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Aryan Khan Bail: SRK's son to walk out of jail soon, understand the process of release in points

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's son Aryan Khan will soon be walking out of the jail. The jail officials will be following a protocol to ensure the process of release is met with the rules of the prison. Along with Aryan, coaccused, Arbaaz Merchantt and Munmun Dhamecha will also be released on bail.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi Published on: October 30, 2021 9:18 IST
Aryan Khan bail
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Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, will come out of jail in a while from now. Aryan, 23, is expected to be released on bail from Arthur Road Jail at around 10 am along with co-accused Arbaaz Merchantt and Munmun Dhamecha. Ahead of his release, SRK was seen leaving his bungalow 'Mannat' in Bandra for Arthur Road Jail in central Mumbai. As per the jail superintendent, the process of release is a lengthy process and will take 1-2 hours for the legal formalities to be completed. Understand the step by step process of release: 

  • Aryan will be made to stand in line at 9 am according to the bail order.
  • Jail Superintendent Nitin Vaychal will have a round at 9:30 in the morning.
  • During this, the judicial team will also stay with the jail superintendent.
  • Aryan will also be present on the occasion of the arrival of new prisoners and the release of prisoners on bail.
  • During this, the jail superintendent talks to all the bailable prisoners, during the same process he will also talk to Aryan.
  • Then the court team will read out his bail order to Aryan.
  • Aryan will be informed about the conditions imposed on him.
  • Aryan will then be asked to sign the release order.
  • After this, the order for Aryan's release will go to the jail clerk.
  • Accordingly, Aryan will be investigated for any past offences.
  • The jail clerk will then confirm the bailable Aryan's court release order.
  • After approving clerk's release order, the jailer will re-verify Aryan's release order and then write his opinion.
  • After this Aryan's paper orders will go to the senior jailer. The Senior Jailor after re-verification of those documents will give their feedback to the clerk for issuance of his release order.
  • After this, all the prisoners, including Aryan, who were released on bail, will be gathered.
  • Before leaving, Aryan will have to return his belongings and will be sign on the register.
  • Finally, Aryan's signature will be taken in the register at the gate of the jail on his release and he will be released from jail.

Bombay High Court Justice N.W. Sambre granted bail to Aryan and two others - Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha - on Thursday evening, but the bail order verdict was issued on Friday afternoon, after which their legal teams initiated the remaining formalities. Soon after the bail verdict was pronounced Thursday, SRK reportedly shed tears of joy, and later met his entire legal defence team which had been fighting for Aryan's release for the past four weeks.

On Thursday, the bail verdict was received with cheers and bursting of fire-crackers by fans near his 'Mannat' home, and today, the bungalow was being specially illuminated and decked with flowers to welcome him.

--inputs from Rajesh Kumar


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