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Malaika Arora gets mobbed by fans trying to take selfies with her. Watch video

Malaika Arora was out for shopping with her dad Anil Arora when she mobbed by the crowd at the mall.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 28, 2019 19:23 IST
malaika arora mobbed

Malaika Arora gets mobbed by fans trying to take selfies with her. Watch video

Living a celebrity life is not easy. You are under constant public scrutiny and there are cameras always around you. Make one mistake and it's captured by the lens. Above all, the biggest problem arises when the fans cross their boundaries and get too close to the celebrity just for clicking selfies. When a celebrity is a woman, the concern is even bigger. There have been many cases of female actors being mobbed and touched inappropriately in public. Recently, Malaika Arora was mobbed by fans for clicking pictures and the video will haunt every woman. It was scary to see how crowd which consisted of mostly men getting too close to Malaika for clicking selfies. 

Malaika Arora was with her father Anil Arora at a shopping mall when the incident took place. When she stepped out she was cornered by her fans. She dodged them, clearing her way to her car. After the video was shared by paparazzi on social media, fans were quick to notice how dangerously near these people got to her. Several fans raised concerns about women celebrities in India and the paparazzi culture.

One user wrote, "They are also human beings...they need space too.... We should be always in our limits." while another wrote, "This was scary... nobody has the right to behave in such a cheap manner with any woman."

There have been several instances in a while where Bollywood celebrities especially women get mobbed in public. Sometimes, the paparazzi forget to maintain a dignified distance from the women celebrities. In 2017, Suhana Khan was mobbed by shutterbugs when she was out for watching a movie. Pictures of the terrified Suhana went viral on the internet. 

Malaika Arora is often spotted with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor at several public appearances. The couple is also rumoured to be getting married this year. However, the Namaste England actor has denied all the rumours and said that he has no time right now to get married. On Tuesday, Arjun Kapoor revealed why he decided to go public about his relationship status with Malaika Arora. He credited media and their attitude towards them for his decision to come out clean about her. 

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