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Your phone camera can now become a fraud detector: Know more

By simply clicking a photo of any product, the FeaturePrint app uses AI technology to detect and authenticate it, providing users with valuable insights.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: June 01, 2023 11:44 IST
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Image Source : ALITHEON Your phone camera can now become a fraud detector: Know more

Alitheon, a US-based company, has developed an innovative smartphone app called FeaturePrint that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and a phone's camera to tackle the issue of counterfeit products. With online shopping gaining immense popularity, the extent of fake or replica items has become a concern for consumers. However, FeaturePrint aims to ease this problem by enabling users to quickly identify the authenticity of a product simply by taking a photo of it.

According to the company, unlike traditional methods of identifying counterfeit products, this app does not rely on specialized sensors, holograms, barcodes, or stickers. Instead, it utilizes AI technology to analyze small surface details of physical items and converts them into a unique set of mathematical numbers. 

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This approach allows the app to accurately detect, identify, and authenticate products, even if they are damaged or missing certain parts. It can also be utilized to authenticate high-value items such as gold or antique watches, which can fetch significant sums in the auction market. 

Recognizing the need for security and accountability, the company has chosen not to make the app available through public app stores. Instead, the company has opted for a licensing model for encouraging businesses to sign up for the platform and protect themselves from the negative impact of counterfeit items. 

This strategic approach ensures that the technology is utilized by those who require it most while maintaining control over its implementation. The company’s motive is to provide businesses with a reliable solution to combat counterfeit products, potentially saving them from substantial financial losses.

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