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Highlights, IPL 2018, RCB vs KXIP, Match 8: De Villiers, de Kock power Bangalore to four-wicket win over Punjab

AB de Villiers (57) and Quinton de Kock (45) made substantial contributions to power Royal Challengers Bangalore to their first victory of the 11th edition of IPL as they beat Kings XI Punjab by four wickets in Bengaluru.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: April 13, 2018 23:54 IST ]
Image Source : IPLT20

IPL Live Cricket Score, IPL 2018 Match 8, Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab

IPL 2018, RCB vs KXIP

Royal Challengers Bangalore are off the mark! They have registered a rather easy win, in the end, to open their account in the  Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 at their home ground at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. Their chase started on a sorry note as they lost Brendon McCullum off the second ball of the chase. Virat Kohli and Quinton de Kock then built a little partnership to take it forward but Mujeeb's magical delivery breached the defence of Bangalore skipper and Punjab sniffed a chance. However, the partnership between the South African pair, de Kock and de Villiers, kept the home team afloat.

Ravichandran Ashwin's double blow in one over did give hopes to Kings XI Punjab but once again AB de Villiers' presence in the middle made it tough for them to run through. The African star threaded another crucial stand with Mandeep Singh and also went on to score a sublime half-century. He though didn't last the distance, his knock made sure that Bangalore cross the line safely. (RCB vs KKR STREAMING) (SCORECARD)


23.38 IST: FOUR! BANGALORE WIN BY 4 WICKETS! A glorious cover drive to seal the deal. Mohit serves it full and wide outside off, Sundar reaches out for it and strokes it sweetly through covers for a boundary. Smiles return in the Bangalore camp as they taste their first success this season.​ RCB (159/6) beat KXIP (155) by 4 wickets

23.37 IST: Ashwin very close there at mid on. Looking for a run out maybe. The batsman pulls out here as the bowler was about to bowl. He complains that the fielders were still moving.

23.35 IST: FOUR! This should do! Mohit is on the shorter side outside off, Sundar tries to slap it square of the wicket on the off side but it takes the outside edge and flies down to third man for a boundary. Just 1 more needed.

5 needed off 6 balls. Mohit Sharma to bowl it. Can he deny Bangalore a win?

23.31 IST: OUT! Not even in the picture! Mandeep is also out of here. Is there some twist in this game? Short in length and around off, Mandeep powers it across the line through mid-wicket and eyes the second run. Mayank Dagar (sub) is quickly to the ball and fires in an accurate throw to the keeper. KL Rahul makes no mistake in taking the bails off as Singh dives in. The decision is taken upstairs and the replay shows that Mandeep is well short.  RCB 150/6 in 18.4 overs

23.30 IST: Appeal for a run-out, taken upstairs. Looks out. Let's see...

Chris Woakes is the new batsman.

23.28 IST: OUT! Against the run of play, there is a wicket. All too late? Tye delivers a short ball outside off, de Villiers hangs back to whack it over point but fails to give it the full whack of his bat. Ends up giving a simple catching practice to Karun Nair at deep cover-point. 10 needed off 11 balls. The game more or so is in Bangalore's bag and they will hope that the batsmen remaining will do the job. Royal Challengers Bangalore 146/5 in 18.1 overs vs Kings XI Punjab (155)

23.25 IST: FIFTY! Out of here! AB wants to end it quickly now. He strides forward to a length ball and hammers it over the bowler's head for a monstrous biggie. Brings up his fifty in some style, 23rd in this League. Bangalore motoring! New ball please. RCB 141/4 in 17.2 overs vs Kings XI Punjab (155)

23.20 IST: SIX! That's colossal! Mujeeb errs and drops a short delivery on off, AB camps back and hoists it handsomely over long on for a maximum. 19 from the over, 22 needed off 18 balls. This game has tilted in favour of Bangalore.

23.17 IST: SIX! A mishit but it has still gone all the way! Flighted full ball around off, de Villiers probably tries to hit it across the line but it takes the top half of the bat and flies over wide long off for a biggie.

23.15 IST: FOUR! Excellent shot by Mandeep! He picks the shorter delivery early and immediately goes deep inside the crease to make room for the swing of his bat. Makes rocking connection with his pull shot and fetches a boundary at deep mid-wicket.

23.10 IST: FOUR! What were the fielders doing? De Villiers has fired a full ball through mid-wicket and it races away. Karun Nair from deep mid-wicket moves across to his right, Marcus Stoinis runs across to his left from deep square leg, both leave it for each other and the ball happily goes on to meet the fence. Poor, very poor. Not accepted at this level.

