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Treat your heat damaged hair with 7 useful tips without chopping them off

If you are the one who likes to style your hair with the help of heat styling tools, then you need to stop and analyse the quality of your hair. The high probability is that your hair has been damaged and lacks its natural lustre and shine. Here are useful tips that will help you heal broken and damaged hair without chopping them off.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: April 26, 2022 13:02 IST
 Tips to cure your heat damaged hair

 Tips to cure your heat damaged hair


  • You can give a shot to split ends-mending serums
  • Moisturise your mane by using conditioners
  • Massaging your mane with hot oil is the best solution for any kind of damaged hair

Regular use of heat styling appliances on the hair can cause heavy damage as they open the hair cuticles, leaving them damaged and dry. One has to go through problems like heavy hair fall, breakage, dryness and split ends very frequently. Constant use of chemicals, blow dryers, hair spray and other heat styling tools is the main reason behind this problem. Heat protectants that are available in the markets also do not help much when you use heat in your hair. Using heat on a daily basis on your hair, especially in summers when the sun rays are damaging your mane, only leads to your hair losing its density, natural moisture, and looking frizzy. If you want to save your mane from further damage and do not want to chop it off, here are a few tips that can help you in healing heat damaged hair.

Split ends 

Split ends are the very first sign of weak hair. It mostly occurs at the ends of the tresses because of the use of extra heat. The end of the hair is divided into two or more ends or the hair strands get too dry. Experts suggest getting the hair trim every two months to get rid of the problem of split ends. But, if you do not want to go cut your hair, you can give a shot to split ends-mending serums which contain polymers which fill those microchips of the hair and mends the splits.


The use of excessive heat for styling your mane results in breakage and extreme hair fall due to a lack of natural moisture. If you do not want to cut your hair, there is a way to heal them. Moisturise your mane by using conditioners which have avocados, coconut oil, aloe vera. Homemade hair masks work best for adding moisture and in hair healing.

Hair mask conditioning

For heat-damaged tresses, you can prepare a hair mask made of honey, yoghurt, and olive oil to restore its natural shine. It will heal your locks with regular use and you will get the lustre back. It is advised by many dermatologists not to use shampoo on a daily basis because it leads to hair dryness. Only apply shampoo on the scalp while washing them twice a week.

Hot oil massage

Massaging your mane with hot oil is the best solution for any kind of damaged hair. Applying oil onto your scalp and massaging it not only helps in add moisture but also enhances blood circulation to the scalp which helps in hair health. It also provides the hair with its lost vitamins and minerals which have been missing because of frequent heat and washing.

Avoid Heat styling products

It is advised to try and avoid heat styling tools as much as possible. You can use them once in a while but don't make a habit of it. Also, make sure that your hair is not wet when you are styling them because it causes more damage to the hair. 

Follow healthy diet

If you are facing trouble because of heat damaged hair, then it is a sign that your body requires more nutrition. You should strictly follow a healthy diet, full of nutrients that will help to heal your hair. This lifestyle change brings about the biggest change in your skin and hair and makes them look healthier. The food items that promote hair growth are eggs, berries, spinach, fish, sweet potatoes, avocados, etc.

Good hair care products

Invest in good hair care products. It is said that one should always look for chemical-free products. Try to use herbal products that are rich in Ayurvedic herbs and do not contain any chemicals or fewer chemicals. In fact, the use of herbal and Ayurveda products for hair promotes the strength of hair follicles and makes them healthy.