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  • uk warns iran of serious consequences over embassy storming

    UK Warns Iran Of Serious Consequences Over Embassy Storming

    World | November 30, 2011 21:00 IST

    London, Nov 30: Enraged over storming of its embassy in Tehran, UK today started pulling out diplomats and their families from the Iranian capital, as Prime Minister David Cameron warned Iran of “serious consequences”.Describing the

  • gaddafi s death reflects true diwali sentiments uk pm

    Gaddafi's Death Reflects True Diwali Sentiments : UK PM

    World | October 22, 2011 11:32 IST

    London, Oct 22: British Prime Minister David Cameron has described former Libyan dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's death as victory of good over evil in the true Diwali sentiments.Speaking at a Diwali party hosted by him

  • we need delhi s can do spirit to succeed says uk pm

    We Need Delhi's 'Can Do' Spirit to Succeed, Says UK PM

    World | October 06, 2011 9:45 IST

    London, Oct 6: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday  tried to enthuse the Conservative party and the people by insisting that things will soon improve economically and called for the same "drive to succeed"

  • cameron would have been a good kgb agent medvedev

    Cameron Would Have Been A Good KGB Agent : Medvedev

    World | September 12, 2011 22:32 IST

    Moscow, Sep 12: David Cameron would have been a “good KGB agent”, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today said in a lighter vein after his tough parleys with the visiting British Prime Minister.“David would have been

  • cameron libyan rebel chief welcome progress by rebel forces

    Cameron, Libyan Rebel Chief Welcome Progress By Rebel Forces

    World | August 23, 2011 9:28 IST

    London, Aug 22 : British Prime Minister David Cameron and Libyan rebel chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil today welcomed the remarkable progress made by the Free Libyan Forces and said the Libyan people are getting closer

  • cameron sips beer to watch bell kp punish indian bowlers

    Cameron Sips Beer To Watch Bell, KP Punish Indian Bowlers

    Cricket | August 20, 2011 18:01 IST

    London, Aug 20: The Daily Mail on Saturday published pictures of British Prime Minister David Cameron sipping beer at The Oval and watching  Team England batsmen Ian bell and Kevin Pietersen  giving a good hiding

  • cameron riot hit uk must reverse moral collapse

    Cameron: Riot-Hit UK Must Reverse 'Moral Collapse'

    World | August 15, 2011 16:45 IST

    London, Aug 15: Britain must confront its “slow-motion moral collapse” Prime Minister David Cameron declared Monday, following four days of riots that left five people dead, thousands facing criminal charges and at least 200 million

  • cameron hails sikhs move to protect southall gurdwara

    Cameron Hails Sikhs Move To Protect Southall Gurdwara

    World | August 11, 2011 18:36 IST

    London, Aug 10 : British  Prime Minister David Cameron today lauded the efforts of the hundreds of Sikhs and other people of Indian origin who gathered outside the Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara over the last

  • cameron defends actions but offers regret in hacking scandal

    Cameron Defends Actions But Offers Regret In Hacking Scandal

    World | July 20, 2011 21:03 IST

    London, Jul 20: Embattled British Prime Minister David Cameron today regretted “in hindsight” hiring of a former Murdoch group editor as his media adviser and stoically defended his staff saying allegations that they tried to

  • uk asks pakistan to move decisively against al qaeda

    UK Asks Pakistan To Move Decisively Against Al-Qaeda

    World | July 02, 2011 8:42 IST

    London, Jul 2: UK has told Pakistan to move “decisively” against al-Qaeda following the death of the terror outfit's chief Osama bin Laden.“Now there is an opportunity to move decisively against al-Qaeda following Osama bin

  • coalition bombards gaddafi s command centre near his home

    Coalition Bombards Gaddafi's Command Centre Near His Home

    World | March 22, 2011 15:29 IST

    Tripoli/Cairo, Mar 21: Western forces intensified strikes on Libyan defence targets flattening a command centre close to Muammar Gaddafi's private residence, as more nations joined the campaign in Libya and the Arab League declared its

  • cameron was aware of secret mission in libya hague

    Cameron Was Aware Of Secret Mission In Libya: Hague

    World | March 08, 2011 7:50 IST

    London, Mar 8:  British Prime Minister David Cameron was aware that special commandos and Mi6 officers were to mount a secret mission in Libya, Foreign Secretary William Hague has said.Hague said Cameron knew about last

  • cameron goes to afghanistan promises british pullout next

    Cameron Goes To Afghanistan, Promises British Pullout Next Year

    World | December 07, 2010 17:41 IST

    Kabul, Dec 7: British Prime Minister David Cameron, on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, said today he hoped that British troops could start withdrawing next year thanks to inroads against the Taliban.Cameron's second visit to

  • bomb was designed to explode on cargo plane cameron

    Bomb Was Designed To Explode On Cargo Plane: Cameron

    World | October 31, 2010 9:18 IST

    London , Oct 30 : British Prime Minister David Cameron today said the device in a package sent from Yemen and found on a US-bound cargo plane was "designed to go off on the airplane".

  • uk s labour party elects ed miliband as its new leader

    UK's Labour Party elects Ed Miliband As Its New Leader

    World | September 25, 2010 23:08 IST

    London:  Britain's Opposition Labour Party has said that Ed Miliband has been elected as its new leader. Forty-year-old former climate change secretary Ed is the younger brother of 45-year-old former British foreign secretary David Miliband.It

  • cameron remarks in india will not hit zardari s uk visit

    Cameron Remarks In India Will Not Hit Zardari's UK Visit

    World | August 01, 2010 21:52 IST

    British Premier David Cameron's remarks in India about Pakistan's alleged two-faced role on terrorism will not affect the forthcoming visit of President Asif Ali Zardari to Britain from August 3, officials in London said.  Cameron's

  • pak reacts angrily to cameron s remarks

    Pak Reacts Angrily To Cameron's Remarks

    World | July 28, 2010 22:14 IST

     Islamabad- British Prime Minister David Cameron's warning that Pakistan should not have links with groups that export terror drew an angry response from Islamabad, which said it had done more than other nations in combating

  • british pm going to india with senior cabinet ministers

    British PM Going To India With Senior Cabinet Ministers

    World | July 08, 2010 19:08 IST

    London :  Keen to forge a new "special relationship" with fast emerging India, British Prime Minister David Cameron will head to the country later this month with a senior Cabinet delegation and top business leaders.