23.07 IST: Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma was spotted cheering for husband's Royal Challengers Bangalore during their IPL 2018 match against Kings XI Punjab at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, on Friday. (SEE PICS)

23.04 IST: Mohit Sharma is back into the attack.

22.57 IST: Tight over from Axar, just 5 singles from it. Axar Patel to AB de Villiers, no run. Short and outside off, cut straight to point to end the over. RCB 93/4 in 13 overs

22.53 IST: No hat-trick! Fourth time in two days that a bowler has been denied a hat-trick. A leg spinner attempted by Ashwin but it's too full and on off, Mandeep pushes it back safely.

22.52 IST: In Pics: Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma cheers for RCB; KXIP get support from owner Preity Zinta

Mandeep Singh to face the hat-trick ball.

22.51 IST: OUT! Ashwin did it with the bat, Ashwin is doing with the ball. An inspirational skipper is on a hat-trick. A flighted delivery around off, not spinning much, Sarfraz plays inside the line and tries to guide it down but ends up handing a straightforward catch to Nair at first slip. He shows great reflexes as he snaps a good low catch and straightaway runs in joy. The crowd has gone silent. They can sense the opposition team clawing their way back in the match. Royal Challengers Bangalore 87/4 in 11.3 overs vs Kings XI Punjab (155)

Sarfaraz Khan arrives in the middle.

22.49 IST: OUT! Bowled 'em! Ashwin finally gets his man. He keeps bowling quicker and flatter through the air and this time it has breached de Kock's defense. De Kock was down the track, tries to keep it out but fails. It goes right through to disturb the stumps. A big wicket for Punjab, they have broken a dangerous looking partnership which threatened to run away with the game.  RCB 87/3 in 11.2 overs

22.48 IST: FOUR! Neatly placed this time. Axar continues to fire it in. Lands it around middle and de Kock reverse sweeps it wide of short third man for a boundary.  RCB 87/2 in 11 overs

22.45 IST: FOUR! Another boundary in the over. Ashwin bowls this one with a round-arm action, it's slower through the air but lands full around middle and leg. De Kock kneels and sweeps it past Yuvraj at the short fine leg.  RCB 79/2 in 10 overs

22.43 IST: SIX! That's a clean strike! Ashwin bowls it quicker through the air and fires it full on middle, Quinton shimmies down the track and dispatches it over long off for a biggie. RCB 75/2 in 9.3 overs

22.40 IST: Safe! Not a piece of cake to get AB run-out. He drives a full ball through covers and rushes back for the second run. The throw comes to the keeper who takes the bails off and appeals. The umpire goes upstairs but the replays find the South African well safe. 3 runs from the over.  RCB 67/2 in 9 overs

22.36 IST: NOT OUT! Umpire's call! A nicely tossed up delivery, landing full around off and spinning back in, de Kock takes his front leg forward and tries to flick it on the leg side. But he is beaten by the spin and gets hit on the front pad. They appeal but the umpire shows no interest. Ashwin consults his keeper before going for the DRS. The replays roll in and it finds the impact to be slightly outside off. Punjab don't lose a review though.  RCB 65/2 in 8.2 overs

22.35 IST: Appeal for an lbw. Not given and Ashwin takes the referral after consulting his keeper.

22.34 IST: FOUR! Blazed away! Mohit is on the shorter side outside off, AB rocks back and pummels it through covers. There is a fielder in the deep but he had no chance of cutting it off. That was ferociously struck!  RCB 64/2 in 8 overs

22.30 IST: SIX! AB has welcomed Mohit in grand style. A short delivery around off, de Villiers quickly rides the bounce and dismisses it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Pressure immediately on the bowler.  RCB 54/2 in 7.1 overs

Mohit Sharma to operate now.

22.27 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot! Flighted full delivery landing outside off, de Kock skips down the track and whips it across the line through mid-wicket for a cracking boundary. Not sure he picked the variation there but had the spin properly covered.  RCB 46/2 in 6.3 overs

22.25 IST: FOUR! Once again the line is around leg as it lands full, Quinton advances down the track and flicks it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Good use of the feet.  RCB 41/2 in 6 overs

In walks AB de Villiers. A slip in place.

