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  5. Tinder, Netflix and Durex partake in Valentine's Day banter. And we're waiting for OYO to join

Tinder, Netflix and Durex partake in Valentine's Day banter. And we're waiting for OYO to join

''Bohot na-unsafe-y hai!'' commented Durex on Tinder and Netflix's Valentine's Day conversation, and made our day.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 22, 2020 15:34 IST
Valentine's Day

Tinder, Netflix and Durex's Valentine's Day banter is hilarious

Twenty-five days later, it will be Valentine's Day. Of all the ways by which the day of love can be celebrated, 'Netflix and Chill' is the most under-rated, and perhaps, celebrated. This may make singles sob in the corner. So if you are single, Tinder can always come to your rescue. That makes us think -- who is best placed to win the war on February 14?

Netflix, Tinder and Durex are fighting it out in a silly banter on the internet, and what can we say!? We are hell amused.

“25 din hai Valentine’s Day mein...” Tinder India's tweet read. 

To help the lovebirds, Netflix joined the conversation in 'Gaintonde-style'. The OTT platform's tweet read, ''Bacha lena apne love life ko!" (Still, can't get over Sacred Games) to which Tinder India replied "What's your plan? Chill karna hai?" 

And, without much ado, Netflix 'swiped right on this plan'.

Netflix and chill! Nothing better than this for both singles and couples. Right?

Just when you might be feeling that's the end, 'upset' Durex India jumped into the banter.

Unhappy with having not been invited to be a part of Netflix and Tinder's collaboration, Durex wrote, "You guys are Netflix and chilling and we don't get an invite? Bohot na-unsafe-y hai!'' 

India Tv - Tinder, Durex, Netflix

Tinder, Durex or Netflix- Who will this Valentine's Day?

We are bemused -- of course -- but (can we add?) just waiting for OYO to join.

You get it? Don't you? ;)

And while we wait, check out these following 'singles' meme on Tinder's tweet.

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