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Roadies Real Heroes: Meet wild card contestants of Ranvijay Singha’s show

Find out which wildcard contestant finally got a chance to enter Roadies Real Heroes.

India TV Entertainment Desk Edited by: India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi Updated on: June 24, 2019 11:51 IST
Roadies Gang Leaders

Roadies Gang Leaders

Roadies Real Heroes happens to be the sixteenth installment of the hit MTV reality show. The show having Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Sandeep Singh, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa as the gang-leaders is well known for its drama and fight. In the last week, the contestants, as well as leaders, were shocked to see the sudden elimination of Tarun Solanki. This week too, everyone was surprised when ringmaster Ranvijay Singha introduced the four wild card contestants of the show.

Before the drama unfolded, Prince who was quite upset with Tarun’s elimination confronted Bidhan to ask him the reason why he voted Tarun out. The leader got to know that the real planner was Milind and vowed to get him out of the game. Later Ranvijay introduced the four wild cards who were also the winners of Battleground and said that after the task, two of them will get a chance to enter the show.

India Tv - Roadies Real Heroes gang-leaders

Roadies Real Heroes gang-leaders

The four wildcards namely– Rashmeet, Arun, Chopsy, and Rahul were asked to pick their gang to perform the task and were informed that the one who wins it will automatically enter the game while the runner up will be given a chance to fight for his/her existence. Arun picks Prince, Rashmeet chose Neha, Rahul went in Sandeep’s gang while Chopsy fought for Nikhil.

As per the first task, the contestants had to sell second-hand products in the village in exchange for rice. The team members found it difficult to impress the villagers since the products they had to sell were useless. They performed for the villagers and some even lied to get the rice. In the end, it was Arun and Prince’s gang who won the task and got a direct entry in the game. Rahul bid the show goodbye while Rashmeet and Chopsy got another chance.

India Tv - Roadies Real Heroes

Roadies Real Heroes

They were asked to pick their opponents and so Rashmeet chose Nikita while Chopsy went for Adil. Everyone criticized them for choosing weaker contestants but surprisingly Nikita and Adil performed well. Only one contestant from amongst Rashmeet and Chopsy would get a chance to enter the show. To know who won and who lost, keep watching the show.

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