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Narendra Modi govt wins no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha| As It Happened Read In Hindi

The Narendra Modi govt on Friday comfortably won the no-confidence motion moved by TDP and other opposition parties in the Lok Sabha.

Edited by: India TV Politics Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: July 21, 2018 8:10 IST ]
PM Modi Live: Lok Sabha debating no-confidence motion
Image Source : PTI

PM Modi Live: Lok Sabha debating no-confidence motion against Modi government (Photo/PTI)

The Narendra Modi govt on Friday comfortably won the no-confidence motion moved by TDP and other opposition parties in the Lok Sabha.

While 325 MPs opposed the motion, 126 MPs votes in favour of the no-trust motion.

Responding to the debate on the no-confidence motion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tore apart all the charges levelled against his government by the Congress, TDP and other opposition parties.

Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, the prime minister said that the nation expected more maturity from him.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi attempted to stun and surprise PM Modi and the ruling BJP by carrying out a 'never-seen-before' act in the House. Rahul walked towards PM Modi's bench, shook hands and hugged him taking the PM by surprise. PM Modi then returned the gesture by patting the Congress president's back.PM Modi is expected to paint the Congress and other Opposition parties as an "opportunistic alliance" with the sole aim of dislodging him from power.  The day-long debate on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha is certain to witness fireworks from both the sides. 

WATCH LIVE: Lok Sabha no-confidence motion updates on IndiaTV YouTube channel

As It Happened: 

No-confidence motion 11:01 pm: Lok Sabha rejects no-confidence motion against Narendra Modi-led NDA government; 325 MPs vote against the motion, 126 in favour

No-confidence motion 11:01 pm: Voting underway on the no-confidence motion moved by TDP and others

PM Modi Live 10:48 pm: The prime minister concludes his speech

PM Modi Live 10:45 pm: 'Congress divided India and Pakistan, and we are still suffering'

PM Modi Live 10:42 pm: India is seeing the record pace at which roads are being built, villages are being connected, i-ways are being built, railways development is happening: PM


PM Modi Live 10:38 pm: Any instance of violence brings shame to the nation. I will once again urge the state governments to punish those who indulge in violence: PM

PM Modi Live 10:36 pm:This Government stands with the Muslim women in their quest for justice: PM

PM Modi Live 10:34 pm: Loans were given over the phone during Congress rule, the web of NPAs was spread during this time: PM

PM Modi Live 10:32 pm: A phone call would get loans for their cronies and the nation suffered: PM

PM Modi Live 10:30 pm:I want to tell you about the NPA problem. Much before Internet Banking, Congress Party invented Phone Banking and this caused the NPA mess: PM

PM Modi Live 10:22 pm: 'Who stalled GST in Parliament? Who held up OROP for so many years?': PM Modi targets Congress

PM Modi Live 10:21 pm: I want to tell the people of Andhra Pradesh that we will keep working for them. We will do everything possible for the development of AP: PM

PM Modi Live 10:20 pm: When TDP was leaving NDA, I called up Chandrababu Naidu, warned him that you are falling into YSR Congress's trap: PM 

PM Modi Live 10:19 pm: Just because of your internal politics with the YSRCP you are doing this, I had told the AP CM: PM

PM Modi Live 10:17 pm: NDA Government is committed towards the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: PM

PM Modi Live 10:15 pm: Atal Ji created 3 states- Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully. These states are prospering. The Congress divided Andhra Pradesh and their conduct then was shameful: PM

PM Modi Live 10:10 pm: Congress tries to create instability in the country whenever they are not in power: PM

PM Modi Live 10:06 pm:We are both the 'chowkidaars' as well as 'bhagidaars', but we are not 'saudagars' and 'thekedaars' like you

PM Modi Live 10:05 pm: The entire country saw what the eyes did today. It is clear in front of everyone: PM 

PM Modi Live 10:04 pm: Aapki aankhon mein aankhein daal ke hum nahi bol sakte, aap naamdar hain aur ham kaamdar hain: PM

PM Modi Live 10:03 pm: "Who am I to look into your eyes?", PM Modi takes jibe at Rahul Gandhi's statement that Modi ji cannot look straight into his eyes: PM

