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MC Stan- Abdu Rozik controversy: Shiv Thakare finally reacts to 'mandali khatam', says 'do din mein...'

MC Stan and Abdu Rozik's friendship ends on an ugly note. However, 'mandali' member Shiv Thakare says, "Ye Ruth na manana hai jo 2 doston mein hote rehta hai."

Parina Taneja Written By: Parina Taneja New Delhi Updated on: March 24, 2023 14:17 IST
Shiv Thakare finally reacts to MC Stan and Abdu Rozik's fight
Image Source : TWITTER/ @THEBIGGBOSSBOYZ Shiv Thakare finally reacts to MC Stan and Abdu Rozik's fight

MC Stan, Abdu Rozik controversy: While the rapper has been busy doing concerts all over India after his Bigg Boss 16 win, his silence has turned the rift between him and Tajikistani singer Abdu Rozik even more intense. The 19-year-old singer accused MC Stan's fans of misbehaving with him and thrashing his car. He also claimed that Stan has been ignoring him and spreading lies about their song which they were supposed to do together. Abdu and MC Stan were part of a 'mandali' in the Bigg Boss 16 house and the contestants were very proud of their friendship. Now that there is a rift among them, fans have been mocking their bond. Another mandali member Shiv Thakare reacted to the rift and claimed that the duo will be saying 'I love you' to each other in a few days. He brushed off the fight saying it is a misunderstanding.

Shiv Thakare told Zoom, "Kuch nahi hua hai. Ghar ka nok jhok hai. Woh nahi toh pyaar nahi badhega. Dodin mein Love you MC, Love you Abdu hoga. Ye Ruth na manana hai jo 2 doston mein hote rehta hai (Nothing has happened. Just family banter, otherwise the love won't grow. In two days they will be saying love you MS, love you Abdu. These small fights happen among friends)."

While Shiv Thakare defended his 'mandali' members, Bigg Boss 16 contestant Archana Gautam took a dig at MC Stan and Abdu Rozik's fight and said that the truth of their friendship is out. She said, "Bhaiya jab doodh mein nimbu daaloge toh dahi toh Banegi na… Issse acchi toh Humari dosti thi joh ab tak chal rahi hai Aur aage tak chalegi (our friendship is better than theirs. We are still friends and will remain forever). I feel when you are in any relationship and you suddenly start staying 24/7 together under one roof, fights or differences are bound to happen. Be it husband-wife, brother sister, everyone will have fight. When Priyanka and I would have fights they would say oh my God they are fighting. Arre we are good friends that’s why are fighting and having differences. Now, see the truth is out."

Without taking anyone's name, she added, "I also feel in between all these Abdu is the one who has faced a lot. I strongly believe that everyone used Abdu. I don’t want to take names here, but Abdu’s name was out before the show started and everyone knew that he has strong social media following. Everyone searched about him after seeing the promo and learnt about his fan following. Everyone used him and they would take sympathy from him. I have stayed inside and I know everyone used Abdu and I hope he realises it."

Meanwhile, amid the rift between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik, the latter agency released a statement about the same and claimed that MC Stan's management misbehaved with Abdu. The statement read, "First of all we would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak and encourage everyone to be kind and peaceful always but furthermore on the holy month of Ramadan. We felt it was necessary to clear up the matter officially regarding Mc Stan since Abdu is receiving some backlash and hate without the public actually knowing any scenario."

"On March 20, Sajid Khan visited Abdu and Mc stan was calling Sajid's phone. Abdu was so excited and happy to speak to Stan taking the phone "Salamalaikum mere dil, mere jaan how are you my brother I miss you so much." Stan replied on speaker to Sajid, I will call you later and hung up. Abdu then sent Stan a voice note asking why didn't you reply to my Salam or say you busy and until this day Stan has not responded or addressed why he did that," the statement added.

Abdu's team also revealed that few music labels wanted MC Stan and Abdu's collaboration but the rapper turned them down saying he doesn't want to work with Abdu,

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