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Highlights, India vs England, 2nd Test: England 357/6 as bad light stops play on Day 3

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India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 3, Cricket Score Live Updates Online: Catch all the Live updates from Day 3 of the second Test between India and England (IND vs ENG) at Lord's on IndiaTV Sports.

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New Delhi Updated on: August 11, 2018 23:26 IST

India vs England, Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 3 at Lord's:

India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 3: England (357/6) lead India (107) by 250 runs . Chris Woakes scored an unbeaten knock of 120 runs as England (357/6) lead India (107) by 250 runs at Lord's. STUMPS ON DAY 3. What a Saturday for England. Rocked early, struggling at 131/5, with just 24 ahead, they have now swelled that to 250 - for the loss of just 1 wicket. That is the depth of this team with the bat. In spite of losing wickets, they have scored runs freely, amassing more than 350 runs in a little over 80 overs. At one stage during the second session, they were scoring at more than 6 an over - all thanks to the counter-attack from Jonny Bairstow and Chris Woakes. What a partnership - 189 from 261 balls - 104 of those runs coming in boundaries. Bairstow was unlucky to miss out on his century but boy, did Chris Woakes enjoy himself etching his name for the third time on the Lord's Honours Board - first it was for a 5-fer, then a 10-fer and now, a century. Take a bow. Proper definition of an all-rounder. (SCORECARD)

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22.59 IST: Bad light forces early stumps. England 357/6, lead India (107) by 250 runs at Lord's. Woakes 120*, Bairstow 93, Shami 3/74.

22.51 IST: Former India woman cricketer Anjum Chopra strongly believes that England are already in a commanding position. "Rain will play a big part in this Test match with England already in a commanding position. Lead of 250 on Day 3," she says on Twitter.

22.38 IST: Play stopped due to bad light. England 357/6 in 81 overs, lead India (107) by 250 runs at Lord's. Well, the light was fading and the umpires have taken the players off. Looks pretty dark and don't think the light will improve. We might not be far from stumps.

22.34 IST: FOUR! ENG 357/6 in 80.5 overs. Flashed and flashed hard. Short and outside off, Woakes backs away a touch and slashes it over point for a boundary. THE LEAD IS NOW 250. Woakes moves to 120 from 158 balls, with his 18th boundary.

22.30 IST: The second new ball has been taken. India will look to wrap things up quickly now. If they don't, they might concede in excess of 400 today itself. Ishant Sharma will make the first use of it.

22.27 IST: FOUR! Woakes welcomes Ashwin with a boundary. As mentioned earlier, the contract seems to be of giving at least one boundary an over. Short and outside off, Woakes punches this through the covers and gets a boundary!

22.26 IST: Here's Ashwin. Not surprising. Kuldeep's last spell read 3-0-20-0.

22.22 IST: FOUR! Brilliant batting. Fractionally short outside off, Curran goes back and cuts it through point for a boundary. Talk about rivers and lakes flowing yesterday, it is boundaries today. 45 already!

22.19 IST: FOUR! FULL TOSS AND GONE! Another freebie. One more full toss, on middle, whipped through mid-wicket for a boundary. The lead is now 232. ENG 339/6 in 77.2 overs.

22.17 IST: FOUR! A short ball, around off, Woakes swivels and hooks it over square leg for a boundary! ENG 335/6 in 77 overs.

22.14 IST: FOUR! Oh dear... 'Cheteshwar Pujara is in danger...' says Sourav Ganguly on air. This is a hip high full toss, outside leg, Curran lines it up nicely and heaves it over short leg, through mid-wicket for a boundary.

22.12 IST: FOUR! A full toss on leg stump, Curran whips it through mid-wicket for a boundary.  ENG 325/6 in 75.2 overs. 

22.08 IST: Sam Curran comes out to bat.

22.07 IST: OUT! Pandya removes Bairstow on 93. What an innings. The end of a drought for India in overcast conditions! Look at the irony. What a brilliant catch from Dinesh Karthik! Fuller length ball outside off, Bairstow goes at it with hard hands with minimal foot movement and gets a fat outside edge. Karthik like a goalkeeper lines it up and flies to his right to take a stunner with his right hand.  ENG 320/6 in 74.4 overs

21.58 IST: A 200+ lead for England, Bairstow nears his 6th Test ton as he is on 92 at the moment. His best score is a 167 at Lord's itself.

