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Who wore it better Rihanna or Joey? Ask netizens as songstress' latest pic goes VIRAL

Rihanna's look for her latest magazine shoot is reminding fans of Friends' Joey Tribbiani and they're screaming, "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" Check it out!

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New Delhi Updated on: June 05, 2021 22:36 IST
Who wore it better Rihanna or Joey?

Who wore it better Rihanna or Joey?

Global icon Rihanna stunned as she featured on the cover of Vogue Italia's June DIY issue. Reportedly, the singer took charge of project direction, styling and photography as well for the “Rihanna by Rihanna” issue. From slaying in a sheer red gown to giving some breathtaking shots in a black outfit, Rihanna is a sight to behold. 

While the diva impressed with many of her looks for the magazine, one of the outfits sported by her, in particular, caught the most attention. In one of the looks, she multiple layers of pants and jackets over a grey shirt. The look at once reminded netizens of a popular character from Friends, Joey Tribbiani. Soon after Rihanna posted the picture, netizens jumped to the commented box drawing comparisons to Matt LeBlanc famous look in the hit NBC sitcom Friends. Take a look at Rihanna's outfit:

Rihanna's comment box is full of hilarious comments. Fans think "Joey did it first". Comparing her to Joey from the episode, where he wears all of Chandler Bing's (Mathew Perry) clothes a user wrote, "Joey Tribbiani ran so Rihanna could walk," another said, "This looks like Joey from FRIENDS!! “Could I BE wearing any more clothes.” A third one said,  I love her but all I see is the @friends episode with Joey “look at me I’m chandler. Could I be wearing anymore clothes?""

For the unversed, the scene netizens are referring to is from the second episode of the third season of Friends, The One Where No One's Ready". In the episode, Joey sits on the chair Chandler was recently sitting in and it causes an argument between them. Ass Ross panics because he might be late for an important event, Chandler hides Joey's underwear to annoy him further. As revenge, Joey puts on all Chandler's clothes he can find and barges in Monca and Rachel's apartment screaming, "Look at me - I'm Chandler! Could I *be* wearing any more clothes?"

The scene was also recreated by actor Matt LeBlanc when the original cast of Friends, Mathew Perry, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reunited for a reunion special, 17 years after the premiere of the show, 


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