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Yoga Day 2022: Goa to Rishikesh, 5 nature-friendly and serene spots to perform Yoga in India

Yoga Day 2022: Yoga has been performed in India since ancient times and later spread to other parts of the world. Thousands of yoga practitioners visit India to practice it in the lap of nature.

Charu Jain Written by: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: June 20, 2022 20:11 IST
Spots in India to perfrom Yoga

Spots in India to perfrom Yoga

Yoga Day 2022: Yoga is one of the most ancient types of exercises that are performed for the wellness of the entire body and mind. It provides many health advantages and holistic health. It is said that the practice of Yogic asanas started in India around 5000 years ago and later spread throughout the world. So, on the occasion of Yoga Day 2022 on June 21 let us explore some of the must-visit  Yoga spots in India which are full of lush greenery, peace and a tranquil atmosphere.


Yet another beautiful serene spot to perform yoga is Auroville. It is a small town which is located on the borderline of Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu India and Pondicherry. People from throughout the world visit this place for its calmness, peacefulness, and greenery. Also, this place is famous for its Matrimandir which is said to be the soul of the city. It holds spiritual significance among Yoga practitioners. Its golden sphere is the final destination for people who look for peace of mind and body surrounding nature.

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2. Goa 

Another beautiful spot is Goa to revitalise your mental and physical state by performing Yoga this Yoga Day. Goa is a heaven for nature lovers. There are so many serene and quiet spots in the southern part of the state, where a person can perform Yoga, and meditation for the balance of their mind and body. Many people did not know this but people who take Yoga very seriously participate in the Yoga Day celebration in Goa every year. 

3. Dharamshala

Dharamshala city is located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. The beautiful city is covered with numerous mountain peaks and forests. The city is home to nature lovers and the Tibetan monk Dalai Lama. This place also has a spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism called the Thekchen Chöling Temple Complex which welcomes spiritual people. Dharamshala would be the ideal peaceful spot for you to perform yoga this Yoga Day.

4. Rishikesh 

A beautiful city which is situated in the lap of nature in Rishikesh. This place is also known as the Yoga capital of the world. People from all over the world visit Rishikesh to perform Yoga and other spiritual exercises. Other than eye-pleasing nature views this city has got ancient temples, which attract many visitors. Especially during the time of Yoga Day, this place is filled with people who come to perform Yoga at the ashrams and other institutions.

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5. Varkala 

Varkala is a town which is situated near Trivandrum, Kerala. This place is covered with red cliffs, serene beaches, and palm trees. Thousands of tourists and spiritual seekers visit this heavenly sight for peace of mind. If you love to explore places nearby nature then your hunt ends here. In Varkala, one can perform Yoga asanas in nature's lap. Also, you will be able to meditate in peace in isolated spots.

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