PM Modi Live 10:01 pm: I had read a statement- "who says we don't have the numbers." Look at the arrogance. When in 1999 someone stood outside Rashtrapati Bhavan and said- we have 272 & more joining. Atal Ji's govt was destabalised and they never formed the govt: PM

PM Modi Live 10:00 pm: What did the Congress do to Charan Singh Ji, what did they do to Chandra Shekhar Ji, what did they do to Deve Gowda Ji, what did they do to IK Gujral Ji: PM


PM Modi Live 09:59 pm:Just because of one careless allegation in the House on Rafale, both the nations had to release statements. We should not indulge in such childish behaviour: PM

PM Modi Live 09:57 pm: You called the surgical strike a Jumla Strike. You can abuse me as much as you want but stop insulting the Jawans of India. I will not tolerate this insult to our forces: PM

PM Modi Live 09:54 pm: One of the leaders spoke about Doklam. The same leader, who trusted the Chinese Ambassador and not our forces. What have we come to? Every issue does not merit a childish conduct:PM

PM Modi Live 09:53 pm:  The people of the country will not forgive the Opposition for terming the surgical strike as 'jumla strike': PM

PM Modi Live 09:51 pm: The Congress is filled with doubts, about themselves, about their own party members, about the Central government, about the EVMs, about the Election Commission and on the people of the country: PM

PM Modi Live 09:50 pm: I pray that the Congress be bestowed with so much power, that they come up with a no-confidence motion again in 2024: PM

PM Modi Live 09:49 pm:  It was natural to witness troubles within the Congress when they saw us undertaking big tasks for the development and welfare of all: PM

PM Modi Live 09:48 pm: While the world is looking at us with faith today, the political parties of our own country doubt us: PM

PM Modi Live 09:45 pm: We have made efforts to curb corruption and black money: PM

PM Modi Live 09:43 pm: The people of the country are making online transactions, we have taken the idea of Digital India forward: PM

PM Modi Live 09:42 pm: We have provided loans to 13 crore youths of the country and they are taking the country forward through their work: PM

PM Modi Live 09:41 pm: Our Government introduced programmes like Ayushman Bharat, which provided top quality healthcare to the poor: PM

PM Modi Live 09:40 pm: Our government has the honour of working towards the electrification of 18,000 villages that were in the dark for 70 years. Most of these villages were situated in Eastern India and the Northeast: PM

PM Modi Live 09:39 pm: We are heading towards doubling farmers' income by 2022: PM

PM Modi Live 09:37 pm: The doors of banks were not open for the poor, this has been done by the Central government. We have helped the poor get their bank accounts opened. All this could have been done by the previous govt: PM

PM Modi Live 09:35 pm: Electricity should have reached 18000 villages years ago: PM

PM Modi Live 09:32 pm: We are working with the ambition of 'sabka sath sabka vikas': PM

PM Modi Live 09:30 pm: Congress leaders should not question the faith of the masses for their own benefits: PM

PM Modi Live 09:24 pm:  'Modi hatao' is the only motive of the Opposition: PM

No-confidence motion 09:20 pm:  PM Modi takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi for hugging him and then winking at his party MPs

No-confidence motion 09:20 pm: Negative politics has surrounded some people: PM Modi

No-confidence motion 09:19 pm:  We all should reject this no-confidence motion: PM Modi

No-confidence motion 09:17 pm: PM Modi begins his speech

No-confidence motion 09:05 pm: PM Modi arrives in Lok Sabha for delivering his speech

No-confidence motion 08:55 pm:  Muslims should not be doubted, they are also Indians like you, says Farooq Abdullah

No-confidence motion 07:40 pm: In a series of tweets, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala asks whether 'Secrecy Pact' was not violated when MoS Defence revealed the approx Rafale price to Lok Sabha in November 2016.

No-confidence motion 07:22 pm: "Let them deny it if they want. He(French President) said that before me.I was there, Anand Sharma and Dr.Manmohan Singh were also there," Rahul Gandhi was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

No-confidence motion 07:20 pm: Reacting to French government's denial, Rahul Gandhi said that he stood by what he said in the Parliament.

