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Turquoise gemstone: Know benefits, significance, ruling planet & correct ways to wear it

Turquoise gemstone helps in absorbing all the negative energies and evil vibrations around a person. In fact, it starts changing colour depending upon the negativity in your surroundings. Turquoise is also a substitute for Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Read here to know more about the Turquoise gemstone.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: February 16, 2022 21:21 IST
All about the Turquoise gemstone

All about the Turquoise gemstone


  • Turquoise gemstone plays major role in aligning the chakras
  • The turquoise gemstone should be worn on Friday

Turquoise is the sky-blue gemstone that was originally found in Turkey and therefore got its name from the country of origin. Apart from being a beautiful stone for accessories, Turquoise has several astrological benefits. In astrology, it's lucky for zodiac signs whose ruling planet is Jupiter. It is the birthstone for December born people and thus the zodiac stone for Sagittarius. In order to reduce the ill-effect of planet Jupiter or any other planet in your birth chart it is adviced to wear a turquoise gemstone. 

It is considered to protect the wearer from injuries, violence and accidents. It plays major role in aligning the chakras. One interesting theiry about the Turquoise gemstone is that once it is worn, it changes colour according to the negativity around the person and fades out completely if the person is on the verge of losing his/her life. 

How to wear Turquoise gemstone?

People should wear the gemstone only after getting it energised so that it has positive impact in their life. It should be washed with holy water, fresh milk and enchanted with mantras to attain the full benefit of wearing it. The turquoise gemstone should be worn on Friday in the ring finger. It is most preferred to be worn in silver, however it can be worn in gold, copper too.

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Benefits of wearing Turquoise gemstone

  • It helps to get rid of bad luck and evil energy surrounding you
  • It helps in improving your relationship as it boosts understanding amongst partners
  • It also cures problems like alcoholism, depression, mental stress, high BP etc
  • It Increases your physical strength and boosts immunity

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