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Beautify your hands with 7 nail art trends ruling this season

Taking care of your nails has become a thing now. People love to treat their nails in many ways to make them look more presentable and pretty. They go for regular salon visits and get their manicure and nail art done. As the summer has already begun, we are here to share with you some of the best nail arts you can give a try.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 19, 2022 10:56 IST
Bimbo pink embellished french nails

Bimbo pink embellished french nails


  • Electric blue nail art is the best for this season
  • Make your hands feel pretty with the micro french manicure
  • Metallic nails are the first choice for the season

As summers are here people have started to prep for the seasonal changes. The season brings the change in outfits, as well as skin care. Some people enjoy exploring style statements, others opt to beautify their nails. Many people love to take care of their pretty hands and get their manicures, nail art, and nail extension done every now and then. Summers are for vibrant colors, patterns, and prints and as a result, it is seen that in summers, nail art trends vary extensively. The craze of getting the nails done is increasing day by day. Women experiment with unique choices and get their nails done beautifully.

There are many new things which can be done on your nails. They can be treated like a canvas and anything can be made on them, from a butterfly to a flower. Join this trend of getting your nails ready for the season as we share the list of some nail art trends that is ruling the social media these days.

Metallic nails 

Metallic nails are the first choice for the season. Famous figures like Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian have got their nails done in metallic. There are so many trendy metallic colors that can be your go-to option, from gorgeous grey to poppy purple. 

Micro french tip nails

Dress up your nails and feel pretty with the micro french manicure. This will give your nails a mini makeover and the results will be wonderful. Many people are opting for this trend these days and loving it. To give their hands a modern look, they are going for shorter nails with colorful micro french tips

Electric blue nails

Blue is always the best color for any season. Especially electric blue is the best for this season and is loved by many people. Dress your nails in electric blue and give your personality an added charm.

Clean girl nails

There is no denying that many women love fancy nails and sparkling nail art. But, the clean girl's nails have their own beauty. It gives the hand aesthetic look in a single tone. If you want to go for something subtle and do not want to overdo it, you can opt for this trend

Bimbo pink nails

Bimbo pink is the color of the season. The color includes a neon shade of pink and another bright pink color. Many people who love the pink color a lot can try getting bimbo pink color nails.

Embellished french nails

Frech embellished nails are the talk of the town and are the biggest thing for french nail lovers. Many people are getting them done in fun vibrant colors and going for different design elements. This looks so amazing on the hands and beautifies it a lot.

3D nails

Now with the nail art evolution, you cannot only go for simple plain nails. You can try another variety of nail art which is 3D. In this art, you can attach the accessories like stones, butterflies, beads, drops etc to your nails.

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