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  5. Highlights, Australia vs Pakistan, 2019 World Cup Match 17: Warner, Cummins sink Pakistan to secure 41-run win

Highlights, Australia vs Pakistan, 2019 World Cup Match 17: Warner, Cummins sink Pakistan to secure 41-run win

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, Australia vs Pakistan Highlights: Follow ball-by-ball updates of the AUS vs PAK World Cup 2019 match from The Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton live on Indiatvnews.com.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 12, 2019 23:10 IST
Live Cricket Score, AUS vs PAK, 2019 World Cup Match 17: Imam, Hafeez take charge after early blow
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Live Cricket Score, Australia vs Pakistan, 2019 World Cup Match 17: Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs.

Australia vs Pakistan, 2019 World Cup Match 17: Highlights

2019 World Cup, Australia vs Pakistan, Match 17 Highlights: Hello and welcome to our coverage of Match 17 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between Australia and Pakistan live from The Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton. Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed won the toss and opted to bowl in Taunton against Australia. Shadab Khan sat today and Shaheen Afridi came back into the squad for Pakistan while Australia drafted in Shaun Marsh and Kane Richardson in place of Marcus Stoinis and Adam Zampa respectively. Follow all the updates and scores from Australia vs Pakistan match here at Indiatvnews.com (Match scorecard)

AUS vs PAK, Highlights from Taunton: Australia (307) beat Pakistan (266) by 41 runs

22.37 IST: Phew, what a game. A match which both deserved to lose. In a game where the side committing fewer mistakes comes out on top, Australia have managed to get those crucial points.

Pakistan were cruising at 136/2 in the 26th over, but then slipped to 160/6. At that stage, it looked like game over with Australia surging to a massive win. But two critical stands - 40 for the 7th wicket and 64 for the 8th wicket - got the game very close. However, Starc's double-wicket over in the 45th sealed the deal, just like it did against West Indies.

22.28 IST: RUN OUT! Australia win by 41 runs! 

22.27 IST: Single off the last ball from Shaheen Afridi. 

22.22 IST: Mitchell Starc to Mohammad Amir, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Two in the over for Starc and this is probably the over which completely turns the game in Australia's favour. He goes full but ends up bowling a low full toss. Amir looks to put bat on ball but gets an inside edge which shatters the stumps behind. One wicket away now Australia, Starc have two balls to do it.

22.20 IST: AND THAT'S OUT! What a brilliant review this is! A slight edge and Wahab Riaz is gone!

22.19 IST: Mitchell Starc to Wahab Riaz, APPEAL FOR CAUGHT BEHIND! The umpire gives it not out, and Finch has opted for a review!

22.17 IST: Pakistan need 45 in 36 deliveries. Starc has two overs remaining, Kane two, Coulter Nile one. Maxwell's over key for Pakistan? Or will it be Mitchell Starc who will do the magic for his side again?

* How will Australia finish their 5th bowler's quota? They still have one over left. Will Finch gamble with himself or Maxwell right in the very last over? Or will he give one right now and leave it to his main bowlers in the remaining six?

22.08 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Wahab Riaz, Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single. 24 in the last two overs, 54 needed off 48 balls. Game on?

22.04 IST: Coulter-Nile to Riaz, SIX! Wahab Riaz is doing it here for Pakistan. He picks up the slower one early and slogs it handsomely over mid-wicket for a biggie. 50-run stand comes up, 250 up for Pakistan as well! PAK 251/7 in 41.4 overs

22.01 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Wahab Riaz, Excellent stop! Saves three for his side. Riaz goes for the slog sweep. Does not hit it right off the middle. It still seems to be going to the mid-wicket fence but Coulter-Nile runs to his right, jumps, keeps both his legs in the air and pushes it back in.

22.00 IST: Maxwell to Riaz, SIX! Pakistan are not slowing down in any way and the Aussies are getting frustrated. That is right off the middle. Very full and Wahab whips it easily over the long on fence. 10 from the first two balls. Pakistan not going down without a fight. PAK 240/7 in 40.2 overs

22.00 IST: Maxwell to Riaz, FOUR! Inside edge and that just goes past the off pole. So the intentions are clear. Go after the offie. Maxwell fires it outside off. Wahab swings across the line, the ball just about kisses the off pole. Goes between the legs of the keeper and into the fine leg fence.

