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Bihar Diwas: History, significance, theme and all you need to know

Bihar Day, also referred to as Bihar Diwas, commemorates the formation of Bihar and Odisha as separate states on March 22, 1912. Bihar Diwas 2023 will be observed from March 22 to 24, with the theme "Yuva Shakti Bihar Ki Pragati" emphasizing the role of youth power in Bihar's progress.

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'Bihar Diwas'
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Bihar Diwas News: Bihar Diwas is an annual commemoration on March 22, which marks the day in 1912 when the British partitioned the state of Bihar from the Bengal presidency. It is a public holiday across the state, with all offices, companies, and educational institutes under the central and state governments closed for the day.

In order to revive pride among its citizens, the Bihar government decided to mark the formation day with multicultural activities and programmes in 2010. The official celebration of this day, including various events and programs, began in 2011 and has continued ever since.


Bihar Diwas or Bihar Day is celebrated on March 23 every year  by the people of Bihar. To commemorate the occasion, the Bihar government has planned various cultural events in Patna from March 22 to 24, 2023. The events will provide a platform for showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Bihar and will be an opportunity for people to celebrate the formation of the state.


Bihar Day is a significant event that celebrates the formation of Bihar state, which was carved out of the Bengal presidency on March 22, 1912. Prior to its formation, the region was part of the larger Bengal Province that included present-day West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and parts of Odisha and Bangladesh.

The people of Bihar, however, believed that the British government was treating them unfairly and with disdain. In response, they demanded a separate province, which eventually led to the formation of Bihar state. Bihar Day is an important occasion for the people of Bihar to commemorate their state's history and to recognize the efforts of those who fought for its formation.


Bihar Day is celebrated as a state holiday with various cultural programs, parades, and events organized throughout the state. The day holds immense significance for the people of Bihar as it commemorates the formation of their distinct state with a unique cultural heritage. This year's Bihar Day marks the completion of 111 years since the state was established, making it a significant milestone for the people of Bihar to reflect on their history and celebrate their identity.


Each year, Bihar Diwas is celebrated with a distinct theme. In 2023, the theme of Bihar Day is "Yuva Shakti Bihar Ki Pragati," which translates to "Progress of Bihar through Youth Power." The theme highlights the crucial role that the youth of Bihar plays in driving the state's growth and development. This year's Bihar Day celebration aims to recognize and showcase the potential of Bihar's young population in transforming the state's future and creating a better tomorrow.

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