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A cat tried to disrupt monk's prayer. Here's what happened next

A monk had a furry intruder during his five-hour-long prayer.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 07, 2020 18:11 IST
cat, monk

The cutest intruder ever

Cat videos get a lot of love on social media. Felines keep on craving for affection and attention all the time, and the latest cat and monk video is the testimony to this fact. A heartwarming video of Thai temple's cat trying to disrupt a monk's prayer is going viral for all the right reasons. Well, you have to guess who wins in this cat vs chant war.

In the video, a brown cat crawls into the lap of a saffron-robed monk, who was busy in his five-hour-long prayer during New Year celebration. He tried to repel the feline several times but in vain. She kept on strolling on his lap and kneading his shoulder, thus, blocking the view to his scripture. Finally, the monk gave in and began petting the cat

Though the monk was disturbed with this unexpected infiltration, onlookers were quite amused.

"I was trying to read the book. But I was more focussed on the cat," said the 25-year-monk, who uses the monastic name Luang Pi Komkrit Taechachoto to Reuters. He said that Wat Udomrangsi, the temple on the outskirts of Bangkok is home to dozen of stray cats. They are regularly fed by devotees.

Thailand has the tradition of free-roaming cats in its temples.

Nophayong Sookphan, who took the video, originally posted it on a public Facebook group named "Cats' Slaves". Soon, it was reshared on several pages and even replayed on Thai TV.


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