21.56 IST: Back of a length ball around off, Woakes makes use of the depth of the crease and pushes it to the off side.

21.51 IST: Three runs and that's Woakes' maiden hundred. What an incredible innings. A proud moment for England and the pacer personally. His return to the side has been a fruitful one. An innings of real substance from him. His side was in a precarious situation but he has stood tall to push all the doubts aside. ENG 304/5 in 70.5 overs

21.48 IST: 300 up for England. A day full of runs and boundaries, courtesy of Bairstow and Woakes. ENG 300/5 in 70.3 overs

21.43 IST: FOUR! Bairstow reaches his 90. The two batsmen are on a dream run here. ENG 297/5 in 69.3 overs

21.37 IST: FOUR! Woakes is on 90. An outside edge is induced but doesn't carry to first slip. Full ball outside off, Woakes goes at it with hard hands but gets an edge behind. Pujara gets low to his right but the ball goes past him in a flash. ENG 289/5 in 68.1 overs

21.35 IST: FOUR! 150 partnership up for Woakes and Bairstow. Poor delivery and gets the treatment! Full ball down the leg side, Woakes whips it through fine leg to pick up another boundary. The 150-run stand is up between the two. Ashwin's half century also comes up by conceding that boundary. ENG 284/5 in 67.4

21.28 IST: FOUR! Only if there was a second slip at place! Unfortunately, it sails away for a boundary. Streaky runs! Seems like someone has cast a magic spell at Lord's. The batsmen are flourishing while the bowlers don't have any clue for a change. ENG 276/5 in 66 overs

21.24 IST: FOUR! A straight drive by Woakes on Ishant's delivery. Straight as an arrow! Fuller length ball, angling in, Woakes leans ahead and drives it down the ground. It is not off the meat of the bat but has enough on it to roll to the ropes. Both the batsmen are on 79 now. ENG 271/5 in 64.4 overs

21.21 IST: FOUR! Good placement! Back of a length and some space to work with. Woakes uses that to good effect as he glides it with an open bat face behind backward point. The fielder in the deep runs to his left and puts in a desperate dive but fails to stop it. ENG 265/5 in 64. 1overs

21.15 IST: FOUR! AND ENGLAND'S LEAD CROSSES 150! England's lead goes past 150! A customary boundary coming in almost every over. The Indians are on the firing line and they are not responding well to it.

21.14 IST: Ishant Sharma is back.

21.12 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Nasser Hussain on air says that's the problem with Ashwin. Once someone goes after him, he messes up his length. Tries to overcompensate this time by bowling a short ball outside off.

21.10 IST: FOUR! Waokes hits it with sheer confidence. The wheels are coming off for India now! Slower through the air around off, Woakes crouches and slogs it over mid-wicket. One bounce and over the ropes.  ENG 250/5 in 61.4 overs.

21.03 IST: FOUR! Bairstow knows how to deal with poor deliveries like this. Nothing is working for India at the moment. Ashwin tries a seam up ball outside off but it is shorter in length. Allows ample time to Bairstow to rock back and slap it through point to find the ropes.

20.59 IST: FOUR! Bairstow hits it with sheer elegance. Beautiful! Half-volley outside off, Bairstow leans into it and strokes it through covers for a boundary.

20.57 IST: Just one run from the over. Ravichandran Ashwin to Chris Woakes, no run. Fullish ball around off, kept out watchfully.  ENG 232/5 in 58 overs.

20.51 IST: Shami to bowl from the other end.

20.49 IST: Jonny Bairstow and Chris Woakes complete 100 runs for the sixth-wicket partnership stand. Ravichandran Ashwin to Chris Woakes, 1 run. Floated delivery on middle and leg, milked down to long on for a run. That brings up the 100-run stand between Bairstow and Woakes. The whole England dressing room is up on its feet and is clapping for the duo.