21.53 IST: Coulter-Nile to Riaz, SIX! Smashed away! 11 from the over. 80 needed in 66. Short and on the body, Riaz maybe was ready for it this time. He goes back and powers it over the square leg fence. PAK 228/7 in 39 overs

21.52 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Wahab Riaz, Slower one and that sticks in the surface. Riaz hops and works it with soft hands towards mid-wicket. Two is the call straightaway and the batters complete it. OAK 227/5 in 38.2 overs

21.51 IST: Pat Cummins to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shortish on off, pushed back to the bowler who failed to stop it in his followthrough. They stole a single as the mid off fielder attacked the ball.

21.44 IST: Starc to Riaz, FOUR! Just wide of Steven Smith at wide first slip! Starc goes very full this time, around off and angling away, Riaz tries to play a booming cover drive but it takes the thick outside edge and flies past Smith's right for a boundary. PAK 212/7 in 36/4 overs

21.40 IST: Mitchell Starc to Wahab Riaz, A good short ball, at the body, Riaz takes his eyes off the ball and awkwardly fends it to the leg side. Luckily for him, there is no short leg and the batsmen take a single.

21.31 IST: Kane Richardson to Hassan Ali, OUT! Party over for Hassan Ali! Richardson bangs in a short ball again, it's around off and Hasan this time tries to play the cross-batted shot.

21.30 IST: Kane Richardson to Hassan Ali, FOUR! A cut this time!

21.29 IST: Kane Richardson to Hassan Ali, FOUR! That's a glorious cover-drive. Hassan Ali putting on a 'How to' tutorial for his side's batsmen here.

*Drinks break.

21.24 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Hassan Ali, SIX! Hassan Ali has decided to smash anything that comes in his way. 

21.22 IST: Kane Richardson to Hassan Ali, SIX! Second consecutive six! Well, this is Pakistan for you. Bowlers hitting the short and good length away for six, while a well-set batsman getting caught on a full-toss off Aaron Finch!

21.20 IST: Kane Richardson to Hassan Ali, SIX! Richardson bowls short to Ali this time, but this was a magnificent pull shot. 

21.18 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Hassan Ali, FOUR! The ball takes a thick outside-edge as Ali attempted to play the cut. The fielder gives the chase but the ball races towards the boundary. Maxwell is annoyed.

21.13 IST: Kane Richardson to Asif Ali, OUT! What a heartbreak for Pakistan. Merely five overs ago, the side had almost begun to trouble the Aussie fans with a strong partnership. Now, they've lost six and captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is the lone man standing.

21.08 IST: Aaron Finch to continue.

21.03 IST: Pat Cummins to Shoaib Malik, OUT! Pakistan are in real trouble here. Within 3 overs, Pakistan have lost three. A slightly short-lengthed delivery, and Malik completely fails to judge the line. And oh, what a catch that is by Alex Carey. Dives to his left and just about reaches the ball in time.

20.59 IST: Aaron Finch to Mohammad Hafeez, OUT! Well, well, what do we know? It's a full toss, Hafeez pulls it and it's straight to the fielder!

20.57 IST: Aaron Finch to Sarfaraz Ahmed, FOUR! Well, this is rather surprising. Finch has taken the ball, and Sarfaraz sweeps the very first delivery for a four.

20.54 IST: Sarfaraz Ahmed is the new man in.

20.52 IST: Pat Cummins to Imam-ul-Haq, OUT! What a moment in the game. Imam-ul-Haq seemed to have been steering a Pakistani comeback, but the batsman departs immediately after his 50. The ball wasn't exactly a wicket-taking one. Cummins bowled short and down the leg, but Imam failed to time it perfectly. Gloves it straight to the keeper.

20.50 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Imam-ul-Haq, FOUR! 50 for Imam-ul-Haq.

20.49 IST: Pat Cummins to Imam-ul-Haq, Beaten completely! Shortish and close to the off stump line, too close to cut but Imam still wants to play that shot. Ends up missing the ball completely. Some sound there but it maybe due to the bat hitting the back pad.

