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Dangerous places that every daredevil must visit in India | LIST

If you are an adventurous spirit, we have compiled a list of the most perilous places to visit in India that will elevate your travel experience to another level.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 28, 2023 20:00 IST
Dangerous places that every daredevil must visit
Image Source : FREEPIK Dangerous places that every daredevil must visit in India; here is a list

India is a land of diversity, where every state offers a unique cultural experience to its visitors. While most of the country is a safe and enjoyable destination for travelers, there are some places in India that are known for their risky and adventurous nature. 

If you claim yourself to be a daredevil, these places in India are for you: 

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach in Gujarat looks like any other beach, but it has jet black sand which makes it unique. However, people are advised not to visit this place during the night as it is rumored to be haunted, and there have been reports of people disappearing around the beach. The local government has strictly prohibited people from roaming around it due to these incidents.

Dras, Kashmir 

Dras, located in Kashmir, is also called the Gateway to Ladakh. It's a beautiful place, but it's also the second coldest inhabited region on earthIt's situated at a height of 10,597 ft above sea level, and the temperature often drops to minus 45 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded there was minus 60 degrees Celsius. If you can bear extreme cold weather, you can visit this place at least once in your life.

Kuldhara, Rajasthan 

Kuldhara in Rajasthan used to be a populated area, but now it's abandoned. People left this place overnight and never returned, leaving their homes behind. It's strange because nobody saw them leave. It's believed that this place is cursed, and the spooky atmosphere makes visitors curious. You can visit Kuldhara, but only during the day, and at your own risk as it's now managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Khardung La, Ladakh

Khardung La in Ladakh is one of the highest motorable roads in the world, which means it will test your determination and courage. The temperature there can go as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, and snowstorms can happen unexpectedly, making it challenging to drive on this route. If you want an exciting travel adventure, then Khardung La is the perfect destination for you!

Kolli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu

Driving on Kolli Hill Road in Tamil Nadu requires caution and is not for the faint-hearted. The road takes you up the mountains, and you have to maneuver around 70 hairpin bends. There is also a spooky legend associated with this road that says a mysterious woman lures travelers and kills them. However, if you are brave enough to take this route, you'll be rewarded with stunning views.

Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand

Roopkund Lake is a mysterious lake located in the interior part of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. It's situated at a high altitude of around 16,499 ft above sea level and is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand. The trail is surrounded by dense forests, and you'll experience dramatic changes in the landscape.

During the summer time, hundreds of human skeletons appear from the lake, earning it the nickname "Skeleton Lake." So, if you plan on visiting Roopkund Lake, be prepared to be shocked and scared.

India is a country that has something to offer for everyone, including those who seek an adrenaline rush. While the risky places mentioned above may not be suitable for all kinds of travelers, they offer an opportunity for adventure seekers to test their limits and experience the thrill of exploring some of the most treacherous landscapes in India. 

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