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Tricks to make way for a statement bathroom

These brilliant ideas for a statement bathroom will help you deliver maximum style.

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Noida Published on: July 12, 2018 16:29 IST
Tricks to make way for a statement bathroom
Image Source : DRAKES HOTEL

Tricks to make way for a statement bathroom

If you think a bathroom in which you can luxuriate, with statement features and bold design, is not compatible with a small space, think again. Minimalist bathrooms may be relaxing at their simplicity, but they can also feel clinical and devoid of charisma.

Bathrooms are already transforming from a purely functional area into a self-pampering zone almost like a private spa or a personal wellness space. There are lots of clever, space-efficient fixtures that squeeze contemporary style into a little area, but to really bring some wow to your washroom, its sometimes necessary to totally rethink the traditional bathroom, both in terms of how it is laid out and what it includes.

The latest looks are decorative rather than Spartan, using pattern colour and mixed materials together to give the space a sense of individuality. The movement is towards sensory experiences and harmonic design concepts, which create a visual tranquillity.

These brilliant ideas will help you deliver maximum style.

No more Chrome

Chrome’s place has been taken by brass, rose gold and matte black.  Gold tones bring a feeling of warmth to the bathroom.

Tiles as highlighter

3D tiles in the bathroom can be used as a highlighter for a perfect solution to design a statement well as they create shadow and texture in geometric shapes, interacting with ambient lighting to provide a unique aesthetic feel. Available in various colour schemes, 3D tiles help to create a tasteful atmosphere that both stimulates and soothes the senses.

Scale down the tub

Install a petite version of a statement piece for all the impact of a full-size model in a fraction of the space. This scaled-down freestanding tub gives this tiny bathroom a classical vibe, complemented by tiled flooring, a traditional-style shower ring and curtain, smart panelling and striking art.

Mighty marble

No top-end bathroom is free from some marble detailing, from large slabs covering wall and floors to a mosaic splashback or worktop.

Style your storage area

Give your bathroom even more cool look by replacing wood panels with the versatile sleek surface to store towels and other accessories. Using new age surfaces as shelves helps to organize the products, giving it uncluttered look to complement the bathroom.

Keep it skinny

There are lots of slim bathroom fixtures that work hard in compact space while delivering maximum impact. Shop for smart designs that aren’t greedy for space and that deliver lots of clean, contemporary style.

Light it up

Safety considerations mean you can’t use any old lighting in the bathroom: it needs to have an appropriate IP rating depending upon how close it is to the water source. Outdoor lighting often looks surprisingly good in the bathroom: bulkheads and swan-necked factory-style lights suit a more industrial look and fulfil the necessary safety criteria.


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