20.47 IST: We are back for the final passage of play. There are some more clouds building overhead and India will hope that the ball starts to do more. Jonny Bairstow and Chris Woakes to resume their innings. Ravichandran Ashwin will bowl first up after Tea. A slip and a leg slip in place.

20.27 IST: Tea break has been declared. England lead by 123 runs with the help of Jonny Bairstow and Chris Woakes' fifties at Lord's. A brilliant performance by the two batsmen. The visitors need to regroup and access their strategies as they are in serious trouble. The Englishmen have countered their pace and spin attacks with ease. Shami poses the best figures for now with a 3/67.

Session Highlights - 30.2 overs, 141 runs, 1 wicket. 

20.26 IST: FOUR! Crisp! Fractionally overpitched outside off, Woakes drives it elegantly through covers to pick up another boundary. 10 from the over. ENG 228/5 in 53.5 overs

20.22 IST: FOUR! And that brings up Woakes' 5th half century. How lucky? Time and again, we have seen inside edges running past the stumps. This is the fifth occasion to be precise. All said, Woakes has reaches his 5th Test match fifty. He has dig in quite nicely and is taking the game away from the visitors along with Bairstow. Coming back to the ball, it is in the corridor of uncertainty, Waokes tries to glide it late but gets an inside edge that runs past the stumps to the fine leg fence. He raises his bat and soaks in all the applause from the crowd. England lead by 117 now. ENG 224/5 in 53.3 overs

20.16 IST: FOUR! Beautifully played cover drive by Bairstow. He has been in top form so far. ENG 218/5 in 52.5 overs

* Mohammed Shami returns. He has been the most impressive bowler on display for India till now. Can he break this stand?

20.11 IST: Sharma continues to hurl length deliveries around the off stump channel. Jonny rocks back and punches it towards the extra cover batsman.

20.04 IST: FOUR! Innovative and quite effective! Slow through the air on a fullish length on middle, Bairstow has ample time to line it up. He kneels and paddle scoops it over the keeper for a boundary. Runs coming at a good click for the hosts as the lead goes past 100. Ominous signs for India. ENG 209/5 in 50.2 overs

20.03 IST: FOUR! Controlled supremely well! Short ball on middle and leg, sits up nicely for Woakes. He stands tall and pulls it with aplomb through backward square leg. The fine leg fielder has no chance to cut it off.

Nothing happening at the moment for the Indians. They perhaps need a moment of spark in the field or a magical piece of bowling. Full ball on off, knocked down to long on for a run. England's lead moves to 90.

19.59 IST: FOUR! 200 up for England with ease. Bairstow has been troubling the Indians throughout. ENG 204/5 in 49.1 overs

19.47 IST: FOUR! A boundary and that brings up Bairstow's 19th half-century. A classy cover drive on Kuldeep's delivery. The second bad ball of the over and it has been dealt with. Loopy ball on a driving length outside off, Bairstow strokes it again through extra cover for another boundary. 8 from the over. ENG 187/5 in 50 overs

19.44 IST: FOUR! Bread and butter stuff for Bairstow! Half-volley well outside off, Jonny comes ahead and nails the drive through extra cover to find the ropes. ENG 183/5 in 45.3 overs

19.38 IST: Much slower in pace, in line of the stumps, Chris waits for the ball to do its bit off the pitch and then turns it with the spin to deep mid-wicket. A run results.

19.32 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot! Square of the wicket on the off side is Jonny's favoured area and he uses it to good effect. Length delivery outside off, Bairstow drives it on the up past point to find the fence. ENG 173/5 in 41.5 overs

19.27 IST: FOUR! Up, up and away. Woakes lofts the shot and Ashwin is left dumbfounded. Sails away for a boundary. ENG 165/5 in 40.2 overs

* India need wickets quickly or the game might just run away from them. A lead of 150 might be too hot to handle on this track.

