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Firing squad publicly killed 2 minors in North Korea for watching K-Dramas

A firing squad in North Korea has killed 2 minors publicly for watching and distributing K-Dramas from the neighboring country South Korea.

Edited By: Bhagya Luxmi New Delhi Updated on: December 06, 2022 17:58 IST
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Image Source : PTI (FILE) Firing squad publicly killed 2 minors in North Korea for watching K-Dramas

A heart-wrenching piece of news from North Korea is making headlines. A new portrayal of cruel punishment for minors has been reported in the country. Two minors were publicly killed in one of the provinces of North Korea. The minors were punished because they were watching movies from South Korea. As per news reports, two minors in the country were killed publicly for watching and distributing K-Dramas of South Korea. 

According to media reports, a firing squad executes the minors for allegedly watching and selling movies from South Korea with friends. The residents were forced to witness the death of the minors. The incident with the 16 and 17 aged minors took place on an airfield in Hyesan. The children were shot at the moment in front of the residents. 

The firing squad gunned down the minors in October this year, but the news came to headlines recently. Citing Korean media, The Independent wrote, In October, at a high school in Ryanggang Province of the country, the teenagers met and watched several Korean and American Dramas. The Ryanggang Province shares its boundary with China. It was a horrific incident witnessed by the denizens where the teenagers were gunned down by the firing squad. 

As per news reports, the Korean regime considers the 'crime' of teens as 'evil.' The residents were compelled to watch the execution of the children. This terrible incident was witnessed by many in the area. In front of the public, the children were sentenced to death and were gunned down at the moment. 

According to reports, with the rise in the popularity of Korean shows and music, laws governing the ideological and cultural tools were rolled out by the government. South Korean movies, music and shows are smuggled to North Korea. In order to escape fines and worse punishment people prefer to watch them in private. 

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