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Fukrey 3 Review: Varun Sharma, Pankaj Tripathi's comic entertainer will give you 'earthquake'

Varun Sharma's impeccable comic timing steals the spotlight throughout the narrative. His portrayal of Choocha is nothing short of fantastic, consistently delivering laughter and adding a unique charm to the film.

Ridhi Suri Ridhi Suri Updated on: September 28, 2023 15:16 IST
Fukrey 3
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  • Movie Name:Fukrey 3
  • Critics Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Release Date: SEP 28, 2023
  • Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
  • Genre: Comedy Drama

The Fukra gang returns once again to tickle the audience with their comical antics in 'Fukrey 3,' a highly anticipated sequel. Building on the humour and charm that made 'Fukrey' and 'Fukrey Returns' such beloved films, the gang is back for more misadventures and laughter, living up to its reputation as a hilarious comedy. 


'Fukrey 3' continues the story from where the second instalment left off, maintaining a narrative that often appears to be going in circles. The plot takes the audience on a whirlwind journey, spanning from coal mines in Africa to an amusement park in Delhi, with Choocha, from Jamnapaar, serving as the heart and soul of the film. The movie stars Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), Choocha (Varun Sharma), Pandit ji (Pankaj Tripathi), and Lali (Manjot Singh). This time, they decide to enter the world of politics, a decision sparked by a 'Deja-Chu' moment and contest an election against Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chaddha) with the intention of serving the greater good of society. And Choocha is pitted against Bholi. 

'Fukrey 3' introduces a new antagonist, the Water Mafia baddie named Dhingra, who sponsors Bholi Punjaban for the elections in exchange for her support in his illegal activities, which primarily involve water theft and smuggling. In a bid to gather support for her campaign, Bholi wants Pandit Ji and the Fukra gang to come up with a strategy. However, Hunny devises a clever plan. As Choocha's popularity begins to soar, Bholi Punjaban sends the Fukra gang to South Africa under the pretext of diamond hunting to stop him from campaigning. 

Well, a surprising discovery in South Africa, initially, helped the Fukras gain wealth, but it leads to unexpected consequences with a significant twist that adds intrigue to the story. It is fun to watch where Choocha's 'Deja Chu' vision ultimately leads the Fukrey gang. 

Direction and Cast

Director Mrighdeep Singh Lamba once again impresses with his storytelling, delivering solid punches and hilarious one-liners. With perfect comic he also manages to convey a social message. Vipul Vig and Mrighdeep, the creative minds behind the writing and dialogues deserve high praise for their work. This dynamic duo has crafted a winning formula for a blockbuster movie. Abhishek Nailwal's background score complements the comedic moments, adding an extra layer of fun.

The film brings back the beloved bromance between Hunny and Choocha and explores the love-hate relationship between Bholi and the Fukra gang, making it a potential superhit. it's worth noting, Pulkit Samrat, got a chance to flaunt in sizzling six-pack abs. Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathi stole the show with their impeccable comic timing. Pulkit and Manjot Singh reprise their roles effectively, and Richa Chaddha as Bholi exudes ruthless and a fiery attitude.

Also, the person, we all have been waiting for or wanted badly in the film, makes a cameo appearance, playing an important role in defining the essence of 'Fukrey 3' and bracing us for 'Fukrey 4'.

What did not work?

'Fukrey 3' has a few notable drawbacks -- The film falls flat on the music front. The film's runtime, at 2 hours and 30 minutes, is a bit lengthy for a comedy film. Additionally, certain narrative elements, such as the forced inclusion of a South African girl named Mumbasa falling in love with Choocha and Manu Rishi Chadha's track in the second half, could have been trimmed.

Despite these shortcomings, the enjoyable film manages to entertain and engage the audience with its humour and engaging storyline.

Final Verdict 

Overall, 'Fukrey 3' is considered one of the best entertainers of 2023, offering plenty of laughter, wit humour and an essential social message, making it a must-watch film. PS: To understand the mention of ‘earthquake’ in the headline, you need to watch the film. Fukrey 3 is now in cinemas near you.