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Netizens try Vacuum Challenge just to look cool. How far can internet go?

Internet can never fail to surprise us. After KiKi Challenge, Vacuum Challenge shows up on social media. 

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New Delhi Published on: May 30, 2019 11:52 IST
vacuum challenge

Netizens try Vacuum Challenge just to look cool. How far can internet go? 

Internet is becoming a dangerously weird place lately. Weird challenges pop on the social media which leave our mind blown. After Kiki Challenge, another challenge shows up on social media called 'Vacuum Challenge'. In this challenge, people have to sit inside a 'clean' garbage bag and vacuum all the air out. Videos of people taking up this challenge are doing rounds on the internet. In some of the videos, kids as young as 7 have tried this bizzare trend which can also be lethal for their life. All they have to do is sit inside a big garbage bag and seal it carefully so that the air cannot escape. Poke a hoke and transfer a vacuum hose into it. Seal the opening around the hose carefully with duct tape. Turn on the vacuum and observe the black garbage bag clinging to your body like a bodysuit. Videos of #VacuumChallenge are going viral on the internet. 

It is highly unadvisable to carry out such freak challenges at home without supervision. You cannot underestimate the power of a vacuum cleaner. The garbage bag can choke you and within minutes can leave you dead. Such type of challenges should not be performed with kids at any cost. 

There will be many bizarre challenges on social media and some attention-hungry people will also try to mimic them. But use your discretion and ask yourself whether performing this challenge really neccessary. Similarly, few months ago KiKi Challenge went viral on internet which left many people injured. In this challenge a person has to step out of a moving car and dance on the KiKi song while the person in the driver's seat has to record video. Many people got injured while tripping over a pavement stone or hitting a moving car while performing this stupid challenge. 

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