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Elephant gives birth, whole herd rushes to welcome baby elephant. Watch

This heartwarming video beautifully captures the extraordinary bond between the mother elephant and her precious calf. It also shows the jubilant celebration of the entire elephant herd as they welcome the newest member of their family.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: June 05, 2023 15:19 IST
Elephant gives birth,
Image Source : TWITTER Elephant gives birth

Trending News: Elephants are magnificent creatures known for their size, strength, and intelligence. These gentle giants have long captivated our hearts with their majestic presence and remarkable behaviors. It is no wonder that videos showcasing their remarkable moments often become viral, leaving us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. One such video that is currently making waves online features a mama elephant giving birth in Kenya's breathtaking Masai Mara. 

As the mother elephant goes into labour, the rest of the herd gathers around her in a protective and supportive circle, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newborn. When the baby elephant finally emerges, it struggles to find its footing, stumbling and rolling on the ground. However, the mama elephant is quick to lend a helping trunk, gently guiding her little one and providing the support it needs.

The video gained renewed attention when it was shared on Twitter by a user named Gabriele Corno. With a caption that simply states, "Elephant gives birth in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya," the video quickly caught the attention of viewers from all corners of the internet and gained over 490k views. Set in the awe-inspiring Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, the video takes us on a journey through the moments leading up to the baby elephant's birth. 

Watch the viral video here:


The sheer joy and love emanating from these majestic animals are truly infectious, and watching the video is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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