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JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 2 analysis: Moderate to tough, say experts; students' reaction

JEE Advanced 2021 ended today. Check here the analysis for paper 2 by experts.

India TV Education Desk Edited by: India TV Education Desk
New Delhi Updated on: October 04, 2021 16:10 IST
JEE Advanced 2021
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JEE Advanced 2021 ended today. Check here the analysis for paper 2 by experts. 

JEE Advanced 2021: The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Advanced 2021 ends on Sunday (October 3). The engineering entrance exam consists of two papers --- 9 am to 12 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The JEE Advanced 2021 paper 2 consisted of a total of 57 questions with 19 questions in each subject. The Paper had three parts - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The maximum mark for each part was 60.

JEE Advanced 2021: Subject-wise analysis

As per Ramesh Batlish, Noida FIITJEE Head:

Chemistry (Easy to Moderate). Questions from Inorganic and Organic Chemistry had weightage. In Physical Chemistry, there were questions from Liquid Solutions, Mole Concept and Electrochemistry. More weightage is given to chapters of Class 12. Organic Chemistry was well distributed. No direct questions in Inorganic Chemistry like Paper-1. 

Physics (Moderate) There were more concept-based and covered all chapters.  Students reported this section to be moderate. Questions were asked from Chapters of Fluids, Ray Optics, Electromagnetic Induction, Current Electricity, Rotational Motion, Heat, and Thermodynamics. Mixed concepts questions took more time.

Mathematics (Moderately Tough), there were more questions from Calculus and Coordinate Geometry. Questions were asked from Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives, Definite Integral. In Co-ordinate Geometry, there were questions from Circle, Parabola, and Ellipse. In Algebra, there were questions from Permutation and Combination, Complex Numbers, Probability, Vectors, One question of Solution of Triangle in Trigonometry.  Questions had lengthy calculations.

As per Ajay Kumar Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering), Aakash Educational Services Limited: 

Physics: The Physics portion was considered easy to moderate by a majority section of students. 6 questions from Mechanics, 6 from electrodynamics, 3 from modern physics, 2 each from optics and heat and thermodynamics constituted the paper. About 7 questions were observed to be easy, 9 were observed to be moderate and the remaining 3 were difficult.

Chemistry: This segment was tricky for some students. The topic coverage was complete. There was about 7 question word from physical chemistry, 6 from inorganic chemistry and the remaining six from organic chemistry, students found this sections moderate to difficult. About 5 questions can be categorised on easy 12 questions were moderate and two questions for difficult.

Mathematics: Mathematics portions were the two largest of all subject there was about 5 question from algebra 7 question from calculus and 5 questions from co-ordinate geometry question were also asked from vectors and trigonometry. There were very few easy pickings in this portion student of open that only two questions were easy 13 questions were moderate whereas for question word of difficult category overall difficulty level wise the order is M>C>P.

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