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Full text of Trump's speech from India-US joint statement

On day two of US President's India visit, PM Modi and Trump held an hour-long meeting at the Hyderabad House. Both the leaders held discussions on a number of issues including trade, defence cooperation, efforts to counter terrorism, technology and other issues. Here's the full text of President Trump's speech in the joint statement.

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New Delhi Updated on: February 25, 2020 15:52 IST
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President Trump in a joint statement with PM Modi at Hyderabad House said US-India relations are stronger than ever before.

On day two of US President's India visit, PM Modi and Trump held an hour-long meeting at the Hyderabad House. Both the leaders held discussions on a number of issues including trade, defence cooperation, efforts to count terrorism, technology and other issues. The two leaders -- PM Modi and President Trump -- issued a joint press statement briefing about the discussions the heads of two countries held.

In the joint statement, PM Modi said, "Today we discussed every important aspect of US-India partnership, be it defence and security, energy strategic partnership, trade or people to people ties. The strengthening in defence ties between India and US is an important aspect of our partnership."

Followed by PM Modi, Trump also issued a joint statement after holding talks with PM Modi saying, "Melania and I have been awed by the majesty of India and the exceptional generosity and kindness of the Indian people. We will always remember the magnificent welcome the citizens of your home state (of PM Modi) showed us upon arrival."

Here is the full text of US President Trump's speech from the India-US joint statement   

Thank You very much Prime Minister Modi, this has been a very special visit, unforgettable, extra-ordinary, what can you say, very very wonderful to be with you, thank you very much and Melania and I are odd by the majesty of India's exceptional kindness and generosity of the Indian people. We will always remember a magnificent welcome by the citizens of your home state showed us on our arrival was a profound expression of strength and real love and really it was love and I think everybody saw that and everybody witnessed that for themselves.

The first lady and I also reflected on the memory of Mahatma Gandhi at his Ashram and this morning in Delhi, we laid a wreath on his honour. We visited one of your nation's stunning cultural treasures, world-famous the Taj Mahal. We look forward to continuing to our visit... with President Kovind at the Presidential Palace.

I know PM Modi will agree that this has been a very productive visit for both our countries. Clearly today we expanded our defense corporation with agreements for India to purchase more than $3 billion dollars of advanced American military equipment including Apache and MH-60 Romeo helicopters... finest in the world.

These deals will enhance our joint defence capabilities as our militaries continue to train and operate side-by-side. In our discussions, PM Modi and I affirmed our two countries' commitment to protecting our citizens from radical Islamic terrorism.

The US is also productively working with Pakistan to confront terrorists who operate on its soil. Together, the PM and I are revitalizing the quad-initiative with the US, India, Australia and Japan. Since I took office, we have held the first quad Ministerio meeting...I guess you would call it a meeting but it seems like so much more than that and expanded co-operation on counter-terrorism, cyber and maritime security to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

As we deepen our partnership with India we remember that the two countries have always been united by shared traditions of democracy, constitutions that protects freedom and individual rights and rule of law.

During our visit, we discussed the need for a secure 5G wireless network and the need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress, and prosperity, not to do anything where it could even be conceived as the conduct of suppression and censorship. To guarantee that the infrastructure in the future is built in a safe, transparent and accountable manner, the US is working with a range of partners including Australia and Japan to create the blue dot network, a major initiative to ensure countries around the world have access to trust-worthy options for high-quality infrastructure development and that's what happening.

Another major focus of my discussions with PM Modi is forging bilateral economic relationships, in a sphere and reciprocal. Our teams have made tremendous progress on a comprehensive trade agreement and I am optimistic we can reach a deal that will give great importance to both the countries.

Since I took office, US exports to India are up by nearly 60% and exports of high-quality American energy have grown by, thank you very much, 500%, that's great.

As India grows, so do its energy needs. Yesterday, ExxonMobil signed a deal to improve the Indian Natural Gas distribution network so that the US export even more LNG to India. We are pleased to join the chairman of ExxonMobil and intelligence... Alex... thank you very much and CEO of Chart Energy & Chemicals Inc -- Thank you very much... that's a big deal Alex, can you handle it... I think so, great.

To further strengthen our economic ties, the US is pleased to annnounce that the US International Development Finance Cooperation will be establishing a permanent presence right here.

America is specially committed to work with India to improve development and empower women entrepreneurs that is why my daughter Ivanka attended the global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad to highlight women's economic empowerment. We have since launched the WGDP initiative which is now spearheading projects supporting women in the economy from new Delhi to Kolkata.

In our meetings with PM Modi, we discussed and agreed to create a counter-narcotic working group to confront the growing threat drugs... we must rid our societies of these lethal horrible poisons. We must rid our societies from these bad drugs that are pouring in.

PM Modi, we have made tremendous advances for our people over the past few days and working together. I know that our two nations will continue to achieve new breakthroughs, unlock new potential and forge even further in years ahead and a point where the relationship is so special with India. It is never been as good as it is right now and I think that's because the leaders of each country feel very strongly about each other and we have done something that is very unique and we have made some wonderful deals to work for each of our countries.

Once again we wanna thank you and the entire nation of India for honouring the US with its outstanding welcome. I am pleased to say that the US- India partnership is now truly stronger than ever before. This was a great visit with a tremendous friend and a tremendous leader PM Modi.

President Trump accompanied by wife and first lady Melania, daughter Ivanka Trump, son-in-law Jared Corey Kushner and his delegation landed in Ahmedabad on Monday. He was received by PM Modi at the Ahmedabad airport in his signature hug style. 

On Monday, Trump visited Sabarmati Ashram, spin Gandhi's charkha and addressed his mega Namaste Trump event along with PM Modi. 

President Trump will attend a dinner hosted by President Kovind, will meet Indian business leaders, pay a visit to US embassy before leaving back home.

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