22.20 IST: OUT! Gone right through Kohli to rattle the stumps. Mujeeb is up and running in celebration. This must be the most prized wicket of his career so far. He has hunted down the big fish with a clever off spinning delivery. Lands it full and outside off, Kohli gets forward to drive it through the line without accounting for the spin and it sneaks past his blade to disturb the stumps. Body blow to Bangalore, 123 more needed off 91 balls. Royal Challengers Bangalore 33/2 in 4.5 overs vs Kings XI Punjab (155)

22.15 IST: FOUR! Kohli is not holding back here! A length delivery outside off, Virat strides forward and drives it on the up. Places it to perfection through extra cover and earns himself a boundary.  RCB 32/1 in 3.5 overs

22.11 IST: Quicker through the air from Mujeeb, lands it on middle, de Kock defends it off his back foot. Just 3 from the over.  RCB 22/1 in 3 overs

22.08 IST: FOUR! Nicely done! Ashwin gives this one air again but lands it too full outside off, de Kock strides forward and drives it crisply through covers.  RCB 19/1 in 2 overs vs KXIP (155-all out)

22.06 IST: FOUR! A dropped catch there, but too harsh to call it so. Ashwin serves a flighted ball around off, Kohli decides to play a late cut but it takes the outside edge, goes quickly to Rahul who fails to grab it. The ball deflects off his gloves and races away to the third man fence. RCB 14/1 in 1.1 overs

22.05 IST: FOUR! Not a good way to end the first over. Short in length and wide outside off. De Kock hangs back and cuts it fiercely though point for another boundary. 10 off the first over for Bangalore. RCB 10/1 in 1 over

The Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli strides out to the middle. He needs 51 more to get to 4500 runs in the Indian T20 League. Is this the innings? A SILLY POINT IN PLACE! Interesting captaincy from Ash.

22.04 IST: OUT! Axar removes McCullum for duck. Punjab are flying, already! The big-hitting (potentially) batter from the Kiwi land is outta here! Flatter delivery outside off, McCullum makes room and looks to slap it away over point. Ends up hitting it straight to Mujeeb at that position. He accepts it gleefully to start the celebrations. Royal Challengers Bangalore 1/1 in 0.2 overs vs Kings XI Punjab (155) at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

21.46 IST: Kings XI Punjab 155 all out in 19.2 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium. OUT! PUNJAB ARE ALL OUT FOR 155! Woakes with a lethal short delivery, it's around off and Mujeeb stays back to pull it across the line. He takes his eyes off the ball, a blind swing of the blade and it flies off the top edge. Sarfaraz Khan moves across and back from backward point to take the catch easily. Quinton de Kock was also interested there but once again the calling was clear. KL Rahul 47, Umesh Yadav 3/23

20.42 IST: OUT! Chahal removes Ashwin for 33. Stumped, second one for de Kock tonight. Yet another leg spinner by Chahal, he continued to toss it up. Ashwin once again was down the track in a flash, looking for a big shot. Was beaten by the sharp away spin and Quinton did the rest. It was referred upstairs and Ashwin was found short. A handy cameo by the Punjab skipper. Kings XI Punjab 153/9 in 18.5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.38 IST: Mohit Sharma is in next.

20.37 IST: OUT! Woakes removes Tye for 7. Andrew Tye is out of here. He attempts to go downtown and clear the rope but fails to get it from the middle of the bat. That probably was a slower one by Chris. Andrew ends up skying it straight down the ground and Kohli moves across to his left from long on to grab the catch safely. Brendon McCullum was also in the vicinity but it seems the calling was loud and clear. Bangalore continue to chip away at wickets. Kings XI Punjab 142/8 in 17.5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.27 IST: Chris Woakes is back on.

20.25 IST: Strategic break. A flurry of wickets after the partnership between Nair and Rahul has pushed Punjab on the back foot. Washington Sundar was very instrumental with his excellent spell. The visitors still are going at a decent rate but don't have any power hitter left in the ranks. Let's see how they finish. Umesh Yadav has returned in the attack.

20.21 IST: Andrew Tye is the new batsman.

20.20 IST: OUT! Khejroliya removes Axar for 2. Axar is a dead duck! What a waste of a review! Khejroliya spears in a full length ball around off, angling in, Axar is probably beaten for pace as he tries to flick. He is rapped on the pads, they appeal and the finger goes up almost immediately. That looked plumb in the first go but still Patel goes for the review. Three reds! No inside edge. Axar has to walk back. Kings XI Punjab 122/7 in 15 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.17 IST: FOUR! Glorious! Once again look at the timing and placement. Ashwin just strides forward and hits a length delivery on the up. Elegant timing and it speeds through covers for a boundary.

20.14 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin is the new batsman.

