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HIGHLIGHTS India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test Day 3: Virat Kohli and Co. win opener by an innings and 130 runs

India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Live Score: India's unprecedented home run continues as they defeat Bangladesh by an innings and 130 runs in the opener.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 16, 2019 15:56 IST
India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test Day 3, Live Cricket Score:
Image Source : BCCI

India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test Day 3, Live Cricket Score: Umesh removes Mehidy, breaks gritty stand


India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test, Day 3: That is it from our coverage of the first Test of the two-match series between India and Bangladesh live from the Holkar Stadium in New Delhi. India's unprecedented home run continues as they defeat Bangladesh by an innings and 130 runs in the opener of the two-match Test series. Shami once again starred in the second innings picking four wickets. The pacers picked six wickets while R Ashwin managed three wickets. (Match scorecard | When and where to watch)


15:36 IST: Ashwin dismisses Ebadat and Kohli and Co. win opener by an innings and 130 runs. This is India's sixth consecutive Test match win

15:28 IST: Ashwin to Rahim. OUT! It was a floater from Ashwin and Mushfiqur smashes it for a boundary, but Pujara in the deep takes a fabulous catch. INDIA NOW 1 WICKET AWAY FROM VICTORY

15:20 IST: Shami to Taijul. OUT! Short ball and Taijul, caught by surprise, sends the ball up with the top half of the bat. Saha completes the dismissal comfortably. Abu Jayed is the new man in.

15:16 IST: Ashwin to Rahim. FOUR! Finally a boundary for Bangladesh. Off the back foot, Rahim drifts it down to third man fence.

15:08 IST: Four straight maiden overs from the Indian attack. Bangladesh playing cautiously with just three wickets in hand and a mountain of runs to climb.

14.57 IST: Mohammed Shami replaces Umesh Yadav.

14.51 IST: Umesh to Taijul, FOUR! 200 comes up for Bangladesh. Thick edge outside the off-stump and the ball races to the third man boundary.

14.35 IST: Umesh to Mehidy, OUT! Well, we didn't have to wait long. Umesh strikes in the first over of the third session! Late movement on a short-pitched delivery, and the batsman was too late to react. He couldn't even offer a short properly as the ball deflects off his ribs to hit the stumps.

14.34 IST: The players are back for the final session of the play. The fight from Mushfiqur Rahim and Mehidy Hasan continues. The question is, will they be able to play out the day? Or maybe steer Bangladesh into the lead if they eventually do? We will find out soon.

14.16 IST: TEA! Finally a session to Bangladesh's name. 131 runs at the loss of two wickets with Mushfiqur scoring his 20th Test fifty and gutsy knocks from Liton and Mehidy. India need 4 wickets to win the game but Bangladesh have the chance to salvage some pride and provide further resistance. Join us in a bit for the last session of the day!

14.11 IST: Shami to Mehidy, FOUR!
Strays down the leg and flicked for a boundary.

14.03 IST: Shami to Mehidy, FOUR! Short and wide and punched through covers for a boundary.

14.02 IST: Mohammed Shami is back on for India before Tea.

13.56 IST: Umesh to Mehidy, FOUR! Short and wide, Mehidy slashes at it and it goes over the slip fielders for a boundary.

13.39 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, FIFTY! Strays down the leg, Mushfiqur clips it off his hips and comes back for a double to reach his 20th Test ton

13.48 IST: Umesh Yadav brought back into the attack.

13.41 IST: Ashwin to Mehidy, FOUR! Comes down the track and hoiks it wide of long-on for a boundary. For a moment, Shami was interested but it went wide of the fielder for another boundary.

13.36 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Cut through point for another boundary

13.35 IST: Ashwin to Mehidy, FOUR! Loose ball outside off and cut away for a boundary. 

13.29 IST: Ashwin to Mehidy, SIX! Dances down the track and slams it straight over his head for a six.

13.23 IST: Mehidy Hasan is the next man in

13.21 IST: Ashwin to Liton, OUT! Not a way you want to end an innings. Pitched up, Liton comes down the ground and plays a needless shot straight back to Ashwin and he grabs a good catch to get his first wicket of the match. Bangladesh lose their sixth. BAN 135/6 from 39.2 overs

13.07 IST: Ashwin to Liton, FOUR!
Another beautiful shot from Liton. Pitched up and driven through covers for another boundary.

13.06 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Swept and swept fine for another boundary

13.04 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Short and wide once again and cut away for a boundary.

13.01 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Pitched up and reverse swept for a boundary. 

13.00 IST: R Ashwin introduced into the attack finally.

12.54 IST: Jadeja to Liton, FOUR! This time punched off the back foot through mid-wicket for a boundary. A very good shot from Liton.

12.51 IST: Ishant to Liton, FOUR! This one the best of the lot. Pitched up again and he leans his body forward, hits it on the rise for a boundary through covers.

12.48 IST: Ishant to Liton, FOUR! Lovely. Pitched up and he presents the full face of the bat and goes straight past him for a boundary.

12.46 IST: Ishant to Liton, FOUR! Outside off and he guides it past point with soft hands for a boundary.

12.37 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Short and wide and this time cut away for a boundary. Second boundary of the over.

12.36 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Full and outside off and swept through mid-wicket for a boundary.

12.34 IST: Shami to Liton, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through covers for a boundary. Confident looking shot from Liton.

