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Attention women! want to stay healthy? Then study more

Researchers have found out that people who study more tends to stay fit because of their healthy lifestyle.

India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: June 16, 2017 15:33 IST ]
Researchers have found that people who are educated, opt for healthy lifestyle.

Heart diseases are more common in women. According to a new research statistic, it has been studied that people who study less are more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular problem and those who holds a degree are more likely to stay away from it. Researchers believes that this is due to the healthy lifestyle adopted by the educated people and having a higher-paid job helps them to afford better healthcare products and opportunities. It was found out that female graduates had a 28 per cent lifetime risk of cardiovascular diseases in comparison to 51 per cent who did not.

Dr Yasuhiko Kubota of the Minnesota University said, “More than one in two individuals with less than high school education had a heart problem event during their lifetime.”

The earlier research had also suggested going to university staves off dementia with mental stimulation helping to build up 'cognitive reserves'. Medical experts believe that people with education are less likely to smoke, abuse alcohol and will exercise more. They are more likely to eat healthier foods and have more frequent health checks than the average population or the one who do not hold a degree. The first study of its kind published by JAMA Internal Medicine said one of the most important socio-economic factors contributing to CVD is educational inequality.

Dr Kubota, along with his fellow researchers, calculated the lifetime risk of CVD - which includes coronary heart disease, heart failure and stroke - according to educational levels to convey it.

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