19.18 IST: Drinks are on the field. India somewhat still on the front foot, as they picked up Buttler's wicket. But since then, Bairstow and Woakes have added some vital runs to England's tally. A steady partnership of 26 is brewing between them, with quite a lot of batting still left to come. The tourists need wickets and they need them fast. Could very well happen to with the reverse now coming into play.

19.11 IST: FOUR! And Pandya's welcomed with a boundary. All these are vital runs for England. Length ball outside off, Woakes just waits for it and plays this late. Quite deft as he runs this across the third man fence for a boundary. ENG 155/5 in 37.1 overs

19.05 IST: FOUR!Ends the over with a boundary! Quite full on the pads, Woakes flicks it between mid-on and mid-wicket. Perfectly through the gap and that will race away to the boundary line. ENG 151/5 in 36 overs

19.04 IST: Oh, boy! That couldn't have been more than 3 centimeters away. So, so close. Length ball around off, Bairstow doesn't account for the movement into him and shoulders arms. It just about kisses the off bail.

* With the ball now reversing, Kohli has now moved a slip fielder to a catching mid-wicket position.

19.02 IST: Outside off on a good length, some inward movement on it, punched firmly to the man at cover.

18.59 IST: Not out! No bat involved and since the DRS has been taken, they check for the lbw too and Bairstow is fine on that front as well. Shaping back in on leg, going further down as Jonny looks to flick. It goes off the pad and Ishant takes the catch. All the Indians on the field appeal but the umpire remains unmoved. So, they review it and take it upstairs. Replays show all is well for the batsman. No harm done. India lose a review.

18.55 IST: Some reverse for Shami? The ball is moving quite a lot now. Holds its line at first as it lands on a length outside off, then it goes away late and beats the outside edge of Bairstow's bat.

18.53 IST: Short ball angling into the body, with a little swivel Woakes pulls it down to fine leg. Ishant out in the deep fumbles a bit, but fortunately for him he doesn't concede an extra run.

* Here are some interesting bytes- The current batting average in this Test is 14.93 - LOWEST IN ENGLAND SINCE 1958!!!

18.50 IST: On the fuller side of the length, outside the line of off stump, pushed to the covers. No run taken.

18.45 IST: FOUR! Woakes gets off the mark in a streaky manner. Full in length, outside off, Woakes drives away from his body and gets a thick edge past the diving third slip fielder for a boundary to third man. ENG 135/5 in 32 overs

18.43 IST: OUT! Buttler's little shimmy has done him in. Ishant and Shami both were looking for that line, the latter has got the job done. He picks up his third of the innings. Full and swinging back in, Jos walks across to flick it again but this time maybe does it a little too much. Gets caught low on the pads and a big appeal is made. The finger goes up and rightly so too, because that looks plumb. England have half their side back in the pavilion. ENG 131/5 in 31.1 overs

18.35 IST: FOUR! England are dealing in boundaries here. ENG 128/4 in 30.1 overs

18.32 IST: FOUR! Two in two for Bairstow! Shami overpitches it again outside off, the batsman leans into the shot and drives it neatly through extra cover for another boundary. ENG 124/4 in 29.3 overs

18.31 IST: FOUR! Classy shot by Bairstow. A straight drive once again and there's no catching that. Full and attacking the stumps, Bairstow drives it straight back down the track with the full face of the bat. No chance for anyone to stop it. ENG 120/4 in 29.2 overs

18.26 IST: FOUR! Edged and FOUR! But Jos Buttler could have almost dragged that on. Just behind a length, close to off, the batsman tries to put bat on ball. Slight inward movement and that takes the inside edge. The ball barely misses the stumps on its way to the fine leg fence. ENG 114/4 in 18.1 overs

18.22 IST: FOUR! Too full, too straight and Jonny Bairstow has played that well. Shows the full face of the bat and drives it past mid on for a boundary. England are in the lead. By 1 run to be exact. ENG 108/4 in 27.3 overs

18.19 IST: FOUR! Clipped away and it's gone away for a boundary. Full on middle and leg, Buttler takes a step across and places it elegantly through square leg. Nobody out there, no problem for the batsman. ENG 104/4 in 26.5 overs

18.15 IST: Good inward movement for Ishant Sharma. Buttler takes a step out of his crease, plants his front foot across and tries to pad it away. It does graze his pad, goes behind but no appeal made. Imact was too far outside off, despite no shot being offered.

