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  4. 'Merits of dowry' in Sociology textbook states 'ugly girls can be married off', furious netizens react

'Merits of dowry' in Sociology textbook states 'ugly girls can be married off', furious netizens react

A Sociology textbook that is part of the curriculum for a nursing course and is prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council mentions, in one of the chapters, the 'merits of dowry'. As images of the appended chapter were shared on social media, netizens reacted.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 04, 2022 16:20 IST
pupil studying a book
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  • A Sociology textbook mentions 'merits of dowry' and netizens are finding it hard to comprehend this
  • Surprisingly, the book where 'merits of dowry' are mentioned is prescribed by Indian Nursing Council
  • The controversial points in the Sociology book have drawn flak on social media

There have been countless efforts in India to get rid of the practice of dowry, which is rampant in some cultures even today. Every step taken forward in wiping out this practice seems to be nullified whenever dowry is paid. And now, a college book mentioning the 'merits of dowry' in one of its chapters has led to a huge outcry on social media, with netizens calling to boycott studying this book altogether. As shared on social media, the particular chapter where 'merits of dowry' are mentioned is from a sociology textbook recommended for nursing courses and is a part of the syllabus prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council (INC). 

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In the book, it is mentioned that 'dowry is helpful' because it helps in the establishment of a new household with gifts such as cots, mattress, TV, fan and other such items of daily use. The particular chapter in the book states that parents are now encouraging girls to complete their education and get employed so that the parents have to give less dowry. 

One of the 'merits' states that by using dowry even “ugly looking girls” can be married off. The points feature in Chapter 6 on page number 122 of the book, titled Textbook of Sociology for Nurses. It is authored by TK Indrani. Several pictures from the book's controversial chapter were shared on social media and netizens did not hold back in slamming the author and the council for recommending it as part of the syllabus. 

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"Those supporting or stating that dowry is an ancient custom with benefits to the bride are completely blind to the number of dowry deaths/atrocities committed on the bride who couldn't bring enough dowry. Like sati, it needs to be denounced (sic)," commented one of the netizens.

Another one wrote, "No way this is the mindset of some people in 2022 (sic)."



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