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Congress says Pakistan has nuclear bomb but they don't have money to maintain it: PM Modi

PM Modi also accused Congress of planning to reinstate Article 370, saying, "Congress says it will bring back Article 370 again," highlighting the party's stance on the controversial provision related to Jammu and Kashmir's special status.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Hamirpur (HP) Updated on: May 17, 2024 16:53 IST
PM Modi
Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO PM Modi addresses during a public meeting for Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Amidst the Lok Sabha election campaign for 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. In his speech, he strongly criticised the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Congress, while highlighting various developmental projects in the Bundelkhand region. PM Modi criticised Congress, stating, "Congress says Pakistan has a nuclear bomb, but the party doesn't realise that Pakistan doesn't have money to maintain it."

Here are the 10 key takeaways from his speech:

Sharp criticism of SP and Congress

PM Modi accused the SP of extreme appeasement and criticised its leaders for not paying tribute to the late Kalyan Singh, a revered leader, due to his association with Ram Bhakti. He contrasted this with their readiness to pay respects to a mafia's grave.

Warning against SP and Congress

He cautioned the public about SP and Congress, claiming they secure votes but distribute benefits to those who engage in 'vote jihad' for them.

Respect for national saints

PM Modi mentioned his homage to Swami Brahmanand before the rally, emphasising the government's recognition of his contributions, unlike previous administrations that focused on a royal family.

Defense corridor in Bundelkhand

Highlighting its strategic importance, PM Modi stated that the Defense Corridor in Bundelkhand is not for making fireworks but for manufacturing missiles, dismissing Congress's fear-mongering about Pakistan's nuclear capabilities.

Rejection of Article 370 reinstatement

PM Modi criticised Congress's intent to restore Article 370 in Kashmir and challenged them to witness the bravery of Bundelkhand, implying the nation's resolve under his leadership.

National honor and Article 370

He questioned the audience if anything could be more important than national honor, citing his decisive actions in removing Article 370 and confronting Pakistan, which Congress seeks to undo.

Commitment to Bundelkhand's development

Announcing two Defense Corridors, Modi declared that one will be in Bundelkhand, aiming to prevent youth migration and transform the region into a hub of industry and employment.

Transformation of Bundelkhand

He recalled the past perception of Bundelkhand as a barren land and contrasted it with his government's efforts, such as the Ken-Betwa Link Project, to solve water scarcity issues ignored by previous administrations.

Ken-Betwa link project

PM Modi detailed the investment of over Rs 40,000 crore in the Ken-Betwa Link Project, predicting it would significantly benefit Bundelkhand's development and mark a new chapter in its history.

Reservations and political stance

PM Modi accused SP of remaining silent on the issue of reservation distribution, suggesting they secretly support plans to divert SC-ST-OBC reservations to Muslims and urged public support for BJP to ensure fair policies and rapid development.

These points reflected PM Modi's focus on regional development, and national security, and his criticism of opposition parties, all framed within the context of the upcoming elections.


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