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Paneer vs Chicken: Woman starts Twitter war with inconclusive debate; netizens call it 'crime'

Which one tastes better, chicken or paneer? Read to know what netizens have to say.

India TV Trending Desk Written By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: March 25, 2023 13:14 IST
Paneer vs Chicken
Image Source : FREEPIK/TWITTER Paneer vs Chicken

Paneer vs Chicken? Which one tastes better? the inconclusive debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians starts again after a woman shared a picture of her meal, which was chai, some chappati and paneer with ketchup. She completed her post by saying that 'paneer is better than chicken'. Her tweet has sparked a Twitter war. Many of the users slammed the woman for comparing the two and termed it a 'crime.'

“Unpopular opinion Paneer is better than chicken,” she tweeted. The picture alongside the caption shows a paneer sabzi, roti kept on a plate with a cup of tea placed beside it. Since being posted a few days ago, the tweet has received around 7.3 lakh views and 2,600 likes. While some agreed with her opinion, others shared why they prefer chicken more. Some were even irritated by the ketchup.

One person commented, "Seeing this made my hunger die," and another asked, "Who eats sauce with tea?!" A third said, "People who are eating ketchup with paneer sabzi shouldn't be making food judgements!"

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Paneer vs Chicken Reactions:

"Paneer contains a lot of protein but nah chicken is better," wrote a Twitter user. Another said, "Paneer bhi koi khane ki cheez hai… Chicken is best."  A third comment read, "I've never seen non-vegetarians comparing anything with paneer soyabean ghaas phus jhaad patta.. Its always vegetarians who do all this."

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