No-confidence motion 06:58 pm: Hari Babu concludes his speech

No-confidence motion 06:58 pm: BJP will continue to support the cause of Andhra Pradesh, with the TDP or without the TDP: Hari Babu

No-confidence motion 06:44 pm: We have noted the statement of Mr Rahul Gandhi before the Indian Parliament. France and India concluded in 2008 a Security agreement, which legally binds the two States to protect the classified information provided by the partner, that could impact security and operational capabilities of the defence equipment of India or France. These provisions naturally apply to the IGA concluded on 23 September 2016 on the acquisition of 36 Rafale aircraft and their weapons: Statement from French govt

No-confidence motion 06:40 pm:Reacting to Rahul gandhi's attack on PM Modi over Rafale deal, France says the two countries concluded in 2008 a Security agreement, which legally binds the two States to protect the classified information provided by the partner.

No-confidence motion 06:34 pm: Hari Babu slams TDP for joining hands with Congress, says it will hurt NT Rama Rao's soul.

No-confidence motion 06:32 pm: Speaker asks BJP MP Hari Babu to speak

No-confidence motion 06:30 pm:When will black money return to India? When will every one get Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts?: Kharge

No-confidence motion 06:26 pm: Farmers are committing suicide in the country and Modi ji says they are making efforts for the welfare of the farmers: : Kharge

No-confidence motion 06:15 pm: BJP failed to bring a small amendment to the Lokpal Act: Kharge

No-confidence motion 06:07 pm: The way home minister is trying to play the policy of dividing people, it will not save the democracy: Kharge

No-confidence motion 06:02 pm:The BJP leaders said that most of the villages did not have access to electricity, but was there no electricity production in last 70 years?: Kharge

No-confidence motion 05:59 pm: I hoped ruling MPs would tell us what are the achievements of this government in the last 4 years, 3 months, but we were made to know about the history of the country by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, says Mallikarjun Kharge

No-confidence motion 05:58 pm: Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge speaking on no-trust motion against NDA government.

No-confidence motion 05:35 pm: BJP accuses Rahul Gandhi of lying of the floor of House, moves privilege motion for making false statement against Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while speaking about Rafale Deal during debate on no-trust motion.

No-confidence motion 05:25 pm: Ramvilas Paswan of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) speaking in Lok Sabha during debate over no-trust motion moved by the Opposition against BJP-led NDA government.  I would say that it is good to be hard working, but Rahul Gandhi ji should also think on why most of the states have slipped out of his hands: Ram Vilas Paswan in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 05:08 pm: Tariq Anwar of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) speaking in Lok Sabha during debate over no-trust motion.

No-confidence motion 04:56 pm: Meri himmat ko saraho, mere humrahi bano, maine ek shama jalayi hai hawaon ke khilaaf, is haqeeqat ko samjho: Rajnath Singh in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 04:56 pm: People who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth can't imagine about the sufferings  of a farmer. Only  a son of the soil can do so and PM Modi is that son, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 04:54 pm: When Pakistani, ISIS flags are raised on the soil of this country, shouldn't that be condemned. Kya hum chahte hain ki Pakistani roopi zehniyat Hindustan mein zinda rahe? Hindu-Pakistan, Hindu-Taliban ki baat karte hain, desh ko kahan le jana chate hain?: Rajnath Singh in Lok Sabha Rajnath Singh 

Watch: Rajnath Singh responds to Shashi Tharoor's 'Hindu Pakistan' remark in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 04:50 pm: Mob lynching incidents are very unfortunate and I asked state governments to make strictest of laws against it but I would like tell people who are raising these issues that the biggest case of mob lynching happened during 1984 Sikh genocide: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 04:40 pm: The Opposition is so nervous that it has started a 'chipko movement' in Parliament, says Rajnath Singh reacting to Rahul Gandhi's hug to PM Modi

No-confidence motion 04:32 pm: I am like his mother, it is my duty to tell him (Rahul Gandhi) what is wrong. There is a decorum of the House and it should be maintained, says Sumitra Mahajan

No-confidence motion 04:32 pm: Lok Sabha proceedings resume. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan reprimands Rahul Gandhi for hugging PM Modi

No-confidence motion 04:17 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned till 4:30 pm after uproar over Rajnath Singh's remark over 