18.13 IST: FOUR! Buttler finds the gap and with no third man present, it sails for a boundary. ENG 97/4 in 25.5 overs

18.12 IST: Pandya to Bairstow, angling in, too straight in line, easy enough for the batsman to work it through square leg. One run taken.

18.06 IST: We are back for the second session of play. Conditions are somewhat overcast now, magic time for India? Mohammed Shami will take the ball first up and he'll be bowling to Jos Buttler, who'll be joining Bairstow out in the middle. 

17.30 IST: England 89/4 at Lunch, trail India (107) by 18 runs at Lord's. Shami 2/27, Pandya 1/15. Joe Root OUT! Mohammed Shami strikes gold right at the stroke of Lunch. Virat Kohli brought him back for one final burst before the break and he's provided just what was needed. The all-important wicket of Joe Root. Though, he was struggling quite a bit out there. Some luck here too as Shami bowls it on a back of a length around off, it cuts back in and stays low too. Root can't bring his bat down in time and a loud appeal goes up. Umpire Marais Erasmus wastes no time in raising his finger and the Indians celebrate. LUNCH ON DAY 3!

17.17 IST: FOUR! Full and on the pads, Root flicks it past the square leg fielder and even the man in the deep. Good placement, excellent timing.

17.13 IST: Jonny Bairstow will make his way out in the middle. England in a bit of trouble here. He joins his skipper out there and it's now on this pair to last long out there.

17.12 IST: OUT! Hardik Pandya removes Ollie Pope for 28. Hardik Pandya strikes! He finally has a wicket in Test cricket after 351 balls. His last wicket came in Cape Town back in January. Superb delivery, this. He generates some good pace on this as he lands it on a length around off. Angles it in and it skids off the surface a bit as well. Ollie Pope is caught flush in front of the stumps as he tries to play across the line and a loud appeal goes up. The finger follows soon and Pope reviews after a chat with his skipper. It's taken upstairs and replays show that all three reds are ticked. Brilliant. Hardik deserves this wicket, he's been bowling quite well till now. England have lost both their reviews. Needless on both occasions. Should never have been taken, given the decisions were so straightforward. England 77/3, trail India (107) by 30 runs at Lord's.

17.10 IST: Review time. Pandya has caught Pope leg before. Height might be the only issue, otherwise he's gone. Remember, England already have lost a review. Over to the TV umpire now...

17.06 IST: FOUR! Nicely played by Ollie Pope. The youngster is looking right at home here. So much confidence. Length ball outside off, width on offer so he goes back and cuts this behind point fiercely. No chance of stopping that once it went past the fielder. Boundary.

17.04 IST: Mohammed Shami is back into the bowling attack.

17.00 IST: As the morning session nears its conclusion, here's what the players will be eating during Lunch.

16.52 IST: A maiden over by Kuldeep. Kuldeep Yadav to Joe Root, no run. Uses the depth of the crease again. It's a touch shorter in length, so he goes back and wrists it away on the leg side. ENG 59/2 in 17 overs.

16.44 IST: What a timing! Pope drives it perfectly into the gap. That's an excellent shot. Ollie Pope is showing some excellent technique here. Quite decisive too. Sees the ball landing short outside off, he quickly rocks onto the back foot and cuts it through point for a boundary.  ENG 56/2 inn 14.4 overs.

16.39 IST: Hardik Pandya on as well. Change at both ends for India.

16.37 IST: FOUR! BYES! Once more, a delivery which is down the leg side, the spin further takes it away from DK who can't catch it. It races away to the boundary line in no time.

16.36 IST: FOUR! INTO THE GAP! Shot. Loopy and full outside off, Root leans into the shot and sweetly drives it through the covers for a boundary.

