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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman meets PM Modi | Here is what they discussed

Sam Altman, the CEO and co-founder of ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, during his visit to India, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Arushi Jaiswal Edited By: Arushi Jaiswal New Delhi Updated on: June 09, 2023 12:17 IST
Sam Altman, PM Modi
Image Source : SAM ALTMAN/TWITTER OpenAI CEO Sam Altman meets PM Modi

New Delhi: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the national capital to discuss the future of AI in India. Altman while addressing the audience at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,  Delhi, talked about his meeting with PM Modi. He met the Prime Minister on Thursday. However, he posted the picture from the meeting today.

“Great conversation with PM Narendra Modi discussing India’s incredible tech ecosystem and how the country can benefit from AI,” Altman tweeted. 

AI's potential in enhancing India's tech ecosystem is vast

Replying to Altman PM Modi said that artificial intelligence's potential in enhancing India's tech ecosystem is vast, among the youth in particular.  "Thank you for the insightful conversation @sama. The potential of AI in enhancing India's tech ecosystem is indeed vast and that too among the youth in particular. We welcome all collaborations that can accelerate our digital transformation for empowering our citizens."

Altman's company deals with artificial intelligence technologies and has created ChatGPT. He is on a six-nation tour this week. Besides India, he was set to be in Israel, Jordan, Qatar, the UAE, and South Korea. Earlier on Thursday during an event, Altman said that he met with Prime Minister Modi in the morning and discussed with him the adoption of AI in India and the requirement of regulation.

OpenAI does self-regulate itself

In response to a question during a fireside chat at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology on self-regulation, he said that OpenAI does self-regulate itself and it spends almost eight months to ensure that ChatGPT is safe. "We worked with an external organisation to figure out what the limit should be. We think that we won't be only organisation here. We do think coordination is important. Self-regulation is important and is something that we want to offer but I don't think that the world should not be left entirely in the hands of the companies either, given what we think is the power of this technology," Altman said.

Several people across the world have moved on from searching content online to using ChatGPT for various academic purposes, technology development, write software codes etc. There have been voices across the world to regulate AI and develop guidelines on the ethical use of the technology.

When asked about the influence of geopolitics on OpenAI collaborations, Atlman said that there is no certainty on the way superpowers will influence the development of technology. When asked about engagement with Indian startups, Altman said that he held discussions with some of them on Wednesday and would like to invest in Indian startups.

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