No-confidence motion 04:15 pm: Our government brought a Bill to tighten noose on economic offenders, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 04:13 pm: India has become an attractive investment nation due to ease of doing business under our government, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 04:09 pm: India will soon be in top three economies of the world. India has emerged as the fastest growing country in the world, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 04:05 pm: Parties which have brought this no-confidence motion, they don't even have trust between them, says Home Minister Rajnath Singh 

No-confidence motion 04:00 pm: The Opposition is just not able to read the sentiments of the people. We believe in respecting the Opposition too, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 03:56 pm: Home Minister Rajnath Singh speaking in Lok Sabha. The country is standing with the BJP. No one would have ever imagined that the BJP will form government in Tripura, says Rajnath Singh

No-confidence motion 03:43 pm: What progress the country has made in the last 4 years under Modi government? What happened to all those tall promises the government made? asks Mohammed Salim, CPM MP from Raiganj, West Bengal, while speaking in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 03:41 pm: Rahul Gandhi's act of hugging PM Modi inside Lok Sabha was nothing but a childish act. He has grown old but it is unfortunate that he has not grown up. It is unfortunate that the president of Congress is so ill-informed and immature, says Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar

No-confidence motion 03:32 pm: Rahul Gandhi should be ashamed, he can't target our ministers without any proof. He was doing drama in the house and hugging Modi ji. I think his next step will be Bollywood. We will have to send him there: Kirron Kher, BJP MP

No-confidence motion 03:30 pm: BJP to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha over his 'false allegations'.

No-confidence motion 03:23 pm: Urea, oil, seeds all have become costly under this government. Small traders and farmers are suffering the most under the BJP government, says Mulayam Yadav

​Watch: Mulayam Yadav speaks on no-confidence motion

No-confidence motion 03:21 pm: Even people inside the BJP are miffed with the government, I won't name them they come to me and complain about difficulties they are facing, says Mulayam Singh Yadav

No-confidence motion 03:18 pm: Veteran Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav speaking in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 03:08 pm: PM Narendra Modi to speak on no-confidence motion post 6:30 pm.

No-confidence motion 02:45 pm: Rahul Gandhi is a non-serious player, this has been proved once again today, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra tells IndiaTV

No-confidence motion 02:32 pm: "We cannot thank you enough for the entertainment!" tweets BJP after Rahul Gandhi's hug 'antic' inside Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 02:15 pm: Secrecy agreement with France was signed in 2008 and Rafale deal was also covered in it: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Lok Sabha 

India Tv - Rahul hugged PM Modi and then winked at one of his fellow MPs during no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha. 

Rahul hugged PM Modi and then winked at one of his fellow MPs during no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha. 

No-confidence motion 02:11 pm: 

No-confidence motion 02:05 pm: Rahul Gandhi walks towards treasury benches, shake hands, hugs PM Modi. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan asks him to maintain decorum | READ 

No-confidence motion 02:05 pm: The prime minister and the BJP president are afraid to lose power: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 02:01 pm: We are okay to be out of power but the PM, BJP president are not ready to lose power: Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:59 pm: Attack on anyone is an attack on Ambedkarji, the Constitution and this House itself. One of your MPs talks about changing the Constitution and we'll not let that happen, says Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:55 pm: Never before in the history before, India's reputation had been of a country where women are not safe but now atrocities on women, minorities, adivasis have increased manifold but the PM is yet to speak on it: Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:53 pm: Rahul Gandhi restarts his speech in Lok Sabha. PM did a MSP jumla strike on farmers of the country a few a days ago, says Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:49 pm: Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan reminds Rahul Gandhi about rules of the House. If you are making direct allegations against anyone, come with evidence. It'll be nice if the decorum of the House is maintained by all, says Sumitra Mahajan

No-confidence motion 01:36 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned amid huge uproar by the BJP against Rahul Gandhi's allegations against PM Modi.

