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Do you know why we fall sick during monsoons?

Cold, flu, throat infection, viral fever and what not; A number of diseases tag along monsoons. Do you know why? 

Written by: Reshu Manglik, New Delhi [ Updated: July 11, 2018 13:45 IST ]
Image Source : PIXABAY

Do you know why we fall sick during monsoons? 

Monsoons in India aren’t a cakewalk. It is followed by a myriad of problems including water-logged streets, frequent power cuts and not to forget, frequent breakouts. But apart from this, there’s one negative aspect of monsoons we cannot ignore. Have you observed the pattern that people often fall sick during monsoons? Look around yourself, you will find everyone either struggling with their runny nose or calling sick due to viral fever. If you’ve always been thinking what comes along with your favourite season that makes you fall sick, you’re at the right place.

Rainwater is not the culprit

It’s not the rainwater that harms our body but the virus and bacteria inhabiting it does. You might not even realise but our body fights to extreme levels during monsoons. Our immune system fights against all the external evils to keep us from falling ill. But during the monsoons, the white blood cells weaken due to frequent temperature fluctuations, thus compromising our immunity.

Parasites are the real baddies

Also, parasites find the monsoons to be the most favourable season to flourish. They multiply extensively due to habitable warm and moist surroundings. Mosquitoes also have a gala time during the rains. The clogged water in the potholes is the perfect setting for the blood-sucking pests to lay their eggs. Thus, the skyrocketing number of Dengue and Malaria cases in monsoons.

Monsoons; A perfect setting for fungal infections

The increase in moisture content of air also leads to skin infections like fungal infections and warts. Hence, it is advised to keep yourself dry all the time. If possible, carry a bottle of anti-fungal talcum powder to prevent the onset of fungal infections, especially at the less exposed parts of the body including your groin, inner thighs, behind the knees, underarms, etc.

To stay healthy during the monsoons, you need to boost up your immune system. Hence, munch on foods that are known for enhancing your immunity. Increase your daily intake of vitamin C, protein, curd and water. In any case, avoid street foods.

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