16.34 IST: Kuldeep Yadav into the attack.

16.32 IST: DRINKS are on the field. What a wonderful hour of cricket. Who says Test cricket is boring? Definitely not in England. Perhaps for the first 4-5 overs, things might have been a bit boring but ever since Ishant and Sham have found their lengths, it has been a different story. Consider this comparison - First 4 overs - 20/0. Last 8 overs - 18/2. Brilliant. It will now be interesting to see how the other bowlers support Ishant and Shami after all their hard work.

16.31 IST: Mohammed Shami to Joe Root, no run. Outside off, played straight to point. ENG 38/2 in 12 overs, trail IND by 69 runs. 

16.28 IST: OUT! BOWLED! The middle stump is out of the ground! But Root continues to bat. How come? Because it is a dead ball. Shami comes charging in and at the last possible moment, Root backs away. Probably because of some disturbance over the sightscreen. Shami is at a point of no return and delivers the ball. It is a pinpoint yorker on middle which uproots the middle stump and nearly causes some damage to the stump mic. All ready now.

16.25 IST: Sanjay Manjrekar on air observes that Kuldeep Yadav is warming up. 

16.16 IST: FOUR! Excellent cricket all around. First, a lovely delivery from Ishant. He seems to have settled in nicely now. Comes in from over the wicket, with a bit of a wider angle and then gets it to nip back in sharply. But Mr. Pope, as cool as a cucumber, comes forward a touch, then hangs back and flicks it uppishly, well wide of the man at square leg towards the boundary. Shot of a man in supreme confidence.

16.14 IST: Time for the debutant. Ollie Pope. Receives a huge round of applause from the crowd. Make no mistake, he will be under huge pressure.

16.13 IST: FOUR! CRISP! 'It is the best I have seen Cook play in a while', says Sourav Ganguly on air. Half volley outside off, Cook leans into the shot and drives it through covers for a boundary.

16.12 IST: OUT! Ishant removes Cook for 21. That is another beauty, this time from the bowler and Cook is out of here! Massive, massive wicket for India. The former English captain might not be in the greatest of form but once he digs in, he can cause lot of problems to the opposition. And he was just beginning to dig in. But from nowhere, Ishant hits that perfect length in the corridor of uncertainty. Alastair looks to defend but the ball moves away a wee bit and takes the outside edge. Karthik makes no mistake. So from being seemingly listless on the field, India have gone bang, bang. Mr. Goa Rocks must be feeling happier now. (Psst... check his frustration in the opening over). England 32/2, trail India (107) by 75 runs at Lord's.

16.07 IST: Captain Joe Root walks in at number 3, replacing Jennings.

16.06 IST: OUT! Shami removes Jennings for 11. Stone dead and England have lost a review. Did not particularly seem any need to get a second opinion on that, unless Cook thought it might be umpire's call, just to keep the reviews intact. Anyways, he is not that successful. Full and straight, angled in from around the wicket, Jennings plays all over it, getting beaten by the length and misses. Is hit flush on the pads and up goes umpire Aleem Dar's finger on the appeal. Keaton walks over towards Cook and after a bit of a discussion, signals for the review. Not much time wasted on technology as it shows three reds. Jennings' poor form continues for England - after his century on debut at the Wankhede in 2016 against India, he has managed only 272 runs in 15 innings at an average of under 20 with just one half-century. England 28/1, trail India (107) by 79 runs at Lord's.

16.04 IST: Jennings is adjudged LBW! He has a long chat with Cook and signals for the review. Seems plumb to the naked eye.

15.53 IST: ENG 20/0 in 5 overs. Ishant Sharma to Alastair Cook, No run. On a length around middle, defended watchfully. First maiden for India eventually. They seem to be slowly adjusting to the necessary lengths to be bowled on this surface. England had conceded their first run only in the 4th over. 

15.45 IST: FOUR! Another gift on the pads. A half volley at that. Cook flicks it past the valiant dive from Kuldeep Yadav at short mid-wicket and finds the fence for the second time today.

