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Anna Hazare, a veteran of 18 'fast' agitations

Ralegan Siddhi: On the 18th day of December, Anna Hazare finally called off his 18th fast—most unlikely to be his last—during his prolonged struggles for various public causes.The first fast the former Indian Army soldier

Updated on: December 18, 2013 22:00 IST
Hazare's 11th fast, lasting 11 days, was held in Alandi in August 2006 to demand that the Centre refrain from weakening the RTI Act.

The anti-corruption crusader had fasted for 10 days in his native village from December 2005-January 2006 to demand action against corrupt Maharashtra government officials, who were indicted by the Justice Sawant Commission.

He had observed a nine-day fast in his village in October 2009 to seek action against corrupt ministers in Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra, while in March 2010, he had again fasted for five days to protest corruption in Maharashtra's co-operative credit societies.

Hazare's 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th fasts were for the Lokpal Bill. The 15th fast was in Delhi, lasting five days, in April 2011, while the 16th fast was also in Delhi in August 2011 and lasted 13 days.

The 17th fast was in Mumbai in December 2011 and lasted two days and the 18th fast, at Ralegan Siddhi, lasted nine days and was called off today.

So far, the 76-year-old activist has fasted for 137 days during his 18 protests, an aide of the social activist said.

13 of these have been against the Maharashtra government, while five were against the central government, he said.  Altogether six ministers and over 600 officials were forced out of office as a result of these protests, he said.

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