No-confidence motion 01:30 pm: I can see him smiling. But there's a touch of nervousness in the gentleman and he is looking away from me. I can understand that. He cannot look into my eyes, I can see that because the Prime Minister has not been truthful, says Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:20 pm: The  whole country is watching, I said the truth about the PM but he wasn't able to look into my eyes, says Rahul Gandhi he PM must explain why the Rafale jet deal was taken away from HAL and given to a businessman whose firm has never built a jet. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman lied to the the country over the Rafale deal under presssure. I know the PM is nervous as he is looking away from me: Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:17 pm: Huge uproar in Lok Sabha as Rahul Gandhi mentions name of Amit Shah's son

No-confidence motion 01:15 pm: PM Modi talks only to suit-boot business class people. He works only for 10-20 businessmen and not for the crores of farmers of the country, says Rahul Gandhi

No-confidence motion 01:15 pm: 

No-confidence motion 01:11 pm: You are the victim of a 21st-century political weapon and you are not the only one. The political weapon is called the 'jumla strike': Congress President Rahul Gandhi to TDP in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 01:06 pm: Congress president Rahul Gandhi begins his speech in Lok Sabha on no-trust vote against Modi government.

No-confidence motion 01:02 pm: The Congress is trying to form a Mahagathbandhan as it is jittery of PM Modi's popularity and the work done by the NDA government under his leadership, says BJP MP Rakesh Singh.

No-confidence motion 01:02 pm: Uproar by Opposition benches over BJP MP Rakesh Singh mentioning government's achievements in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh 

No-confidence motion 12:45 pm: This no-confidence is not to bring down the government but mainly because of frustration and desperation that Modi government will retain power in 2019, says BJP MP Rakesh Singh in Lok Sabha

No-confidence motion 12:43 pm: Rahul Gandhi to speak next during debate on no-trust vote against Modi government

No-confidence motion 12:40 pm: An Islamic country like UAE has approved construction of a Hindu temple, this shows how India's position has changed internationally and this all has happened due to Modi government: BJP MP Rakesh Singh

No-confidence motion 12:32 pm: Manmohan Singh said minorities have the first right on country's resources. However, PM Modi gave new direction by saying that first right on country's resources is of the poor: Rakesh Singh, BJP MP in Lok Sabha.

No-confidence motion 12:20 pm: While the Congress gave 'scam' government to the country, the BJP has given 'scheme' government and we are proud to claim that for the first time in 70 years, schemes have actually been implemented on the ground, says BJP MP Rakesh Singh.

No-confidence motion 12:20 pm: 

No-confidence motion 12:16 pm: The no-confidence motion is spearheaded by Congress and DMK, so no way the AIADMK will support it: V Maitreyan, AIADMK MP

No-confidence motion 12:12 pm: BJP's Rakesh Singh, Jabalpur MP, speaking against the no-trust vote in Lok Sabha. 

No-confidence motion 12:02 pm: Sumitra Mahajan asks TDP's Jayadeva Galla to conclude his speech after uproar in House over the party being allotted more time to speak during no-trust vote.

No-confidence motion 12:01 pm: 

No-confidence motion 11:51 am: "Hum log sarkar ke saath hain (we are with the government)," says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on being asked about JDU's stand on no-confidence motion against Modi government in Lok Sabha.

No-confidence motion 11:34 am: The BJP will witness the same fate as that of Congress in Andhra Pradesh. This is not a threat but a

'shraap' (curse), says TDP MP Galla, who is also the managing director of Amara Raja Batteries.

No-confidence motion 11:15 am: The Modi government has done nothing for the people of Andhra Pradesh in the last four years. The government has breached the trust of the people. The saga of Andhra Pradesh during this Modi-Shah regime is a saga of empty promises, says TDP MP Jayadeva Galla.

No-confidence motion 11:15 am: Telugu Desam Party's Jayadeva Galla begins the debate over no-confidence motion against Modi government. This is a war between majority and morality, says TDP MP Galla.

No-confidence motion 11:09 am: Biju Janata Dal (BJD) announces that it will not participate in the no-trust vote against Modi government. BJD MPs stage walk out from Lok Sabha.

No-confidence motion 11:08 am: Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge raises questions over limited time given for no-trust vote. "Not right to sum up such important issue within 5 hours, says Kharge.

No-confidence motion 11:00 am: No-trust votes proceedings begin in Lok Sabha. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan schedules voting on no-trust vote at 6 pm.

No-confidence motion 10:59 am: Meanwhile, heavy rains have caused waterlogging inside Parliament complex. 

