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9 instant date ideas to surprise your partner leaving them in the moment of 'Aww'

Want to cheer up your partner with a surprise date? Here's how you can do it.

Written by: Pavni Jain, New Delhi [ Updated: July 14, 2018 18:50 IST ]
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Want to cheer up your partner with a surprise date?

Do it well with our list of thoughtful date ideas that are instant leaving your partner in the moment of 'Aww'.

1. Plan an adventure - Adventure is not always river-rafting, or zip-lining, or sky diving. There are light adventurous activities that you can do within the city with your partner. You can go out for a paintball, ice-skating, bowling, horseback riding, or even boating.

Tip: You can also be creative while planning an activity with your partner like -working on a puzzle or plant saplings or simply reading your favourite book together. This reminds us of the next idea!

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2. What's happening in the city - Take out your phone, look for what's happening in your city and book it right there. It's not a regular movie date, so pick on something unusual and fun for a mesmerising experience. Slam poetry can be one event where you can enjoy each other's company while listening couple of beautiful words. Other events can be -food festivals, stand up comedies, or a theatre play.

Tip: You can also catch on a live streaming to share love for sports with your partner or if nothing, then head to a local nursery to enjoy the nature's beauty.

3. A romantic walk - Taking a walk might not be a unique idea but it works undoubtedly. Take your partner on a surprising evening walk between greenery where you can spend some quality time while exchanging your views on different topics.

4. Love is on streets - Well, we don't ask you to act like a crazy roadside lover. We rather suggesting you to take your partner to an entertaining flea market where you can have good street food and light conversations while window-shopping.

Tip: Remember it's your date, so do not get into serious shopping while you are in a flea market.

5. Call your photographer friend - This can be the easiest idea to put it into action to surprise your partner. Call your photographer friend and get a fun photo shoot done with your partner. You can also act like a paparazzi and click some great pictures of your partner to make them feel special about themselves. This will boost their confidence if they are camera-conscious!

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6. Gift them their favourite thing - Bring a gift for your partner but it shouldn't be randomly picked. Give them their favourite thing which can be a gadget, utility item or even a book. Once they'll receive their book, they'll start reading their picking on their lines and here's how your perf date will begin!

7. Let it be cheesy - No, don't say cheesy things to your partner but rather take them on a cheese-date. The classic combination of wine and cheese always work for a perfect date and it is instant as well. So, book your table in a good restaurant to surprise your partner.

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8. Brunch surprise - Sunday brunches are new cool but what if it's not a Sunday? It's all right, you can take your partner on a special brunch surprise on any day of a week. Days don't matter when intentions are good.

9. Get on the city tour bus - In case you have a day's time in hand, you can book your tickets and get on the city tour bus with your partner. Imagine visiting a zoo, national museums, historical monuments or  signature food spots can all be fun. Playing a tourist in your own city can be nostalgic and surprising at the same time adding to the beautiful memories with your partner.

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These are our nine instant ideas to see your partner smiling!

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