwell, FOUR! Poor delivery from Shami. Maxwell was ready for the reverse sweep but Shami bowls it right into the slot.

12:46 IST: Shami to Smith, SIX! Smith joins the action now. Slams it over the deep midwicket boundary!

12:44 IST: Saini to Maxwell, FOUR! Seems India's fielding is still in quarantine. Wide outside off and Maxwell goes towards deep point, where Shreyas Iyer drops a forward-diving catch.

12:42 IST: Saini to Maxwell, SIX! The Big-Show is turning up and how! This time, Maxwell goes over the long-on boundary. A brilliant pick-up shot as Maxwell gets the ball on his pads.

12:38 IST: Chahal to Maxwell, SIX! Another one! Too wide from Chahal and Maxwell takes the aerial route over extra-cover.

12:36 IST: Chahal to Maxwell, SIX! That's the first six Maxwell has hit in a cricket match since September 19! And he's loving it. Another reverse-sweep, but this time, he goes a lot squarer.

12:35 IST: Chahal to Maxwell, FOUR! Reverse-sweep from Maxwell! He lofts it over the third man boundary.

12:30 IST: Bumrah to Maxwell, FOUR! Bumrah goes a little full there and marginally outside off, and Maxwell simply places it towards covers for a four.

12:26 IST: Chahal to Stoinis, OUT! Stoinis chases the ball moving away from him and nicks it for KL Rahul. Stoinis gone for a first-ball duck!

12:25 IST: Chahal to Smith, SIX! Smith remains unfazed with Finch's dismissal. He gets the delivery on the slot and smacks it over the deep midwicket.

12:21 IST: Bumrah to Finch, OUT! A short-pitched delivery and Finch is taken aback by the pace of the delivery. Doesn't look confident as he intends to play the slice and gets a thick upper-edge. Easy catch for KL Rahul.

12:19 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! This is getting too easy for Finch. Uses the wrist and pace of the bowler to draft it past fine leg for another four.

12:19 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! Misfield! Mayank Agarwal slips at the midwicket boundary and lets go an easy boundary.

12:16 IST: Chahal to Finch, 2 runs, 100! Aaron Finch has scored his 17th ODI century! What an innings from the Australian captain. This is his fourth century against India, and first in Sydney.

12:14 IST: Chahal to Smith, FOUR! Charges down the track and goes over the covers. Easy pickings for Smith at the moment.

12:10 IST: Shami to Smith, FOUR! FIFTY FOR SMITH! Smith brings his fifty in merely 36 deliveries. A wonderful counter-attacking innings from the Australian batsman. 26th ODI fifty for Smith.

12:07 IST: Jadeja to Smith, FOUR! Goes over the long on boundary and Shikhar Dhawan fails to judge the catch properly.

12:06 IST: Jadeja to Smith, FOUR! Jadeja plays to Smith's strength this time. Outside off and a little back of the length and Smith cuts it square.

12:06 IST: Jadeja to Smith, FOUR! The batsman was getting restless after missing the first two deliveries, but times this one confidently over covers.

11:59 IST: 15 overs remaining and Australia have the likes of Marnus Labuschagne, Marcus Stoinis and Glenn Maxwell waiting in the dressing room. Poised for a big score.

11:48 IST: Jadeja to Smith, OUT! LBW! Smith takes the review. Decision overturned! Good review from Smith, as the ball goes past marginally above the stumps.

11:46 IST: Saini to Finch, FOUR! Short-pitched and Finch has cut it brilliantly. Into the 90s, Finch.

11:39 IST: Chahal to Smith, FOUR! Poor from Chahal. Gives a full toss and Smith feeds on it, plays it through his wrist towards the midwicket boundary.

11:33 IST: Chahal to Smith, FOUR! Smith takes the advantage of free-hit. He readies for a reverse sweep and Chahal cleverly bowls wide outside off. However, Smith reaches the ball in time and finds the gap between point and fly slip.

11:25 IST: Steve Smith is the new man in.

11:22 IST Shami to Warner, OUT! India finally get the first wicket! Shami provides a breakthrough as Warner nicks the ball to KL Rahul. India went for the DRS and replays confirmed the dismissal. Steve Smith comes in the middle after Warner's departure.

11: 21 IST Shami to Warner, FOUR! The opening duo is now putting pressure on the Indian bowling unit. Warner steers it towards long-on for a four. The search for a wicket continues for India.

11:15 IST Jadeja to Finch, SIX! The Australia skipper comes down the track and clears the rope over long-on for a maximum.

11:11 IST: Australia have already laid the foundation for a colossal total. The opening duo has notched up 134 in the first 25 overs. Can the hosts get past the 300-run mark?

11:08 IST: Jadeja to Warner, FOUR! Warner plays the reverse-sweep towards third-man and finds the gap to keep the scoreboard ticking.

11:02 IST: FIFTY FOR WARNER! David Warner also reaches his half-century! That's the 22nd ODI fifty for the southpaw. Australia are looking in a commanding position against the visitors. 

10:55 IST: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! Bumrah feeds into Warner's strong zone. Back of the length and outside off, and Warner comes on the top of the ball and pulls it away towards the midwicket boundary.

