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Gujarat polls: When PM Modi dialled a BJP worker in Vadodara on Diwali evening | Read entire conversation

The conversation between Narendra Modi and Gopalbhai Gohil in Gujarati language took place on Diwali evening. Gohil runs a stationery shop.

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Vadodara Updated on: October 26, 2017 20:41 IST
When PM Modi dialled a BJP worker in Vadodara on Diwali
When PM Modi dialled a BJP worker in Vadodara on Diwali evening

An audio clip that contains a conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gopalbhai Gohil, a BJP worker from Vadodara has gone viral on messaging app WhatsApp. 

The conversation in Gujarati language took place on Diwali evening. Gohil, who runs a stationery shop, says that it was 4:30 pm when his mobile phone rang. He, at that time, was preparing for Diwali.

For Gohil, it was more than a surprise. The whole conversation between the two is unique because the two talked in a very casual way. From extending Diwali greeting to discussing BJP’s prospects in the upcoming assembly elections, Modi and Gohil be heard speaking in a friendly manner.

Gohil is a ward-level BJP worker and had met Modi in September 2011 during then Gujarat CM’s ‘Sadbhavana fast’.

Gohil had also worked for Modi when he had contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 from Vadodara.

Speaking about his October 19 conversation, Gohil says that this is one of the greatest qualities of Modiji that he does not forget the BJP workers whom he has met even once. 

Gohil said that Modi asked him to spread the good works of the BJP governments. Modi also told him that he takes all the attacks on him by the Opposition in his stride.


Here’s the transcript of the entire conversation (Transcribed into English from Gujarati):

Modi: Hello

Gohil: Namaste sir

Modi: Namaste Gopal bhai. How are you?

Gohil: I am doing well, Happy Diwali sir

Modi: Pass on my Diwali wishes to all your family members

Gohil: Thank you very much sir. Happy Diwali on behalf  of Vadodara citizens.

Modi: I am grateful to Vadodara. It has bestowed on me utmost respect and love. Have you started any new business or still running the same stationery shop.

Gohil: Sir, we are still running the stationery shop near Vraj Siddhi tower in Khanderao Market. I had saw you on the Raj Mahal road in Vadodara during a road show. Sir, I want to ask you one question. How do we prevent BJP workers from getting influenced by the recent events in Gujarat targeting our party and allegations by Congress. 

Modi: See, ever since the birth of Jan Sangh, we have been destined to be abused. Abuses and insults have been written all over destiny ever since we took the plunge in politics. We have succeeded all the while enduring such badmouthing and taking on insults. So my advice is to not worry about the negativity.

Modi: Can you tell me of any one election that has not been affected by lies and criticism?

Gohil: Very true sir. In fact Congress has resorted to it in the past as well.

Modi: They had even called me 'Maut nu saudagar' (merchant of death), do you remember?

Gohil: Yes sir.

Modi: Is there anything worse than that? Words like "murderer", "blood-stained hands" were hurled on me. But, people are wise and know the truth.

Gohil: Yes sir.

Modi: Earlier rumours were spread through word of mouth, now it has been replaced by applications like WhatsApp. Let them spread lies. People can make out the difference. So please, do not worry about these rumours or negative campaigning.

Gohil: Sure sir.

Modi: Do not let these affect your mind. Instead, focus on spreading our vision and truth. Do not waste your time on rumours, gossip and lies spread by others.

Gohil: Yes sir.

Modi: Ignoring these trivial things is the foremost thing you need to follow. People usually forward these fake messages to others thoughtlessly. We should not worry, as we have been working hard for a noble cause and are following the path of truth.

Gohil: Yes sir.

Modi: I say it again, start focusing on spreading the truth and don’t get affected by the negativity. We have given our blood and sweat for the welfare of our people, so we need not worry about these things. BJP has been in power for so long and there have been no allegations against us.

Gohil: Very true, there have been no allegations against us.

Modi: How can they spread lies about us if we are transparent? We have been always right, so be confident. The truth needs to be spread.

Gohil: Sure sir.

Modi: Very nice talking to you, next time I visit I will definitely see you. Give my regards to all in your family.

Gohil's wife: We have been waiting to hear from you sir. Do visit us sir, we will be delighted.

Modi: Definitely, I am coming to Vadodara on October 22.

Gohil: We are well prepared, achieving 150 seats for BJP is our Diwali gift. Good bye sir.

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