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Adobe is killing off the infamous Flash, Internet's happy and relieved

After the MS Paint shocker by Microsoft a few days back, Adobe announced it will stop releasing updates for Flash and web browsers will no longer support it after 2020.

Tripti Narain Written by: Tripti Narain @TriptiAbhishek New Delhi Updated on: July 26, 2017 16:44 IST
Adobe Flash
Image Source : TWITTER Flash Player slowed down the computer significantly

Adobe Flash needed to die. Yes, something all of us wanted to fire years ago. And we are glad Adobe has finally acknowledged. After the MS Paint shocker a few days back by Microsoft, Adobe has announced it will stop supporting and updating Flash Player by 2020. According to the statement, websites that use Flash will continue to work till 2020, not after that.

People were often seen bickering about Adobe Flash, common complaints were -- the software slowed down browsers and posed a near-constant security risk, as constant  vulnerability was discovered and there were innumerable other issues. The problem was so bad, Apple refused to onboard it on iPhone and Steve Jobs, in 2009, had written a critical piece on why the company did not favour Flash. With the much-awaited announcement by Adobe, people took to social media to express their happiness and relief:

However, some were nostalgic as Adobe Flash did open up a lot of new tools for web development when it was launched. 

Current day browsers have disabled Flash making the player largely redundant and have a variety of open web standards, like HTML5. According to reports, Facebook is helping game developers move to HTML5 and other similar platforms for the Flash Player experience sans the troubles. 

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