12.32 IST: Liton Das is the new man in

12.31 IST: Shami to Mahmudullah, OUT! Outside off, he goes fishing and gets a healthy edge and straight to Rohit Sharma at second slip and this time he doesn't drop it Bangladesh lose half their side. BAN 72/5 from 26.3 overs

12.26 IST: Jadeja to Mahmudullah, FOUR! 
First four of the second session. Too short and gets the turn on the off. Mahmudullah cuts it square of the wicket.

12.25 IST: Mohammed Shami is troubling Mushfiqur Rahim. He's bowling consistently outside off, forcing Rahim to go on the front foot. 

12.10 IST: The players are back for the second session of play. Mohammed Shami to begin proceedings.

11.35 IST: LUNCH! Indian pacers have completely ruled the roost at Indore on Saturday. They have come down roaring and taken early wickets and reduced Bangladesh to a position of no return. The visitors trail by 283 runs and they can just fight to stay longer in the game until and unless Mushfiqur and Mahmudullah can spring a miraculous comeback. Join us in a while for the second session of the day!

11.17 IST: Shami to Mahmudullah, FOUR!
Goes down the leg and clipped off his pads fine for a boundary. Rare bad delivery from Shami

11.09 IST: Ishant Sharma is back on for India

11.04 IST: Shami to Mushfiqur, DROPPED! Straight in and out! Rahim looks to drive on the up and goes straight to Rohit at second slip and he fails to latch on to it. It was at a straight forward catch but Mushfiqur once again rides his luck.

10.54 IST: Mahmudullah is the next man in

10.53 IST: Shami to Mithun, OUT! That's the last thing they needed. Shami bangs one short and Mithun goes for the pull and only mistimes it and the ball loops straight to Mayank at mid-wicket. Bangladesh lose their fourth. BAN 44/4 from 14.1 overs

10.50 IST: Umesh to Mithun, REVIEW LOST!
India lose both their reviews. Umesh pitches it outside off and ball comes in, Mithun misses it and the ball wraps on the pad but the umpire denies. India once again go for the review. Ultra edge shows no bat but ball-tracking confirms that the ball is missing the stumps. The original decision stays. India now have 0 reviews left.

10.44 IST:
Mushfiqur Rahim is the new man in

10.43 IST: Shami to Mominul, OUT! Comes round the wicket and hits him high on the pads. Umpire gives not out but India go for the review. Replays show no bat and the ball hitting the stumps and three reds. Decision overturned and Bangladesh lose their captain. IND 37/3 from 12.5 overs

10.37 IST:
Mohammed Shami is introduced into the attack.

10.31 IST: Umesh to Mithun, FOUR! Back to back boundaries. This time off the outside edge and through slips. Good bowling from Umesh.

10.30 IST: Umesh to Mithun, FOUR! Pitched up and nicely pushed through covers for a boundary.

10.25 IST: Ishant to Mithun, FOUR! Little short and nicely cut past point through third man for a boundary.

10.17 IST: Ishant to Mithun, Ball jags back in once again. Full and swings back in and hits Mithun on the pads. Umpire says not out and after a brief discussion, India opt not to review. Quality bowling from Ishant.

10.09 IST: Mohammad Mithun is the new man in.

10.08 IST: Ishant to Shadman, OUT! What a delivery! He has been taking the ball outside from around the wicket but this one jagged back in with the angle and breached Shadman's defense and crashed into the stumps. Second wicket of the day for India. BAN 16/2 from 7 overs

10.01 IST: Umesh to Mominul, REVIEW LOST!
Pitches on good length and Mominul lets it go but the ball hits him on the back pad. India appeal but not out signalled. Kohli goes for a review but ball-tracking shows the ball has pitched outside off, impact is out and ball also misses the stumps. Mominul plays on, India lose their first review.

09.59 IST: Umesh to Mominul, FOUR! Runs straight away. Pitched up and full and sliced through point for a boundary.

09.58 IST: Mominul Haque is the new man in

09.57 IST: Umesh to Kayes, OUT! Pitched up and swinging and straight through the gap. Took a little inside edge and hits the timber. First wicket for India. BAN 10/1 from 5.1 overs

09.38 IST: Umesh to Kayes, FOUR!
Pitched up and Kayes drives it through covers for a boundary. First runs for him.

09.30 IST: Ishant Sharma to begin for India, Shadman taking strike for Bangladesh. Here we go!

09.27 IST:
Players are making their way into the ground for the third day's play.

09.13 IST: India have declared their innings at 493/6 and lead Bangladesh by 343 runs. Play to begin in 17 minutes in Indore.

09.03 IST: Pink Test Build Up: Rohit and Pujara face Ashwin first time under lights

With only two training sessions are possible under lights before the day-night Test at the Eden Gardens starting November 22, the Indian team is trying to make most of the time at their disposal. [Read full story]

08.45 IST Virat Kohli wanted the best for me more than what he wants from himself: Mayank Agarwal

Agarwal said that his skipper wanted him to continue and get a triple hundred but he got out going for a ninth maximum. [Read full story]

08.30 IST: Got hungry for runs after letting go fear of failure: Mayank Agarwal after career-best 243 vs Bangladesh

The star of day 2 was Mayank who not just scored his second career double-century, but also amassed his highest individual score of 243. [Read full story]

Brief preview: Opener Mayank Agarwal grinded a below-par Bangladesh bowling unit with a career-best second double hundred as India buried the visitors under a deluge of runs on the second day of the opening Test here on Friday. Agarwal's third Test hundred, 243 off 330 balls, formed the cornerstone of India's 493 for 6, which gave the home side a sizeable lead of 343 runs. [Read full story here]

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