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10 Indian superstitions on Friday -The 13th, how many you know?

Because it's Friday -The 13th, y'all!

Written by: India TV Buzz Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: July 13, 2018 19:22 IST ]
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To believe or not to believe in superstition is every one's personal choice. But when it comes to the doomy date of Friday the 13th, each person be of the opinion that something negative might happen.

This particular combination of the day -Friday and date -13th is considered to bring misfortune credited to history. The events including Bangladesh cyclone in November 1970, or Tupac Shakur's murder in September 1996 happened to be on this combination of day and date. There are different reasons with different people for this one day off. This is the reason, there are many superstitions attached with this unlucky day as well.

Following we give you 10 superstitions attached with this day!

1. Say NO to your dream job - Say no to anything important today because we believe performing any big task, or begin a new business on 13th of any month, especially when that 13th is a Friday would be a failure.

2. You can't twitch your eye - If you are twitching your eyes on this day, it is certified that something will happen bad by the end of the day. Despite the fact that you might be suffering from an eye-infection.

3. Mirror is bad for you today - In case you happen to break a mirror on Friday -the 13th, you will have to live with bad luck for next seven years of your life.

4. Hold your black cat right there! - It is assumed, especially in India, if a black cat crosses path in front of a person, that person will be stuck with bad luck until some other person passes by.

5. Dare you gift an empty purse - Thinking of gifting someone a purse or wallet, hold on that thought. It is believed if you gift an empty purse to someone on this day, then their purse will stay empty in coming years as well!

6. Let that coin lie there - In case you are happy and doesn't want to bring misfortune in your life, then do not pick up a fallen coin if its tail's side is up.

7. Salt is the enemy - Spilling salt can also bring you misfortune on this ominous day. And this point leads us to the next prominent superstition in India.

8. Onion is your friend - To avoid nightmares on the night of Friday -the 13th, you should be placing an onion under your pillow.

9. Sir, your total bill is 6.66 - If your bill totals to 6.66, always leave some spare coins on the table to change the total.

10. Anything 13 is eventually bad - Number 13 is considered this unlucky that even apartments and hotels skip the thirteenth floor especially on this day!

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