10:44 IST: Jadeja to Finch, 1 run, FIFTY FOR FINCH! The Australian captain brings up his 28th ODI half-century!

10:38 IST: Chahal to Finch, SIX! First six of the innings for Australia. Finch gets on one knee and smacks the ball away over the cow corner. 

10:33 IST: Chahal to Finch, 2 runs, almost caught! A little outside off and Finch intends to go for a lofted drive but gets a thick upper-edge. Dhawan makes a long run from cover point and overstretches himself, but couldn't reach the ball in time.

10:29 IST: Ravindra Jadeja into the attack in the 15th over.

10:25 IST: Chahal to Warner, FOUR! A little too full and Warner's places it perfectly towards deep midwicket. Chahal keeps the line marginally outside off and Warner goes on the front foot to loft the ball away.

10:22 IST: Drinks break! Australia far more comfortable at this point than India. The bowlers have been unimaginative with their line and lengths so far, which allowed the Aussie duo of Warner and Finch to play within their comfort zone. They're rotating the strike well at this point.

10:15 IST: Chahal has bowled with an attacking mindset here. He's searching for the wickets. Needs help from other bowlers here and he might just get India the breakthrough. 

10:12 IST: Spin into the attack for the first time. Yuzvendra Chahal bowls the 12th over.

10:02 IST: 50 up for Australia in 9.2 overs. A strong start from the opening duo of Warner and Finch. India haven't been creative with their lengths so far.

9:57 IST: Saini to Warner, FOUR! Saini goes a little short this time and on to the body, but Warner cheekily plays a backfoot glance towards the deep square leg boundary.

9:56 IST: Saini to Finch, FOUR! Almost a similar shot to the previous over from Saini. A little full from Saini this time and Finch punchs it towards cover.

9:47 IST: Saini to Finch, FOUR! Gives Finch enough room to open his arms. The Aussie captain gets on the top of the ball and slams it away towards sweeper cover.

9:46 IST: Navdeep Saini replaces Mohammed Shami

9:41 IST: Milestone alert! Aaron Finch completes 5,000 runs in international cricket. Took 127 matches (125 innings) to reach the figure. His opening partner, David Warner is the fastest Australian to reach the figure (115 innings).

9:39 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! The Indian pacer goes short and Finch was prepared for it. This one doesn't get much bounce and Finch pulls it brilliantly towards midwicket. Not a good start from Bumrah.

9:32 IST: Bumrah to Warner, RUN OUT APPEAL! Warner reaches the crease just in time. Completes a single after placing the ball towards mid-off. 

9:28 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! Finch opens his arms! Plays on the up between covers and mid-off and gets a four. Unlike Shami, Bumrah hasn't got much movement in the air so far.

9:22 IST: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! First boundary of Australia innings comes on the last ball of the second over. Bumrah offers little width and Warner cuts it square between point and covers.

9:18 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to bowl from the other end.

9:17 IST: Tidy first over from Shami as he conceded only one. Getting some swing straight away, Shami, as he moves the ball away from the left-handed Warner.

9:13 IST: David Warner and Aaron Finch to open for Australia. Mohammed Shami to begin the proceedings for India.

9:10 IST: The national anthems are done! Time for action to begin. For the first time since March 4, 2020, Team India will be back on a cricket field.

9:03 IST: Team India joined Australian players in a pre-match "Barefoot Circle" ahead of first ODI. Learn the significance of it here.

8:52 IST: Virat Kohli: It's important to start well as a team, we need to start strongly and set the momentum for the matches ahead. The preparations have been nice, we got some valuable time (on account of the quarantine). Mayank Agarwal will open - Manish Pandey, Shubman Gill, Shardul Thakur, Natarajan and Sanju Samson are the five players missing out.

8:50 IST: Aaron Finch: We will bat first. Great to have cricket back in Australia, to play in front of crowds will be nice. The wicket looks good, hopefully, we can put runs on the board and defend. Steve Smith is back, he replaces Mitchell Marsh.


Australia XI: A Finch, D Warner, S Smith, M Stoinis, M Labuschagne, G Maxwell, A Carey, P Cummins, M Starc, A Zampa, J Hazlewood 

India XI: S Dhawan, M Agarwal, V Kohli, S Iyer, KL Rahul, H Pandya, R Jadeja, M Shami, Y Chahal, N Saini, J Bumrah

8:42 IST: TOSS UPDATE! AUS vs IND, 1st ODI: Australia win toss, opt to bat against India in Sydney

8:35 IST: We're only five minutes away from the toss! In the meantime, the Australia and India players took part in a Barefoot Circle to respectfully acknowledge our First Nations people.

8:05 IST: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of India vs Australia 1st ODI 2020! For the first time since March 4, Team India will be seen on the cricket field as it makes a return to the international cricket after the COVID-19 break. 

Brief Preview: A new world and a different shade of retro blue awaits a circumspect Indian cricket team which re-enters the international arena without a white-ball colossus in Rohit Sharma, facing the might of a menacing Australia in the first ODI here on Friday. The absence of an injured Rohit Sharma will certainly leave a gaping hole at the top of the order, something that skipper Virat Kohli wouldn't have fancied at the onset of a gruelling two-month tour. [FULL PREVIEW]


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