20.13 IST: OUT! Washington Sundar removes Stoinis for 11. Kings XI Punjab 110/6 in 13.4 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

21.08 IST: Axar Patel walks in next.

21.07 IST: OUT! Khejroliya removes Nair for 29. Karun Nair has been sent packing as well. Two wickets in two overs, that too of set batsmen, Bangalore are back on top once again. Another back of a length delivery by Khejroliya. He lands it around middle and it skids through after pitching. Nair hangs back to heave it over the leg side but fails to make any connection. It sneaks through to light the stumps. Big blow to Punjab, this. Kings XI Punjab 102/5 in 13 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

21.00 IST: Marcus Stoinis arrives in the middle.

20.59 IST: OUT! Washington Sundar removes Rahul for 47. KL Rahul departs. Poor guy misses out on a fifty today. Sundar with the breakthrough. KL tries playing the attacking shot as he swings his blade to heave it over the leg side. Sundar though has smartly pushed this one quicker through the air and it catches the top edge. Balloons in the air and Sarfaraz Khan settles underneath it at short third man. A big breakthrough for Bangalore and Rahul was looking in great touch. Kings XI Punjab 94/4 in 11.1 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.55 IST: FOUR! Terrific shot! A flighted delivery, landing very full outside off, Nair brings out the reverse-batted shot and nails it wide of short third man. There was a certain amount of swag in that shot, Karun didn't even bother to run there. Knew he has played it to perfection.

20.50 IST: Washington Sundar to have a go with the ball. A bit strange. He's normally used in the Powerplay. Not the case this evening.

20.46 IST: FOUR! A good over is ruined. Straighter and quicker on middle, Rahul gets forward and across before paddling it fine down the leg side. The keeper is beaten, so is the short fine leg fielder and it will be a boundary. After 9 overs, KXIP are 79/3.

20.40 IST: FOUR! Really well done. A confidence shot, that. Bumper from Woakes, Nair arches back and at the last moment, plays the ramp shot. Over the keeper's head and past the third man fielder for a boundary.

20.39 IST: Chris Woakes will roll his arm over again.

20.38 IST: Meanwhile, KXIP mentor Virender Sehwag is not happy to see his boys struggling at M Chinnaswamy.

20.36 IST: SIX! That's gone flat! Dropped short and on the pads, no way Rahul misses out on this. He pulls it over square leg for a maximum. There was a fielder positioned out there, but he could only watch it go over him. KL is in ominous form.

20.27 IST: FOUR! Exquisite! Full and just around off, Nair offers the full face of the bat and drives it past mid off for a boundary.

20.25 IST: SIX! Whether wickets fall or not, it doesn't matter to him. He's going to continue with his shots. Short ball, Rahul moves a little inside the line and then pulls it over fine leg for a maximum.

20.24 IST: Karun Nair is the next batsman in.

20.23 IST: OUT! Umesh Yadav removes Yuvraj for 4. BOWLED 'EM! Third of the game for Umesh Yadav. He's rattled the Punjab top order all on his own. What a ripper to dismiss Yuvraj Singh. Comes from around the wicket and angles in a length delivery on middle and off, Yuvraj looks to defend with minimal foot movement and misses. It goes off the pads and the stumps behind are shattered. Ooooffff... As if it wasn't already hot out there. Punjab in some trouble now. Kings XI Punjab 36/3 in 4 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.22 IST: FOUR! It's just over the fielder. Had he been behind on the rope, would have been an easy catch. Short ball angling in, Yuvraj pulls it just over Sarfaraz Khan at backward square leg for a boundary.

20.21 IST: Yuvraj Singh is the next batsman to come out and he will face the hat-trick ball.

20.20 IST: OUT! Umesh Yadav removes Finch for 0. Finch is gone! Big, big wicket for the home side. Umesh Yadav is on fire. And on a hat-trick too. Comes steaming in and angles in a back of a length delivery on middle and leg. The pace is too much and it does Finch in. His defense is beaten and the Aussie is rapped on the pads. Loud appeal and the finger goes up. Aaron takes the review, thinking the height will save him. But the replays crush his hopes. It's clipping the stumps, so the on-field call will stay. Kings XI Punjab 32/2 in 3.2 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.18 IST: Aaron Finch walks into the middle next. He's just returned after his marriage. The Aussie will be pumped to make a difference tonight.

20.17 IST: OUT! Umesh Yadav removes Mayank Agarwal for 15. Edged and taken! Umesh Yadav gets the first breakthrough and the Bengaluru crowd erupts. Full ball on off, it moves away ever so slightly late and that does the trick. Agarwal looks to trash this down the ground but gets an edge, which Quinton de Kock behind the stumps takes superbly with a full stretch dive to his right.  Kings XI Punjab 32/1 in 3.1 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium

20.09 IST: FOUR! Beautiful! Too full, too straight and Umesh Yadav pays the price. Mayank Agarwal stays leg side and drives it hard past the bowler for a boundary.

