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Follow these basic workout tips to get a perfect gym body

Getting lean is the process of building muscles and losing fat simultaneously. It can be concluded that a clean diet and hard workout result into six packs abs. Check out these basic tips for to get a gym like physique.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 22, 2020 1:04 IST
Follow these basic workout tips to get a perfect gym body
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Basic workout tips

When it comes to getting a perfect gym body one always idealises a movie star or a sportsman. And just to get a perfect physique like your hero you always tend to do anything and everything even if it is about having unprescribed and unlicensed supplements and proteins. But you need not go that way since it can be extremely harmful for your body and can even cause a number of health issues. If you are looking for a few tips on what to eat and how to workout to get a perfect body then don't worry, here we are. We have curated a few points for you to follow which are very basic and safe and don't require any supplements or pills. Take a look

Train Hard to build muscle

Build up the muscles by simulatenously reducing fat. The more fat you burn, the more ripped you will look. You can get better results by increasing lean mass. Heavy lifting with low reps is recommended to carve your abs .

TIP: In addition to weight training or heavy lifting, you should focus on cardio sessions, for 40-60 minutes.

Be focused about hydration

Muscles can't be built without hydration. If you want to get results at the fastest possible rate, drink as much water as you can. Hydration can assist you in many ways by increasing metabolism, reducing food cravings, reducing the chance of overeating and washing away toxins.

TIP: A person's metabolism, diet, weight, and workout influence his /her hydration needs. You can judge hydration by observing the colour of your urine. If it is clear or pale, you are doing well.

Watch your nutrition Intake

You must have an eagle's eye on portion intake. Your diet should be a combination of protein, carbs and fat. Always keep your protein intake high to help muscles grow and avoid early hunger. Don't underestimate your portions because every calorie counts.

TIP: Always prefer to saute your food in olive oil or avocado oil (if available). Avoid calorie bombers like alcohol, heavy dressings, fried food, or dessert when you dine out.

Never skip pre and post workout meals

Pre and post workout meals act as a power booster for a body. Without pre-workout meal, you won't be able to do high intensity cardio and lift heavy weights that require a lot of power. A post workout meal is essential to repair your broken tissues, repairing muscles and preparing you for the next session of workout.

TIP: Take a combination of protein and carbs as a fuel to your body.

Stressing less is the key

Stress causes metal tensions, sleepless nights, ignite alcohol intake and food cravings. Increase in stress level causes a sudden spike in fat storing hormonal cortisol which results in muscle breakdown and an increase in belly fat.

TIP: Indulge in stress beating exercises and your favourite activities like reading, chatting with friends or whatever you like the most. If you control stress, you can attain your goals faster.

Go on a cheat meal

Usually, people in the process of toning avoid eating junk food and can last on diet meals for years. But this is really a myth that you cannot eat junk or cannot have cheat meals. Cheat meals are good to increase your metabolism and maintain the body's leptin (Leptin is a hormone that boosts metabolism in a human being) level.

TIP: Maintain the gap of 15 days after having one cheat meal.

Reduce calorie intake for fat loss

Calorie intake is essential to watch whatever is your goal , and if your goal is to become chiseled, then it is must observed very minutely. It's important not to completely cut calories from your diet because too low an intake may end up in losing lean mass. On the other side, high intake of calories results in fat storage.

TIP: To make the process of calorie reduction more sustainable, you need to keep an eye on low calorie intake for 3-4 weeks continuously. If you feel like you are starving and have trouble in following this diet, then increase the intake.

Sleep well to achieve results faster

When you are sleep deprived, your metabolic rate gets reduced, this increases the chance of obesity. A sound sleep is essential to have control over binging at night.

TIP: For an energised workout you need to have atlas 7-8 hours of sleep.

Eat healthy fats 

Some people think that fat means getting obese. It all depends on which diet you are following and which type of fat you are consuming. Unless you are following high fat diet, KETO, you should observe your overall fat intake and focus at fat loss.

TIP: Stick to unsaturated fats which are healthier and help you feel satisfied for longer.

Keep appropriate salt Intake in your diet

It is a fact that salt causes water retention in the body. Do not completely remove sodium from your food. But the matter is to avoid any extra intake of sodium other than your meals.

TIP: Do not ever try to remove salt from your food. If you do this, your body will end up struggling to retain water.

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