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Mother's Day 2022: Ways to support your mom's mental and physical health journey

As they get older, it is important to not just take care of our mother's emotional needs but also her mental and physical health. Here are some ways to do the same.

Health Desk Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 06, 2022 18:49 IST
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On Mother's day, invest in a mental and physical health plan for your beloved mom

There is no unconditional love like that of a mother, and what would be a better time than Mother’s Day itself to acknowledge that love? Our mothers spend years taking care of us with no expectations in return, and if not anything, we owe this day to them to make them feel special. 

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For all the nights, she slept beside you if you had a fever, and she took care of your nutrition and diet for all the days. This is your chance to do something special for your mother that she will cherish forever. Let us look beyond the expensive jewellery and clothes that fade with time. Choose any of these ways (or all) to support our mothers’ mental health and well-being on International Mother’s Day this year.

Gym membership

Mental health is directly related to physical health. If any of them gets affected, the other one falls apart too. With her increasing age, the physical activity of your mother decreases. To ensure that she indulges in a daily dose of exercise, you can check the app or website of Anytime Fitness India and get their membership for your mother. This would help your mother workout any time, from anywhere, and keep her mental health well.

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A healing session

Sometimes, what we often ignore is what we generally need in our lives. Have you ever wondered about your mother and why she feels low sometimes? To help her keep up with her internal energies and mental strength, it is essential to know what can help her. You can get in touch with Dr. Priya Kaul, a Life Coach and Spiritual Healer. She would not only talk to your mother to understand her problems but also provide effective solutions for the same. 

Dietary supplements

With the growing age, the diet of a person reduces, and hence, the proper nutrition intake also becomes a problem. However, with the proper understanding, The Himalayan Organics, an Indore-based nutraceutical company, offers dietary supplements that cater to the nutritional fulfillment in everyday lives and are easy to use. Their latest Himalayan Organics Protein Super Herbs for Women is a must for your mother’s health. Do not miss out on the exceptional health benefits that this perfect blend of Whey protein isolate, Super Herbs, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes & Amino Acids offers in our daily lives.

Regular whole body checkup

With the growing age also comes various health issues. Sometimes we can identify the problems, but you cannot determine some medical problems without tests. Therefore, you can get your mother a whole-body checkup on LivLong Protection and Wellness Solutions Ltd. (a.k.aLivLong). It is a health-tech startup backed by IIFL Group that offers a complete range of healthcare like Doctor consultations, lab tests, and pharmacy, to name a few.

A physiotherapy session

If your mother has started coming across issues like joint pains, you might want to take care of them before it becomes more prominent. Vesta Elder Care has many health-related solutions for older adults, physiotherapy being one of them. Book a physiotherapy session for her online and give her a pampering day this Mother’s Day. 

Easier cooking solutions

While your mom cooks for you and the whole family, you can do it differently this Mother’s Day. Bring healthier ready-to-mix options to your kitchen by Pansari Group and cook healthy and tasty meals with your mother. The Indimix range by Pansari Group includes delicious options like Moong Dal Halwa, Bhatura, Dahi Bhalla, Uttapam, Bedmi Poori, etc. All products are available on World of Mart, Amazon, and Big Basket.

A healthy diet option for her well-being

To take care of your mother’s mind, body, and soul, it is essential to understand the role of nutrition in our lives. This mother’s day, let your mother indulge in a sattvic experience with Annakoot’s exceptionally curated menu and food offerings. Sattvic food is known for better immunity and digestion and for a good balance between mind and body.