20.37 IST: Starc to Imam, FOUR! Put away with ease! Starc delivers a short ball around off, Imam stands tall inside the crease and slaps it past the right side of the point fielder for a boundary.  PAK 120/2 in 21.3 overs

20.32 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Hafeez, Direct hit but safe! Good length delivery on off, Hafeez taps it down to the left of point and crosses for a quick run. Maxwell pounces onto the ball and scores a direct hit at the striker's end but Imam is safely in.

20.27 IST: Mitchell Starc to Imam-ul-Haq, Edgy! Good length ball darted in around off, it straightened a bit probably after landing as Imam pushed inside the line. It took the outside edge and went down to third man for one.

* Mitchell Starc is back on. A slip in place.

20.23 IST: Richardson to Imam, FOUR! The sweeper could have done better there. Short in length outside off, Imam crunches it off his back foot through cover-point and the ball races away. Cummins in the deep is slow off the blocks, tries his best to keep it out with a dive but fails. PAK 105/2 in 18.5 overs

20.15 IST: SIX! Dismissed! Hafeez gives the charge this time as he anticipated the bowler to fire it in. Makes handsome connection and sends it flying over long on for a biggie. The Pakistani supporters in the crowd are going mad. PAK 95/0 in 17.3 overs

20.15 IST: FOUR! Hafeez has decided to target Australia's fifth bowler. Good thinking. Full and floated on middle, Hafeez kneels down and slog sweeps it with the spin over square leg. It nearly carries all the way. PAK 89/0 in 17.2 overs

20.10 IST: Kane Richardson to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR! Beautifully played! Professor showing how it's done. A cracking cover drive off the front foot by him, he finds the gap and the rest is history. PAK 82/2 in 16.3 overs

20.02 IST: Maxwell to Hafeez, FOUR! What a shot! Tossed up ball around off, Hafeez dances down the track and thumps his inside-out shot over extra cover for a glorious boundary. PAK 69/2 in 14 overs

20.00 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Hafeez, Movement and bounce. Good length ball on off, jumping onto the batsman, Hafeez gets into a tangle and somehow keeps it out from the inner edge towards square leg. They cross after that. PAK 62/2 in 12.4 overs

19.57 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Imam-ul-Haq, Flatter and shorter outside off, Imam runs it down towards short third man where the fielder makes a diving stop. Cannot prevent the single though.

* Mohammad Hafeez is the number 4 batsman.

19.53 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Babar Azam, OUT! Babar Azam is Coulter-Nile's 50th ODI wicket. Massive breakthrough for Australia. A short delivery has done the trick here. Rising onto the batsman who takes the chance by wheeling a pull shot. But Babar fails to control it and the ball flies off the top edge to fine leg. Second catch for Kane Richardson and Pakistan have lost their premier batsman. 252 needed off 235 balls. Pakistan 56/2 in 4.3 overs

19.50 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Babar Azam, FOUR! Gorgeous! Coulter-Nile goes full and on middle, Babar covers the line well and caresses it straight down the ground for a boundary. You just cannot take your eyes off from this batsman. Class!

* Powerplay 2 begins! 4 fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle till the 40th over. Will Finch make those changes though? Australia will want more and more wickets.

19.47 IST: Kane Richardson to Babar Azam, FOUR! 50 up for Pakistan! Wrong line from Kane Richardson. It's sliding down the leg side and Babar just helps it on its way to the fine leg fence. Once again an over where at least one boundary has come.

19.44 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to Imam-ul-Haq, Four leg byes! Drifting down the leg side, Imam tries his best to glance but misses. It takes his thigh pad and speeds fine down the leg side for a boundary.