15.44 IST: Michael Holding on air observes that the Indian slip fielders are standing way too close to each other. 'Almost trodding onto each other', chides Nasser Hussain. There seems to be some continuous hustle between the players with no one being sure where exactly to stand.

15.40 IST: FOUR! Poor line, comfortably put away and not the greatest bit of fielding either. The around the wicket angle is used to cause problems to the left-hander but the line needs to be outside off. What Shami does instead is bowl it short in the first place, then angles it further down the leg side. Cook easily tucks it through square leg for what should have been two at best. But Ishant Sharma, perhaps tired after that opening over, barely puts in any hard yards. Just jogs across and the ball meets the fence. The deficit is now 98.

15.35 IST: Mohammed Shami to share the new ball with Ishant Sharma.

15.28 IST: England openers - Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings - making their way out to the middle. We are all set to go for the First session of Day 3 at Lord's. Ishant Sharma with the new ball in hand.

15.20 IST: Ten minutes to go before the start of today's play!

PITCH REPORT - Sanjay Manjrekar doing the pitch report says that there are no devils on top of the surface. A few red marks are seen, a few indentations but nothing much. As far as the seamers are concerned, he reckons that keep it outside off on a nice length. For the spinners, he is ASSUMING the dryness of the pitch will help Ashwin and Kuldeep. But then, he also admits that it is too early to expect because it is just a Day 2 pitch - to be honest, not even a Day 2 one, with less than 40 overs bowled.

WEATHER REPORT - Wow. After the storm, comes the calm, goes the saying. We have been brooding for the last 2 days over the fickle weather but today, it is bright and sunny. What is more, here is only 12 percent of rain, which we hope, is as good as 0. Beautiful conditions to play cricket.

15.13 IST: Two days, 10 wickets taken. What thought comes your mind? Ok... the team batting first might have batted long and hard and might not have felt comfortable enough to declare. Wrong. Very wrong. Someone did fight long and hard... long enough to frustrate the spectators and fans. RAIN. However, we did have some play and in that 'little' period, Jimmy Anderson's 5-for skittled out India with terrific seam and swing bowling for 107. Paltry or enough? Only time will tell. Hello and a warm welcome to the third day's play of the second Test between England and India at Lord's.

15.05 IST: In more news from England, Manchester United won the EPL season opener with Pogba scoring a brace against Leicester.

15.00 IST: Former India batsman-turned-commentator Sanjay Majrekar will be ringing the five-minute bell before play today.

14.55 IST: The Indian captain Virat Kohli who would be disappointed by the batting woes of his team, does have something to cheer about after a gloomy day at Lord's.

14.50 IST: On the other hand, India's vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane feels that the visiting batsmen played poorly in challenging conditions.

14.45 IST: Scenes from the England dressing room after Stumps yesterday:

14.40 IST: England bowling spearhead James Anderson enjoyed the made full use of the conditions yesterday to take a five-for. He believes that his team could have bowled out any team in the world in those conditions. No wonder English fans are rejoicing in Jimmy's glory.

14.35 IST: England are obviously on the front foot. They'll come out fresh in the morning and look to add to India's woes. The visitors will rely on the weather, massively, to assist them as it did England yesterday. It was evident that when the sun came up, the ball wasn't moving much, so the clouds and the wind would be their best friends. Should be another exciting one on Day 3, weather permitting.

14.30 IST: Hello and welcome to our Live coverage of day three of the second Test between India and England in Lord's. Stay tuned for further updates.

Brief Day 2 Report:

The inept technique coupled with a fragile temperament of Indian batting was thoroughly exposed as they crumbled to 107 all out against a top quality England seam attack on a rain-hit second day of the second cricket Test. While skipper Virat Kohli had insisted that there are no technical problems but the horrendous batting effort painted a sorry picture. Put into bat under overcast conditions, the frailties of a wobbly top order was there for everyone to see as veteran Jimmy Anderson (5/20) made them hop, skip and jump on a track with his 26th five-wicket haul in longest form. He was ably complemented by Chris Woakes (2/19), Sam Curran (1/26) and Stuart Broad (1/37). (Read Full Report Here)

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