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Dog roams around fearlessly among tigers, video leaves internet completely shocked

In a viral animal video, one can see that a retriever dog is among a group of tigers and they make no attempt of hurting each other.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: June 12, 2022 21:27 IST
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Dog roaming among tigers in viral video 

Dog videos are popular among many Instagram fan clubs but the latest video has left the social media users gasping in wonder. The clip shows a dog roaming around fearlessly among tigers without either of them hurting it. 

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Viral video of dog with tigers leaves people shocked

The clip of a dog walking in the midst of huge tigers was discovered by internet users recently and it is now viral among the users. A golden retriever is completely fearless even while surrounded by a group of tigers. The retriever is not bothered by the presence of the tigers around him. Even the tigers seem to not mind the dog's presence in their midst. This video is proof that nature is indeed wonderful.  

Internet users comment on dog video 

This sight of the fearless dog among tigers has left internet users puzzled. "The real tiger is only one here," wrote one of the netizens and another one commented, "I love how the dog keeps the peace."

Why are tigers not hurting the dog? 

Many on the internet are wondering why the group of tigers is not hurting the dog who is in their midst. One social media user summarised that the animals must have been brought up together and that is why peace and harmony prevail among them despite belonging to different animal species.  



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