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Top 6 travel trends of 2018 you need to follow right now

Founder, trip n howl.com, Satyajeet Pradhan has listed some ways, by which one can make use of the holiday season.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: January 13, 2018 16:59 IST ]
Image Source : PC: TWITTER/@WTTC Travel trends 2018

From going on a solo trip, couples’ having unofficial honeymoon to taking a road trip to the unknown, it's safe to say we're already planning our holiday leave in 2018 thanks to our go-to holiday destination guide, Satyajeet Pradhan, the founder of trip n howl.com.

While we might know where we're hoping to travel to, it's about time we start thinking about what we want to do when we get there and the trends everyone will be jumping on this year.

Founder, trip n howl.com, Satyajeet Pradhan has listed some ways, by which one can make use of the holiday season:

Solo Trip:

Harassed by multiple plans that keep on getting postponed and cancelled, the millennials have come up with this new solution; the upcoming trend that will not withhold them from the adventure that awaits Solo trips.

This is the perfect opportunity for them to find new friends from the various places they visit, be it metro-cosmopolitan cities or small town and villages. Another plus point of this trip is the cost of travels, food and night stay in the turns out to be the least. But the gifts for the lazy and slothful men left behind, the reason for this trip to be solo, may exceed the budget sometimes.

India Tv - Solo trips

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTSolo trips

Couples' Unofficial Honeymoon:

We all have friends who keep bragging about their significant other. They would leave their friends, colleagues, basic errands, urgent calls, important meetings and everything else to spend time with their 'special someone'. And when it comes to going on vacations, it's like heaven on earth to them.
Setting our next trend, many couples take trips to hill stations, isolated island with beautiful beaches and other obnoxiously romantic destinations and live in the moment with the one you cannot get enough of. These couples love to take a break and travel to a place far, far away, leaving the world behind.

India Tv - Couples' Unofficial Honeymoon

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTCouples' Unofficial Honeymoon

Road Trip:

Everyone who loves adventure is familiar with our next dish on the adventure menu, The Road Trips. The only rule that has to be followed is to 'take the road'. No trains, no flights, no buses. One car and friends hopped in the back seat.
Road trips are the most exciting way of travelling as it's the journey that counts and not the destination. The destination may be even known.
Driving through long endless roads playing old tracks, be it Kishore Kumar songs or smooth Tennessee whiskey. It's also cheap as the only stops are the ones at dhabas to eat masala chicken and Punjabi style parathas and the obvious washroom breaks.
Driving all night through the jungle, past the meadows, next to a steep valley on the mountains adds up to a wonderful experience.

India Tv - Road trip

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTRoad trip

A trip to the unexplored:

This is the secret valley of natural beauty. A place that no one knows about. Usually suggested by other adventurous peeps of yours who most certainly found this place while they were out for their own adventure.

India Tv - A secret valley

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTA secret valley

Taking a road trip to the unknown:

These are the trips to places like a small island or a village behind the mountains which are merely crowded as no one really knows about this place. Such places turn out to be inexpensive. They are not easily found and usually offer delicious staple food. With the amazing view in every direction and sparse or no hotels at all, we end up mingling with the locals learning wondrous things about their culture.

India Tv - A road trip to the unknown

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTA road trip to the unknown

Vacation for the party lovers:

The most difficult type of vacation, the one that has always been planned but hardly accomplished, the one we were referring to in the first trend that is the group trips to places meant for vacation. These trips are as fun as it can be.
People run away from their hectic life containing a 9 to 5 job and endless signs boredom. Those who need a break from the daily conferences and scheduled meetings decide to run away to these awesome holiday destinations. Even for college students, who seek for some adventure and love meeting new people and partying come to trips and experience the best of the best. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

India Tv - Vacation for the party lovers

Image Source : PC: PINTERESTVacation for the party lovers

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