19.38 IST: Richardson to Babar, FOUR! Richardson is not bowling to his field at the moment. Back of a length delivery angling down the leg side, Babar gets on his toes and tickles it fine down the leg side for a boundary. PAK 39/1 in 7.3 overs

19.35 IST: Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR! Elegance personified! Cummins pitches it up and outside off, Babar presses forward and stylishly drives it through the gap between mid off and extra cover. Not a single muscle moved in the field. Sit back and enjoy this extraordinary talent from Pakistan. So easy to the eyes. PAK 34/1 in 6.2 overs

19.32 IST: Starc to Imam, FOUR!Poor line and this one deserved to be put away. A good length ball sliding down the leg side, Imam picks it up off his pads and neatly deflects it down to fine leg for a boundary. Two boundaries in the last over, three in this one. Pakistan dealing only in fours at the moment. PAK 30/1 in 6 overs

19.30 IST: Starc to Imam, FOUR! This was coming... this was coming... Starc spears in a very full ball on middle at 149 kph, Imam does extremely well there to not only get bat on ball but also to put it away through mid-wicket. Great battle, this! PAK 26/1 in 5.4 overs

19.30 IST: Starc to Imam, FOUR! EDGY FOUR! A 144 kph short delivery, Imam turns inside the crease to fetch it from outside off but gets a thick outside edge which flies over the slip cordon for a boundary. PAK 22/1 in 5.3 overs

19.28 IST: Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR! Crunched! Babar showing his class. Once again he leans into his shot and creams a length ball through covers for a boundary. PAK 18/1 in 5 overs

19.24 IST: Cummins to Babar, FOUR! Silky! With three slips in place, Australia have kept the cover region vacant to encourage Babar to play through that area. Azam takes on the challenge and gloriously puts a length ball through the off side for a boundary. Cummins won't mind that much. PAK 14/1 in 4.1 overs

19.21 IST: Starc to Imam Ul Haq, FOUR! A short ball and that has been blasted! PAK 10/1 in 3.2 overs

19.20 IST: Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR! If there is a scoring opportunity, Babar will take it. Cummins offers a bit of room outside off, Babar latches onto it and smashes it aerially over cover-point. PAK 6/1 in 3 overs

19.13 IST: Pat Cummins to Fakhar Zaman, OUT! Cummins strikes to remove the danger man! Cummins offers width outside off, Fakhar spots the chance to free his arms, throws his bat at it but it takes the outside half and flies down to third man. Kane Richardson in the deep moves across to his right and takes the catch safely. Early success for the Aussie and it's a big one too.

We are back for the chase! The Pakistan openers, Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq, walk out to the middle.

18.37 IST: Mohammad Amir to Mitchell Starc, OUT! Maiden ODI fifer for Amir and Australia are bowled out for 307! A well-deserved fifer for Mohammad Amir. He was brilliant today and is single-handedly responsible for where Pakistan are in the game at the moment. He bowls this full and on middle, Starc hits it nicely but does not get the desired elevation. Malik at long on runs to his right and takes a neat catch.

18.32 IST: Mohammad Amir to Alex Carey, OUT! Wicket number 4 for Mohammad Amir! What a bowler, what an outstanding bowler! Dishes out a perfect yorker on leg, Carey is beaten in pace as he bat comes down late. He is rapped on the back leg, the bowler appeals and the umpire raises his finger. Carey takes the DRS, there is no inside edge on the Ultra Edge and the Ball Tracker confirms it to be smashing the leg pole. AUS 304/9 in 48.3 overs

Carey is a goner! He though reviews. Only an inside edge can save him here. There seems to be no inside edge though. Ultra Edge confirms that.

18.26 IST: Hassan Ali to Pat Cummins, OUT! Hassan Ali now gets one. 8 down now Australia. He goes short and cramps Cummins for room. PC picks the wrong shot to play as he tries to upper cut it. Too close to play that. The ball kisses the gloves and goes into the hands of Sarfaraz Ahmed. Australia 302/8 in 47.3 overs

18.24 IST: Wahab Riaz to Pat Cummins, Just a single to end! Pakistan won't mind as that would keep Carey off strike. On the pads, Cummins works it through square leg to bring up the 300. Two runs and a wicket from the over. Outstanding over at this stage.

* Pat Cummins is the new batsman.

18.20 IST: Riaz to Coulter-Nile, Edged and OUT! Wahab Riaz is amongst the wickets now. A very good catch by Sarfaraz this. Riaz goes full and on off, Coulter-Nile looks to go big but ends up playing outside the line. The ball goes off the inside edge, almost wrong-footed Ahmed who reacts quickly and takes a good catch falling to his left. AUS 299/7 in 46.2 overs

18.15 IST: Hassan to Carrey, FOUR! Pulled and pulled well! Slightly short and on middle, Carey goes back and pulls it in the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary. Handy runs these. AUS 295/6 in 45.2 overs

* Nathan Coulter-Nile is the new man in.

