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Amazing benefits of sendha namak or halite consumed during Navratri fast

Halite or sendha namak is unprocessed and raw salt containing 84 out of 92 trace elements required by the body.

Shalu Singh Written by: Shalu Singh New Delhi Updated on: September 25, 2017 13:02 IST
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Sendha namak or halite

We all know that regular table salt can cause serious health issues. Though, table salt is important to deal with iodine deficiency and regulated blood pressure, it is often suggested to minimise its intake. There are other healthier alternatives of table salt which make the food equally delicious. One of them is rock salt or sendha namak which is widely used during Navratri. Sendha Namak is large crystalline salts that are off-white to white in colour. It is regarded superior and purest form of salt as it is devoid of chemical components. This unprocessed and raw salt contains 84 out of 92 trace elements required by the body. It includes potassium, copper, iron, calcium, copper, etc and does not contain high quantity of sodium chloride. Sendha namak is widely used in preparing food during Navratri fast. It is mild and soft on stomach and body. Here we will tell you some of the incredible health benefits of rock salt:

Metabolism and Immunity

Sendha Namak or halite improves functioning of body and boost metabolism. It also strengthens immune system to fight diseases

Blood Pressure
Table salt has high quantity of potassium, hence, people with hypertension are advised to curb the usage. One can include sendha namak in their diet as it helps in stabilising blood pressure.

Rock salt gives relief from stomach infection and pain. It also improves digestion and is effective in acidity. 

Respiratory problems
It is a boon for people having respiratory issues. Sore throat, dry cough, tonsils, etc can be treated by gargling with rock salt dissolved in lukewarm water.

Rock salt can help in removing clogged pores. You can also use it as a face wash to reap healthy and glowing skin. It works better than ussual cleanser or soap. Sendha namak is also a superb exfoliator and can help you get rid of dull and dead skin

Mixing rock salt with shampoo will help you retain natural oil of scalp. Use it with conditioner to gain voluminous hair.

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