No-confidence motion 10:58 am: Congress upset over being given less time to speak during no-trust vote. "Is this time sufficient for us to highlight issues of 130 crore Indians and faults of this government? Each party should get 30 minutes, but 38 minutes have been allotted to the largest Opposition party. No-confidence motion can't be treated like question hour," says Mallikarjun Kharge.

No-confidence motion 10:50 am: Shiv Sena to abstain from voting during the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha today.

No-confidence motion 10:35 am: Meeting of Shiv Sena parliamentary committee begins inside the party office in Parliament complex. The Uddhav Thackeray-led party is yet to disclose whether it'll vote against the Modi government or support it during the no-trust vote today.

No-confidence motion 10:32 am: Ahead of the trust vote, Congress leader and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal tweets, "No Confidence: In the government, In the Rupee at an all time low of 69.05, In investigating agencies, People are waiting to vote for change in 2019." 

No-confidence motion 10:22 am: The country's support is with the NDA government. The government will also get support from parties outside the NDA. There will certainly be an earthquake when Rahul Gandhi speaks but it will be within the Congress after no-confidence motion, says Ananth Kumar, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

No-confidence motion 10:21 am: BJP president and Rajya Sabha member Amit Shah reaches Parliament, flashes victory sign ahead of no-confidence motion.

No-confidence motion 10:16 am: The BJP's strategy is to keep the focus on PM Modi's speech and downplay Rahul Gandhi address in Lok Sabha.

No-confidence motion 10:15 am: Rajnath Singh, Rakesh Singh, Virendra Singh Mast and Arjun Ram Meghwal to speak from the government on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha.

No-confidence motion 10:06 am: Discussions will start at 11 am today. Nation is concerned about the stand of Shiv Sena. Our party will make the right decision. Between 10:30 -11:00 am, party chief will himself tell the party about his decision: Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena. 

No-confidence motion 09:45: Rahul Gandhi to be the first speaker from Congress at about 11:30 am. Mallikarjun Kharge and Jyotiraditya Scindia also slated to speak during no-confidence motion debate.

No-confidence motion 09:40 am: PM Modi to meet top ministers and BJP president Amit Shah at around 10:45 am inside his office in Parliament office.

No-confidence motion 09:07 am: Shatrughan Sinha adds  As far as I'm concerned, so long the party has nt left me in the lurch, nor have I left the party, though maybe high time & right time, I should, could & would support BJP as a loyal & true soldier. For the time being my vote is here, rest for 2019 elections."Yeh kahani phir kabhi". 

No-confidence motion 09:05 am: "Let's not get confused. No confidence motion..It's not about numbers..not a game of quantity!! It's a game of quality, game of standard debate, discussions, deliberations, the deep thought,deep introspection & above all has to be within the constitutional decorum & framework. No confidence motion -- Hope Wish n Pray, people don't cross the limits while debating & nobody should call leaders by different names like 'Pappu' & 'Feku' The exposure, lung power & allegations would remain most important," tweets BJP MP from Patna Sahib Shatrughan Sinha

No-confidence motion 08:30 am: Union Minister and BJP MP from Nawada, Bihar, Giriraj Singh takes a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi ahead of no-confidence motion. "Bhukamp ke maze lene ke liye taiyar ho jayie," tweets Singh.

No-confidence motion 08:00 am: PM Narendra Modi tweets ahead of no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha. "Today is an important day in our Parliamentary democracy. I am sure my fellow MP colleagues will rise to the occasion and ensure a constructive, comprehensive & disruption free debate. We owe this to the people & the makers of our Constitution. India will be watching us closely," says PM Modi | READ

The Opposition parties have brought the motion against the Modi Government on several issues like special status to Andhra Pradesh, cow vigilantism, mob lynchings, atrocities against women and Dalits and incidents of rapes across the country. 

The opposition's moves for a No Confidence Motion were not allowed in the last Budget Session that was washed out due to continued uproar by MPs from TDP, TRS and some other parties. 

In a House of 535 members, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has 274 members (including the Speaker and 2 nominated members) in the 16th Lok Sabha. The total number of parties in ruling NDA is 311 in the lower House.

Watch: Aaj Ki Baat - Rajat Sharma Ke Saath to know all about No-confidence Motion against  Modi govt

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