18.12 IST: Mohammad Amir to Shaun Marsh, OUT! Marsh holes out! Australia have lost their way here! Third for Mohammad Amir and Pakistan are into the lower-order of Australia. Third wicket for Amir and he has been the stand out for Pakistan. AUS 289/6 in 44.4 overs

18.08 IST: Hasan to Carrey, FOUR! Spoils the over completely! Lovely shot by Carey. He makes room and Hassan bowls it full on middle. Carey strokes it nicely past mid off and the ball races away to the fence. AUS 284/5 in 44 overs

18.07 IST: Mohammad Amir to Shaun Marsh, Swing and a miss! Outside off, it may have been the slower one. Marsh looks to drive but is a touch early in the shot. Misses. Just the single in the over. Top stuff from Amir.

* Alex Carey arrives in the middle. He scored a quickfire half-century against India in the last match and Australia will be hoping for a similar performance from him again.

18.01 IST: Mohammad Amir to Usman Khawaja, OUT! Amir gets his second! Half the side back in the hut for Australia. Another time today, the bowling change works wonders. It is the slower one and full on off, very full actually. Khawaja looks to go over mid off but fails to get under it. He hits it straight to the fielder there. Wahab Riaz makes no mistake. Australia 276/5 in 42.1 overs

17.53 IST: Hassan Ali to Usman Khawaja, FOUR! 4th boundary in 7 balls! Poor line, down the leg side, Khawaja works it fine on the leg side and bags a boundary. Boundary to begin the over, pressure on the bowler. AUS 260/4 in 40.2 overs

17.50 IST: Shaheen to Marsh, FOUR! Beautifully played! Full and outside off, Marsh drives it through mid off where the fielder dives late and the ball goes through him for a boundary. AUS 254/4 in 39.4 overs

17.50 IST: Shaheen Afridi to Shaun Marsh, A leg bye to end! On the pads, Marsh looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball rolls towards the leg side a run is taken. There was an appeal from the bowler but it was slipping down leg.

17.43 IST: Shaheen Afridi to David Warner, OUT! TAKEN! Warner departs! Asif Ali will be the happiest man out there at the moment as the dropped catch does not cost Pakistan a lot. Afridi gets his second. He has bowled really well after getting his first. He bowls this fuller and on off, Warner looks to go over covers but ends up slicing it high up in the air towards sweeper cover. Imam-ul-Haq in the deep judges it well and takes a good catch.Australia 242/4 in 37.5 overs

17.40 IST: Wahab Riaz to David Warner, Another dot as Warner guides this to point. Could have easily been a successful over for Pakistan. Still a good one for them though as only 4 came from it.

17.37 IST: Wahab Riaz to David Warner, In the air... dropped! Warner continues riding his luck. Asif Ali has dropped a sitter. Another one by him. Just not been his day in the field. Wahab Riaz almost struck on return. Short and around off, Warner upper cuts it straight to third man who spills it. The batters take two. Needed to take that, this could prove very, very costly.

* Wahab Riaz is back!

17.32 IST: Shaheen Afridi to David Warner, FOUR! Between the keeper and the first slip and Warner gets to his ton in a fortunate manner. He won't care though. He is up and running in his celebration. His 15th in ODIs. Top knock from him. Afridi bowls this on a length and around off, Warner pushes at it but the ball goes off the outside edge past the diving first slip fielder and down to the third man fence. AUS 232/3 in 35.1 overs

Who will come in next? Khawaja? Marsh? Carey? Coulter-Nile? With Warner still there, Australia have decided to send Shaun Marsh ahead of everyone.

