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Munching too many Pistachios trigger High Blood pressure; know its other side effects

Pistachios are one of the popular nuts that have a deluge of health benefits but overdosing on these nuts can have several side effects. Read to know.

Written By: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 03, 2023 19:19 IST
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Image Source : FREEPIK Know the side effects of pistachio

Pistachios have this buttery flavor that can make people addicted. Pistachio has been one of the most popular foods and it is used in chocolates, ice cream, candies, desserts and other dishes. You’re undoubtedly all aware of pistachios' special qualities. They are rich in several essential nutrients and can aid weight loss and heart and gut health. But it would be really hard to believe that this guilt-free snack can even have side effects. Yes, you read it right, munching too much on pistachio can lead to many side effects. Read on to know.

1. May result in High Blood pressure

Consuming pistachios in excess can cause high blood pressure. In addition, you may experience lightheadedness, blurred vision, confusion, and fainting. Also, consuming salted pistachios might elevate your blood sodium level, increasing your chance of developing various cardiovascular illnesses including hypertension.

2. Weight gain

Pistachios are such easy treats to have that you may find yourself eating them in excess. It’s worth noting, though, that your daily pistachio consumption could be the source of your weight increase. As a result, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should keep track of how much pistachios you eat in a day.

3. May induce the risk of kidney stone

Pistachios contain oxalates and methionine. Eating too many pistachios can increase the release of oxalates and methionine in the body. Oxalates can bind to calcium and potassium, resulting in calcium and potassium oxalates. At the same time, Methionine may convert into cysteine and may result in the formation of cystine kidney stones.

4. Allergies

People having tree nut allergies should avoid eating pistachios. Tree nuts allergy may result in vomiting, difficulty in swallowing, itchiness in the mouth, nasal congestion, cramps, and nausea,

Apart from the above mentioned side effects, these nuts are rich in vitamins B6, B1, protein, fiber, copper, and phosphorus. In addition, they are one of the many nuts that are low in calories and fats. Therefore, pistachios provide significant health benefits. So, rather than cutting these power-packed nuts from your diet, try to consume them in smaller proportions.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.


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