20.07 IST: FOUR! Raining boundaries in the Chinnaswamy already. Short ball, Agarwal swivels and just helps the pull over backward square leg. Times it well, over the infield and away to the boundary line. Super shot.

20.05 IST: Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end.

20.04 IST: FOUR! Rahul concludes the over with a four. Boundary to end the over. 16 runs off it. Blazing start for Punjab. Rahul doing it again. He just works this shortish length ball past short fine leg and finds the fence with ease.

20.03 IST: SIX! Local lad KL Rahul is in a mood to play tonight. Two in two for KL. He's beginning like he did in the last game. Wasting no time at all. Straighter in line, length delivery on middle, Rahul stylishly flicks it high and mighty over mid-wicket for half a dozen. On a roll here.  KXIP 12/0 in 0.4 overs.

20.02 IST: SIX! Rahul opens KXIP's account with a six. Shot! It's gone all the way! Delicious hit from KL Rahul. It's on a length outside off, he has room to free his arms and so, he stands tall and smacks it over covers for a maximum.

19.58 IST: We're all set to get underway! Out come the openers, KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal. The former is fresh from a scintillating knock in the first match where he stroked the fastest fifty in the League. Would love to perform against his previous team and make a statement.

19.53 IST: Kings XI Punjab Playing XI: Lokesh Rahul (wk), Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin (C), Andrew Tye, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

India Tv - Kings XI Punjab Playing XI for the IPL 2018 Match 8

Kings XI Punjab Playing XI for the IPL 2018 Match 8

19.50 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI: Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock (wk), Virat Kohli (C), AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal

India Tv - Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI for IPL 2018 Match 8

Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI for IPL 2018 Match 8

19.40 IST: "I think it's important to start well and put up a par score. It's very important to have wickets in hand while batting first. I think we have enough bowling ammunations to put them under pressure. We have one team change, Finch comes in the place for Miller. He deserves to come in the team right away," KXIP captain Ravichandran Ashwin says at the toss.

19.35 IST: "I think the crowd thinks the match is decided on the basis of the toss. Looks like this pitch is back to normal, hence the decision to bowl first. It's the same team that played the last match. It's good to be back here and the crowd looks excited always. The aim of any good side in the tournament is to play well at home," says Virat Kohli after winning the toss.

19.33 IST: TOSS! Royal Challengers Bangalore win toss, opt to bowl vs Kings XI Punjab at M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

19.30 IST: Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen believes if Gayle gets to play against his former teammates, it will send the Indian T20 league up a notch. "I really hope the #UniverseBoss @henrygayle plays in Bangalore against his former teammates this evening...! That’s sure to send the @IPL up a notch!"

19.20 IST: West Indies T20 star Chris Gayle might play for KXIP today. "Having an unparalleled record at Bengaluru with scores someone can only dream of, @henrygayle could be the trump card that the Kings need in tonight's game against @RCBTweets," Punjab says on Twitter.

19.15 IST: "Play with aggression and fearless attitude and the result will always be in your favor mentor," Virender Sehwag words of wisdom to KXIP before the game today against RCB.

19.10 IST: "Will Yuzvendra Chahal triumph Ravichandran Ashwin in the battle of spin," asks RCB.


19.00 IST: It's game time at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

18.48 IST: Here are the IPL teams for the 8th match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab .

Royal Challengers Bangalore: KL Rahul (wk), Mayank Agarwal, Yuvraj Singh, Karun Nair, David Miller, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin (C), Andrew Tye, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Chris Gayle, Aaron Finch, Ankit Rajpoot, Manoj Tiwary, Barinder Sran, Akshdeep Nath, Ben Dwarshuis, Pardeep Sahu, Mayank Dagar, Manzoor Dar

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock (wk), Virat Kohli (C), AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Colin de Grandhomme, Moeen Ali, Manan Vohra, Aniket Choudhary, Navdeep Saini, Murugan Ashwin, Pawan Negi, Mohammed Siraj, Corey Anderson, Parthiv Patel, Aniruddha Joshi, Pavan Deshpande, Tim Southee

18.40 IST: After suffering a four-wicket loss to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in their opening match of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will aim to get their campaign back on track when they host Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, on Friday. Punjab are coming into the match with their tails up, having started the season on a resounding note, beating Delhi Daredevils by six wickets. (Read Full Match Preview)

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