17.25 IST: Shaheen to Maxwell, OUT! TIMBER! The Big Show is out of here! A much-needed one for Shaheen Afridi. He must be mighty pleased and this should make him feel a lot better. This is bowled on a length and around middle, Maxwell looks to go big but misses it completely and the stumps are shattered. AUS 223/3 in 33.4 overs

17.22 IST: Shaheen to Warner, FOUR! Runs flowing now! Poor start by Afridi again. Short and outside off, Warner looks to cut but the ball flies off the outside edge and to the third man fence. AUS 222/2 in 33.1 overs

17.18 IST: Hafeez to Maxwell, SIX! Effortless! Lovely from Maxwell! Hafeez tosses this one on off from around the wicket. Maxwell nonchalantly lofts it over the bowler's head and it goes over the fence. 16 from the over. AUS 218/2 in 32.5 overs

17.18 IST: Hafeez to Maxwell, FOUR! Second boundary in the over! This time to the left of the fielder in the deep. Shorter and on middle, Maxwell goes back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a one bounce boundary. AUS 212/2 in 32.5 overs

17.17 IST: Hafeez to Maxwell, FOUR! A long-hop and Warner pounces on it. He goes back and pulls it hard in the gap in the mid-wicket region for a boundary. 206/2 in 32.2 overs

17.12 IST: Shoaib Malik to David Warner, 5 dots! Good fielding by Malik. Warner comes down the track and pushes it to the right of SM. He gets there quickly and saves a run.

* Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman in.

17.05 IST: Mohammad Hafeez to Steve Smith, OUT! In the air... taken! Hafeez strikes! The bowling change once again pays dividends for Pakistan. This is a huge wicket as Steve Smith has been in very good form. He was looking to go after the off spinners. He steps out but Hafeez bowls it slightly shorter. Smith looks to whip it but is a touch early into the shot. He gets a leading edge which balloons behind cover. Asif Ali from mid off and Malik from cover both go for it but the former calls for it and takes a good catch. Pakistan need a couple more quickly. Australia 189/2 in 28.4 overs

17.01 IST: Malik to Warner, SIX! FREE HIT and that has been smashed this time. Warner takes full toll of the Free Hit. He backs away and Malik bowls it quicker. It is too short and Warner powers it over the long on fence for a biggie. AUS 185/1 in 27.5 overs

16.59 IST: Shoaib Malik to Warner, FOUR! A full toss and Warner puts it away! He strokes it through covers and the ball races away to the fence. Once again, the pressure is released with a poor ball. AUS 176/1 in 27.4 overs 

16.56 IST: Mohammad Amir to David Warner, Overthrow! Sloppy from Pakistan, very sloppy. This is on a length and around off, Warner looks to defend but it goes off the inner half towards mid-wicket. They take one, Warner wants a second but is sent back in time. The mid on fielder gets to the ball and gets rid of it quickly but the throw is a wild one. Way too away from the bowler and the batters eventually take the second.

16.50 IST: Mohammad Amir to David Warner, NOT OUT! The impact is outside off! A poor review by Pakistan. That always looked the case! Pakistan lose their only review. Amir lands it on a length outside off and then gets it to come back in. Warner plants his front foot outside the line and looks to play across. He misses and gets hit on the front pad. A huge appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Amir wants it to be reviewed but Sarfaraz is not sure. He eventually goes for it. Replays roll in and they show the on-field call is the right one.

* DRS time! An lbw appeal against Warner has not been entertained by the umpire. The impact looks to be clearly outside off. Sarfaraz hesitantly takes the referral after his bowler has a chat. The replays roll in and they show that the impact indeed was the issue. Review gone for Pakistan.

16.46 IST: Hassan Ali to Steve Smith, A dot to end an expensive over from Hassan! Length and outside off, it is left alone. Probably this was the last over for Hassan of this spell. Not a good one for him as he has gone for 29 in his 3.

16.46 IST: Hassan Ali to Steve Smith, FOUR! Another half volley, this time to Smith and a man of his caliber won't miss out. Third boundary in the over. It is outside off, Smith shuffles across and strokes it through covers.

16.44 IST: Hassan Ali to David Warner, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Very poor from Hassan Ali. He needed to continue the pressure built by Amir in the last over but he has began poorly. He goes very full again and on off, Warner this time strokes it through the right of mid off who gives up the chase instantly.

16.41 IST: Hasan to Warner, FOUR! A half volley and it has been put away! Releases all the pressure that was built in the last over. On off, Warner leans into it and strokes it past the bowler and it races away. 150 up for Australia. AUS 157/1 in 23.2 overs

16.39 IST: Mohammad Amir to David Warner, BEATEN AGAIN! This time the outside edge is beaten. The ball straightens after pitching around off, Warner plays inside the line and it whizzes past the outside edge.

