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Bigg Boss 13 latest update: Sidharth Shukla hospitalized, Rashami Desai's brother slams Arhaan Khan

Bigg Boss 13 latest update: Paras Chhaabra's re-entry in the house will change the equation in the house as he exposes other contestants.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 12, 2019 13:37 IST
Bigg Boss 13 latest updates sidharth shukla rashami desai

Bigg Boss 13 latest updates

Bigg Boss 13 is getting interesting day by day with the latest twist and turns in the game. This week has been eventful, and the trend promises to continue in coming days. Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra who have been kept in the secret room from Monday were supposed to make their re-entry in the house today. While the new promo shows Paras Chhabra making his entry to Bigg Boss house from the secret room, Siddharth wasn't seen in the promo. Reports coming in suggest that the entry of Sidharth Shukla could be delayed as the actor is reportedly hospitalized because of Typhoid.

Paras's entry has changed the equation of the game as he exposes the game plans of the contestants. Paras also slams the housemates for sidelining Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. Paras also confronted Vishal Aditya Singh and told him that they can't’ be friends anymore as he has lost the trust that was there between them.

Rashami Desai's brother has slammed Arhaan Khan for talking ill about his sister. Talking to Shefali Bagga, Arhaan had said that Rashami Desai had zero bank balance was on the roads when he met her and helped her.

Talking to Spotboye, he said, "My sister was never on road. I really don’t understand why he is even talking such things about Rashami and damaging her image. This isn’t normal to hear from your partner. Plus, the recent event that happened during the Weekend Ka Vaar was very disturbing and now he talking about my sister being on road? I’m sorry but this is rubbish and very upsetting."

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