* Steve Smith is the new man in!

16.36 IST: Mohammad Amir to Aaron Finch, OUT! A catch has been taken that was offered by Aaron Finch. First breakthrough for Pakistan. They will be relieved more than happy. Amir serves a length delivery on middle, probably a slower one, Finch tries powering it across the line but is early into his shot. He ends up ballooning it in the air at extra cover, Hafeez gets underneath it, keeps his eyes on the ball and grabs it safely. The 146-run stand is broken and a knock full of lives for Finch is over. AUS 146/1 in 22.1 overs

16.35 IST: Hassan Ali to David Warner, FOUR! Fifty for Warner, his third in the 4 games he has played in this World Cup and it is his 20th in ODIs. It has taken him just 51 balls this time. His intent was questioned in the last game but can't be done this time. He gets there with a delightful square drive. It is a length ball, uses the pace of the bowler, opens the face at the very end and drives it through point. He would be eyeing a big one here and he looks all set to do so.

16.31 IST: Hassan Ali to David Warner, Absolute jaffa! Hassan from around the wicket goes wide of the crease and angles it into the batter. It pitches and straightens. Warner looks to work it on the leg side with the angle but due to the straightening of the ball, he gets beaten. The length was a touch shorter and hence it goes over the stumps.

16.27 IST: Hafeez to Finch, SIX! Not as big as the last one but surely the desired result. Brings out the slog sweep and drags it from outside off. It is not off the middle but still clears the mid-wicket fence. Consecutive maximums again for Finch. AUS 135/0 in 20.3 overs

16.27 IST: Hafeez to Finch, SIX! Finch is taking Hafeez apart here! He makes room again and Hafeez floats it up. Finch powers it high and handsome over the mid-wicket fence. AUS 129/0 in 20.2 overs

16.25 IST: Hassan Ali to Aaron Finch, Fractionally short and on off, cutting back in with extra bounce and catching Finch in an awkward position. He somehow keeps it out at mid-wicket and rushes to the other end. The fielder picks up the ball and has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Aaron anyway would have been in safely.

16.22 IST: Mohammad Hafeez to David Warner, Skidding down the leg side, Warner tries flicking but misses and it goes behind off his pads towards short fine leg. A leg bye to close this over, 4 from it.

16.20 IST: Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch, Beauty! Afridi switches to 'round the wicket and gets a length ball to straighten from around off. Finch tries to defend but is beaten.

16.15 IST: Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch, Shortish and around leg, Finch defends it on the leg side. Afridi has overstepped so the next ball with a Free Hit.

16.11 IST: Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch, SIX! High and handsome! Too full in length on middle, Finch stretches forward to get it in his arc and heaves it massively over mid-wicket for a biggie. 100 up for Australia as well. AUS 106/0 in 17 overs

16.10 IST: Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch, FOUR! 23rd ODI fifty for Aaron Finch! He has decided to cut loose here. Receives another short ball outside off and this time he smashes it through point. AUS 100/0 in 16.3 overs

16.09 IST: Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Don't let the off spinner settle. Finch advances down the track to a full ball and drills it back past the bowler for a boundary at long off.

16.06 IST: Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch, FOUR! That will give Finch all the confidence that he would have lost in the last over and this one. A full ball on middle, driven back hard past mid on where Malik misses the ball as he dived to stop it. The ball reaches the rope easily. AUS 92/0 in 16 overs

16.04 IST: Wahab Riaz to Aaron Finch, Drama! Plenty of it. Chance of a run out at both ends. Pakistan manage none. Fullish ball outside off, Finch drives straight to point and comes out of the crease for a non-existent single. He is sent back and Aaron dives as Babar misses the stumps at the striker's end.

15.59 IST: Wahab Riaz to Aaron Finch, NOT OUT! Umpire's call. Back of a length delivery around leg, Finch sticks back inside the crease to work it on the leg side but misses. They appeal for an lbw but the umpire remains still. Wahab has a chat with his skipper and Sarfaraz gets convinced to take the DRS.

* Shout for an lbw! The umpire remains still. Wahab convinces his skipper and Sarfaraz goes for the review.

15.57 IST: Afridi to Warner, FOUR! Lovely shot from Warner but the ball is a poor one again. Short and on the body, easily pulled away through backward square leg. The boundary rope is found again with ease. Warner going along on his merry way! AUS 83/0 in 13.5 overs

15.53 IST: Wahab to Finch, FOUR! Insult to injury for Pakistan. A drop followed by a boundary. A delivery drifting down the leg side, Finch moves across and neatly deflects it to fine leg for a boundary. AUS 75/0 in 12.5 overs

15.52 IST: Wahab to Finch, Edged and Dropped! A massive chance squandered! Gone for FOUR as well! Back of a length delivery outside off, Aaron tries to punch it through covers but gets a thick outside edge behind to first slip. Asif tries catching it with his fingers pointing up but fails to pouch it. It bursts through his hands and races behind to the fence. AUS 71/0 in 12.4 overs

15.45 IST: Wahab Riaz to David Warner, Aerial... SAFE! Riaz serves it a bit short on off and the ball shoots up after kissing the deck. Warner gets into an awkward position as he tries to fend it away. The ball takes the leading edge and balloons in the air. But it falls safely at cover-point.

15.40 IST: Hassan Ali to David Warner, Four leg byes! Ali slips a shortish ball down the leg side, Warner fails to glance but still it's a good result for Australia. The ball kisses Warner's thigh pad and speeds down to the fine leg fence.

15.33 IST: Hassan Ali to David Warner, FOUR! Too wide and outside off, Warner gets on top of the bounce and crunches his drive through covers for the second boundary in this over.

15.30 IST: Hassan Ali to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Ali provides width on this occasion, and Finch says thank you very much. After being deceived by an in-swinging bowl, this is a gift for the Australian captain.

15.26 IST: Mohammad Amir to David Warner, FOUR! Poor delivery and punished! A length ball once again drifting down the leg side, Warner flicks it with nice timing past the square leg fielder inside the ring. No stopping it after that.

Warner reaches 500 runs in the World Cup.

15.22 IST: Hassan Ali replaces Shaheen Afridi.

15.18 IST: MAIDEN from Mohammad Amir.

15.16 IST: Shaheen Afridi to David Warner, FOUR! Another short ball from Afridi, and it has been sent for a boundary again. Pulled by Warner.

15.14 IST: Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch, SIX! Boom! Finch won't hold back. Also, this is not the length to bowl at the moment, at least. Shortish and on middle, Aaron eases himself on the back foot and pulls it thunderously in front of square leg for his 100th six in ODIs.

15.05 IST: Shaheen Afridi to David Warner, FOUR! Keeps it short and on the middle, and Warner opens the Aussie account with a brilliant pull shot.

15.04 IST: Maiden to begin with from Amir.

15.01 IST: Mohammad Amir to Aaron Finch, BEATEN FIRST UP! Lovely delivery. Amir pitches it up and outside off, takes it away with the angle, Finch is caught pushing inside the line tamely and gets beaten comprehensively.

14.59 IST: David Warner and Aaron Finch will open for Australia, Mohammad Amir has the ball for Pakistan.

14.38 IST: Playing XIs:

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch (C), Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (WK), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Kane Richardson

Pakistan: Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez (WK/C), Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Shaheen Afridi, Mohammad Amir

14.33 IST: TOSS - Sarfaraz Ahmed has won the toss and Pakistan will bowl first

Brief preview:
When Sarfaraz Ahmed says past results mean nothing to his Pakistan team, he genuinely means it. Few would doubt him, either, particularly rival captains at the Cricket World Cup. Five-time champion Australia swept Pakistan 5-0 in a one-day international series in March. That extended Australia's winning streak to eight in ODIs after coming back from 2-0 down to win a series 3-2 in India. Australia are again favoured to win the group-stage encounter against Pakistan at Somerset's County Ground on Wednesday, but the odds don't matter. Pakistan was bounced out for 105 in its tournament-opening loss to West Indies but rallied to beat top-ranked England, a pre-tournament title favorite, to end a run of 11 straight defeats. [Read full preview here]

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